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  1. A tall, dark, robed figure stood in a alleyway, holding firmly onto a small chest. He was here to deliver it to the one who had bought it, yet knew all to well that while what was being bought wasn't strictly legal, it wasn't exactly something most people liked.

    The large man growled slightly to himself, disliking being out in the middle of the night, yet he knew far to well the importance of the task.

    He could feel a slight wiggle from the box, and knew that all too soon, it was going to happen. He just hoped that it this hadn't been a bad choice. Truly, that wouldn't be something he'd wan't. Indeed, it'd be something truly terrible...
  2. [​IMG] She was a happy go lucky Eladrin who wanted a bit more danger in her life. As she entered the alleyway she made sure she wasn't followed. She'd been looking forward to this for nearly a decade. She wore a dark robe, very unusual for her but she didn't mind. When she saw the other figure she smiled.

    "Do you have my package?" she asked in a soft voice.
  3. "I'm assuming so." The large figure growled in return, and took a step towards her. "Who are you?" He demanded. He felt the large blade strapped to his back, beneath his robes comfortingly. If this wasn't the right elf, he'd be ready. He'd sworn to protect it, and he'd be damned before he let anyone but the one his elder had found to be fitting.
  4. She giggled. "Merrywell. Rin Merrywell. I made this arrangement a decade ago," she replied as she lowered her hood. Her silver eyes stood out even in the darkness her dyed hair was put up for now. "may I have my package now?"
  5. "Very well." He growled, stepping up to her, towering above her, and shifted the chest from under his arm, to in front of him. "Very well, Rin Merrywell. I trust that you are worthy of this, as you've come this far. If I, or one of my kin hears that you and yours are mistreating it however..." He growled, not finishing the threat, yet offering the chest to her.
  6. Rin very carefully took the chest. "thank you for this honor. I will never mistreat the little one," she said softly as she held the chest close to her, "I've studied for this since I could read." She then turned away and headed off, pulling her hood back up carefully.
  7. "One of your kin can study dragons all your lives, yet you'll never learn all you need to know." The man growled loudly after her, before stepping back into the shadows, seemingly disappearing into nothing.
  8. Rin was soon home and opened the chest after locking her door. She had purchased a large stone farmhouse far away from the city, however with her fey step it was an easy walk for her. She looked at the egg with a smile. She knew there was a lot to learn, the best way would be to experience it. she had even been hunting for food in a nearby forest and considered raising her own livestock.
  9. The yellow, scale-looking egg occasionally vibrated slightly, proving that it was something in there, aching to get out.
  10. Rin giggled and started a fire in the fireplace. She put the chest near it when she finished and smiled. "Soon I'll see you little one. Until then I'll have to be patient," she mumbled as she started up some stew. She sat down near the chest and watched the egg quietly.
  11. More soft viggles, and the occasional squeek came from the egg, which seemed to rock from side to side at times. The fine velvet lining of chest held it upright. Soon, soft cracking sounds could be heard coming from within.
  12. Rin gasped as she heard the cracking sounds and quickly fetched a blanket just in case. She smiled a bit as she watched the egg. She was willing to let the stew burn if it meant watching the little one hatch. She felt very excited as she watched the gently wiggling egg.
  13. There were a few more squeeks and cracks, only for it to go quiet. Then, suddenly, the top cracked open, revealing a small, orange-scaled head, on a long slender neck. Small, fire-red eyes looked around curiously for a moment, before two small sets of claws came onto the edge of the egg, and started cracking it up further, in an attempt to get out.
  14. Rin giggled as the little dragon worked its way out. "Hello there little one," she smiled, "You can do it, the hardest part is over." She watched him crack the egg and get out and sat right in front of the chest. "Welcome home." she held the blanket out towards the little orange reptile.
  15. The little one struggled for another moment, before finally cracking the shell further, allowing it to crawl out of it. Instinctively, it crawled towards the nearest living thing, which was Rin, and towards her blanket.
  16. Rin smiled and picked up the little one. "I'll bet you're hungry," she said softly, "Let's see.....hmmmmm the meat should be soft enough.....or I could get some milk..." She pondered for a moment before looked at the baby dragon. She couldn't help but smile, all that work was paying off.
  17. The little one growled slightly as it was picked up, it's natural pride not happy about being treated like that by such a being. It attempted to stretch it's wings slightly for a moment, before deciding that enjoying the warmth provided by this strange creature was a better idea.
  18. Rin smiled and kept the little dragon close. She got a bit of meat from the stew and put it on a small stick and then offered the meaty treat to him. She hoped it wasn't too cooked for its liking. It seemed to only be warm.
  19. A small nose sniffed curiously at the thing being held out to it, only to lash out, and grab the piece with his teeth, and start ripping it apart, and eating the smaller pieces with dagger-like teeth.
  20. Rin watched with a smile and pulled out most of the meat from the stew, preferring to feed the little one. She set out a bowl with the meat, allowing him to leave her lap if he so desired.
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