It takes a nation of Millions to stop an army of one

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October Knight

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Would you be a martyr and give up your reputation amongst your peers to do what you know is right?

In any given situation, would would do what is right over what is accepted as right?

October Knight wants to know! Are you hardcore enough to do what you believe!? Regardless of persecution!?



Fuck the system. I'll do what's right before ever thinking about what is perceived to be right.

But first, a nap.



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That's a really hard question. It's a natural reaction for people to say "I'll do what's right, no matter what!". But if you take a look at your daily life, how often do you cave in to peer pressure and what is perceived as acceptable by the majority, despite your own opinions? A lot more than people want to admit. >>; It's a natural human instinct and need to be accepted by the group. Going against that is super hard, even in the face of righteous right doing. D:

So for me personally, I don't know. .__.; I want to say I would, but it might end up depending on what the situation was.


Part of the reason I'll never win a popularity contest is because I always tend to do what I feel is right...

The biggest example I can give is being honest... When someone asks my opinion on something, I give my opinion on it, albeit as diplomatically phrased as possible. It will still be the truth, even if that truth might insult someone. Because I believe always telling the truth is the right thing to do.

As an aside...There ARE times when telling the truth conflicts with another principle of mine, which is to never consciously hurt someone. But that's less about doing what's right, and more about picking the lesser of two evils.

Good and Bad isn't absolute by any means, after all.


Being a martyr isn't nearly as romantic as people have made it out to be lately. I feel that sometimes you have to compromise in order to effect the change you are after. I'm not saying you shouldn't have values, and I'm certainly not saying that martyrdom is without its uses. Look at Christianity. We can't even agree on whether or not Christ existed, but his martyrdom for his beliefs has created a major world religion. I'm simply saying that you only get to play the martyr card so many times and that doing so is a miserable experience, so I would suggest making sure it actually accomplishes something other than fueling one's own self righteousness. In most cases, I've found, it's better to take a small hit now in order to keep the reputation required to create substantial change later instead of going out in a blaze of moral glory and pissing everyone off (which changes little in the long run except that you've thrown yourself on your own grenade and there are bits of your moral compass sticking out of the ceiling).


It's not really that simple. The problem is who defines what is right and wrong? It's all subjective.

I'll do things that I believe to be right. It is also situational, i.e. I'll withhold information from one person because telling them the truth could have way more negative consequences than just lying to them (lying might be wrong, but in that situation it might be right), while in another situation with another person I might just tell them everything honestly because I believe that to be the right course of action.


Child is born with a heart of gold
I'm a moderate guy living in a moderate society surrounded by moderate people. I place my tenuous trust that governments and society will function enough to let me enjoy an evening with the family with a cold drink and good food.

But that's a rather selfish and centric view. The grocery store owner who set himself on fire was the (media trumpeted) 'catalyst' that set off the jasmine revolutions. Could the same have been accomplished without his sacrifice? Hard to say. Martyrs have their place, but their importance is definitely fading. One could argue that suicide bombers are misguided martyrs, and when compared with Gandhi things certainly don't cast them in a good light.

Karsikan the Berzerker

I lost a lot of friends because I joined the army. lost a few more when the discussion of religion came up (I'm an athiest.) I've lost several because I've stopped doing drugs

I've stopped caring about what people think, and do what I want.


I'll stand up for what I think is right, depending on the situation. Like the day I finally stood up to my step-dad. No one was going to judge me negatively about it except him. In fact, when I did it, I inspired my family to fight, too. It was the one thing that led to my mom making the right decision of separating from him.

For my beliefs? I'm quiet about my Atheism. I don't like to get into arguments about religion because in the end, no one can win. I'm empiricist, too. Boy does that make some people pissy when I tell them. I tell them to just accept it and move on, or leave me alone. I don't take that kind of crap.

If I see something going on that I think is morally wrong, I usually won't express that UNLESS the person doing the wrong asks my opinion. You know, like abortion. I think it's wrong, yes, but I also think we should be allowed the choice. Everyone has their own feelings on the matter. I'm not about to poke a finger at their chest and call them evil, because it may be right to them. Who am I to tell them they're wrong? That's the same for anything else, really. Drugs, abstinence, vegetarianism...

Now, if it's something like animal abuse or child abuse, hah... Expect me to enter a rage and chastise the abusers. Before calling the cops, of course. Those bullies need to go to jail.

I'm also strong in my decision that the death penalty is necessary. I believe in the 'eye for an eye' statement. If you kill someone, then you should be killed as well. Getting cooped up in an asylum seems like torture. Spare these killers the inhumanity and just give the lethal injection. -__-; Actually, for an English class I took in college, we had a debate about this. The side supporting death penalty was already small numbers. After some debate, they got intimidated by the non-supporters and switched to their team. Myself and 2 other classmates were left standing, continuing to argue why our beliefs are what they are. I was disappointed to see other classmates give up so easily.

And if a person ever has a problem with me and my ideas of "right", I tell them, I ALWAYS tell them: Take me or leave me. Because I don't need non-accepting jerks in my life.

EDIT: Wow, I wrote a lot. .__.; *flees*