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    Claire Itoriel

    It was a semi-hot day in the Pottsdam High School, where kids who did not pass their classes or want extra credit went to this school during their summer vacation. One such student was a girl with very long hair, tied back hairstyle which reminded some people of an anime girl in a historical japan theme.

    Claire didn't tell them she too enjoyed anime, as she was too focused on school and her after-school job to really make friends. She was fine being alone as she wanted to make sure her future was bright. And by doing summer school, it was going to bring her closer to that bright future.

    She entered the school through the thick, black gates as her feet dragged her body down through the halls. She was heading to her science class as she needed to learn more from that subject. She was considered a B+ student in her school, so her coming to summer school would be strange within itself. I don't care really...I wanted to be here. She thought as she opened the door to where her science class would be. She saw that she was the only one here with the teacher. As she walked to an empty desk up at the front, she heard a voice come from the male teacher with a few wrinkles on his face. "Oh. Hello Ms. Itoriel."

    "Good Morning Mr.Marquez." She politely greeted back as she sat on the desk. Claire got out a pencil, eraser, sharpener, and her notebook as she prepared for her class today. Her eyes darted toward the clock to see that class would start in ten minutes. By now, she thought, people will start to come in.
  2. Summer was supposed to be the best time of year for any kind of athlete. Everyone done with school, being able to do their own thing without having to worry about any classes, and the hard grinding of football was easily both noticed and accepted by any who were involved, no matter how hot it was.

    But it was also a time where those that were unfortunate enough to have to take classes would get no free time. The summer classes were a little more strict and a little more difficult, since they had to encompass everything in such a short amount of time. For most people that just struggled with a little bit of things, and just had to make up a few things, then it wouldn't be too much of an issue.

    For those like Gabriel Davidson, it was going to be very difficult.

    Gabe's gifts came to him on the football field, and they were usually the only thing that kept him able to play. However, he had to get in one fight with a teacher, and ruin just about every chance he had to play...unless he went to summer school to make up the class he inevitably failed. That was the only thing that really bothered him; it wasn't because he didn't do the work, or because he didn't know what he was doing.

    But if he wanted to play his senior year, and be able to graduate with his class, this is what he had to go through, and he had to work it around football, which made it all just THAT much harder for him.

    As he went into class that first day, he didn't say a word to anyone. He didn't even want to be there at all. While all of the smart or nerdy kids sat at the front, he sat in the far back, waiting to be actually TOLD to sit up with the class, provided there was actually room for him to do so. The whole period, he was going to be watching the clock, counting down the minutes until he could get out of there and get to practice.

    While still doing his best to pay attention so that he didn't have to repeat anything while he was there.

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    Claire Itoriel

    Claire had heard the door opening so she eyed on who had come in and it made her frown. Gabriel Davidson was someone who was all about Sports, while Claire was all about books and history. So she wondered why he was here...unless he had failed in a class in some way. So she then turned her head back to look at the board so she can get her class day started. A minute after Gabriel sat down, everyone had come flooding in to the classroom. The classmates were irritated like Gabriel, as they wanted to do something else than wake up early and go to class.

    Claire wouldn't dare tell them that summer school was her sanctuary away from home.

    She shook her head as she eyed her teacher as he was prepared to start off the class day.

    Claire was the only one (assumingly) that really wanted to be here, she had a small smile on as the teacher started to talk, introducing himself as Mr. Marquez and what the class will be like during their time here in summer school. They were given a syllabus which explains the work they are expected to do, and it made Claire smile wider as it gave her an excuse to get away from home...if only for another hour. So she overlooked the packet which explained the class, expectation, grading system, work, and what happens to people who are 'tardy'.

    So with the talk about the syllabus, it was time to do a basic assignment which involved having a partner. But instead of letting people chose, it was to be out of random. "So let's get started. The assignment will be passed to you, along with the 'materials' needed to do so."

    Mr. Marquez went to the top hat which had names etched onto small pieces of paper. So all names were called, except for Claire's. So after three rounds of name-calling, Marquez picked up the pieces of paper. "Claire Itoriel and Gabriel Davidson."

    Claire had to frown since she knew Gabriel didn't seem the type to be interested in working with her...or so she assumed. So with that, everyone was assigned to a table. Claire would be with Gabriel on Table One which was at the back. Grabbing her stuff, she went to the table and sat down, prepping for the work that needed to be done.
  4. The only thing that really worried him was the fact that he wasn't there because he was lazy. He was there because most of the time, he didn't get it, and nobody really wanted to help him. He didn't have parents to help him when he needed it, and for the last almost year, he had to rely solely on himself.

    Which wasn't an easy task at all.

    Once he heard about partners, he actually had to pay attention, for no other reason than to find out where he was supposed to go. He wasn't going to make a big deal out of it, but having that partner was actually going to help him out quite a bit. He just didn't want people to see him struggle, and rather than swallow his pride and just ask for help, he tried to do it all himself, and now he was paying the price for that.

    But at least now he had a chance to fix all of that.

    Slowly, he made his way over towards his partner, not wanting to let her know by his look of the reason why he was actually in there. He had the image of the jock to worry about, and the looks that he got already were a little bit worrying. It wouldn't have been so bad had there been more athletes than just him inside, but with them all being at practice, it looked bad with him being the only one there.

    And it showed in his voice, as soon as he spoke to her to say hello...
  5. @Oliver Queen

    Claire Itoriel

    She looked up at the man slightly, raising an eyebrow as she heard the most weirdest hello from the jock. She had normally known jocks to be charismatic, flirty (not romantically flirty), schmoozers, and outgoing. So hearing it from him was strange... "Hello." She spoke, getting out the papers and everything, since they needed to work on it.

    She looked over at the materials and directions they were given. This seems like an easy thing to do for the first day of summer school. "Seems pretty easy." She mumbled as she glanced at her partner. "Too easy..." She mumbled again, knowing that it won't require the jock to really work on this. "Just relax, I can get this done my myself in ten minutes."
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