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    It had been a longer and dirtier trek than Kristie would have liked to find the enemy army. She supposed she should be glad for it. After all, that meant they were well away from the city she called home and the war was going well for her country. Perhaps her help was unnecessary? She couldn’t forget how concerned that general sounded when talking to his wife that night though. It was one thing for her to steal from the rich bastards in the city who could afford it. Others may consider it a crime but she considered it a good way to go about getting by in the world. That did not mean she did not care about her country and was unwilling to join the effort against the invaders. So she spent a week making some special devices that should do some serious damage to their supplies if nothing else and set out.

    Three days later she crouched in the trees a fair distance from the main camp. She found herself somewhat nervous but determined. This was a bit bigger of a raid than simply breaking into some high tech house. She lifted her wrist and glanced at the time piece upon it. It was a couple hours past midnight now, which should be sufficiently before the third watch change of the night for the second watch to be sufficiently unobservant. “Well then” She murmured to herself. “Let’s do this.” She leapt down silently to the ground and pulled her cloak tight about herself as she darted through the night like a shadow.She came to the first guard and tossed a rock in the opposite direction she was coming from. She grinned as he started, as if he’d been half asleep, and move a few feet forward to look blearily in that direction. She took her opportunity and slipped behind him.

    Kristie made her way carefully into the outer edge of the middle of the camp, she didn’t want to deal with any more perimeter guards, and worked her way towards the supplies. She was feeling pretty confident by the time she got there, the camp seemed to be pretty much dead past the initial guard ring on the outside. She strode right into the middle of the food supplies and started pulling out little circular devices from her pockets, setting them in roughly even distances apart as she worked her way through the area. She was humming softly to herself as she focused on her task, not paying as much attention as perhaps she should while in an enemy camp.
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    Casey practically stomped around the camp. He thought the war he has to fight is stupid. There was no point in his eyes. But here he was a gun in his hand and was expected to kill innocent human beings for a country, cause, and King he does not believe in at all. It has been about a month since they draft him into the army. Living as a commoner in a far village, as a farmer's son, he wasn't used to all this technology, the difference between rich and poor.

    He sends the money back home. His family lived in the outskirts of the kingdom because they needed so much land. For this week jobs his commanding officer wanted him to guard the food area. For example the kitchen, where the food is stored, etc. It was been three days since the order and he wanted to drop his gun and just go home. If it meant his family wouldn't be hurt and killed. May thought the army was for them but the one s how couldn't take it just cut.

    Casey began to work his way around the food. That's when he spotted movement in the corner of his eye. Pretending he didn't take notice he choose to take a longer route around to face the moving creature. And that's when he spotted a girl. Titling his head slightly he thought, What is she doing here? Unless... Quietly he walked over to the girl and slowly brought his gun to her head. Feeling sorry for the girl he said, "Hey."
  3. Kristie froze at the sound of a man’s voice, her ears going flat under the hood she turned her head just enough to see him out of the corner of her eye. Inwardly she cursed and did some quick thinking, outwardly she suddenly relaxed and turned fully towards the man with a smile. “Oh sorry, you surprised me! Hey!” She wasn’t too sure this plan would work, but she figured she’d give it a try.

    She put on her most cute and innocent expression. “Are you here for a midnight snack as well?” She rubbed the back of her head nervously, incidentally taking a slight step away from him. “My camp mates kinda dared me to grab something for them.” She could only hope he had not been watching her too long, or found any of her little bombs. Actually she just hoped that she made it through this without too many holes or put into the more unpleasant forms of captivity.
  4. Casey stared at the girl who seemed to pause way too long for his liking. He watched as she tensed. Frowning on what the girl said he decided to play along but never lowered his gun. If she was just getting food she would have not gone this deep... he thought to himself. Casey nodded at her and said, "Yeah, I'm a bit hungry...Pass me that bar over there would ya?"

    Hopefully this girl was from the other side. Casey needed to know why they were at war... And maybe, just maybe get him out if this camp, this army as soon, as clean as possible. Or at least this girl might help him do something useful for this world, for the people, and for his family.
  5. Kristie was slow to react to his request simply because she could not believe her luck. Did this guy actually believe her? She knew she was a fair hand at acting but even she knew her story was kinda flimsy. “Oh yeah, sure.” She didn’t know quite what to think of the situation so she warily edged back a bit and grabbed the bar he’d indicated, holding it out towards him more like it was a stick of dynamite than food. “So…er…” She cursed that something as simple as her plan actually seeming to work set her off balance so much. She’d never planned past the point where he would supposedly call her bullshit and then the inevitable fight that would ensue.

    She decided she had enough. “So…yeah nice to meet you and all but bye!” Showing off her acrobatic skills (and her ears and tails briefly) she leaped upwards and catapulted back over and behind the stack of crates they were next to.
  6. Grabbing the bar he took a bite out of it after he opened it. The girl was lying and couldn't believe he supposedly believed her lie. Oh how wrong she was. Casey was enjoying the situation very much. To make her believe that he believed her lie busted his ego. He watched as she paused to think on how to react. Casey nodded at her and said, "Nice to meet you too." The girl was a bit odd, pretty but odd.

    When Casey briefly saw the tail and ears he got slightly confused himself. But when she jumped over the crates though he ran towards the direction she was going. No one can jump that high! he thought."She's not getting away that easily," he muttered to himself. He followed her. Casey pointed his gun while he ran to the otherwise of the crates and shot and missed.
  7. Kristie hit the ground running but started in surprise when she heard a gunshot. She hadn’t been hit but that was really loud and may have just doomed her already. “God fucking damn it you little moronic PAIN IN THE ASS!” She quite suddenly stopped running and turned around with a furious growl. Her fear was forgotten in her fury and now she was the one on the attack. “You could have ruined everything!” Her eyes suddenly lit up green while her fangs grew out until they were obvious, along with her claws. With an almost feral snarl, she leaped up onto the side of the crates briefly and leaped down towards him.
  8. Casey shrugged at her. "I could have," he stated to her. He watched, while flinching at the same time, as she was yelling at him. She she was doing something to the camp. "I was right..." he mumbled to himself. The cat like girl in front of him leaped towards him. Stepping back he breathed in deeply. "I wasn't trying to fucking kill!" he yelled at her. "And you honestly think I'll let you get away, and believe you stupid lie?"

    He glared at her. He didn't know why he was so angry at her. It was his fault but lately it felt like he was angry y at everything.
  9. Kristie landed on all fours a few feet in front of him, glaring at him with a literally burning gaze. “Now you see that’s the funny part of your statement. You say ‘let’ like I can’t rip you to pieces and sneak back out the same way I came and blow this place to hell!” She straightened and shook off the cloak, showing herself in her full demon glory. She was more than prepared to defend herself, though fighting really wasn’t her thing.

    As she looked at him though one thing he said came to mind and puzzled her though. Several things, actually. “You really weren’t shooting at me, what kind of game are you playing at? If you think you were going to catch yourself a new pet I hate to tell you these claws aren’t for show.” He ears were pricked as high as they could go, to make sure she heard every single sound possible. There were definitely a few men stirring, but luckily since no shots had happened afterwards they had no point of reference to find them.
  10. Casey shifted his weight. He didn't say anything for a while. "The why didn't you? Why didn't just blow this whole place up? Why only bomb a few places? Also, you think I want to be here? I was forced. I don't know what I am fighting for either!" He watched as the girl on all fours listen for sounds. Casey could tell by her ears.

    "I play no game. I just needed answers. I don't plan m killing you and. I don't need a pet either." He just needed answers. He needed his family out of this kingdom, even if it meet betraying "his" kingdom. A kingdom who he thought was wrong. Putting his gun down onto the floor. Casey didn't want toposes a threat.
  11. Kristie watched him put the weapon down warily, mulling what he said over. She had to admit he didn’t seem like much more of a proper soldier than she did. And she did hear that countries were drafting. “Hmp, well unfortunately for you, we don’t have much time. No thanks to you either.” There was no lack of irritation in her tone. She didn’t know what do with him. Just what the hell did he mean by ‘answers’? She shifted indecisively for a moment before she rose back on two feet at the same time as she turned into a normal human looking girl. She moved right up in his face and put her arms around his neck. “Fine then, I want answers as to just what the hell answers you are looking for. So, we are going to talk. And if someone finds us…” She moved very suggestively against him. “You have the idea yes?”
  12. Casey stood still. He rolled his eyes at her words. He knew that but he had to make her stop somehow. Casey stared as the girl how was a cat like being turn back into a human like girl. He watched as she came closer to her put her arms around his neck. Casey stood very still. Fuck. he thought. "You'll get your answers if I get mine," he said calmly.

    He didn't like the way she was acting. "Come on. My shift is almost over. And yes I know what will happen if we were caught, and I do have an idea as well," he told her looking down.
  13. Kristie’s lips curled in amusement. She had a feeling he didn’t really understand just what she was referring to and what she would do if someone came upon them. After all, no one bothered two people making out right? Oh well, it would be a pleasant surprise for her newfound companion. She let go of him for the moment, as much as it amused her to make him uncomfortable she didn’t feel the need to put on that act until someone was actually upon them. There were soft sounds of activity around them, but they still had a couple more minutes of privacy. “How convenient then.” She sighed. “Very well then, lead me back into the belly of the beast.” If he ended up betraying her anyway she was so going to leave him alive but limbless. “Don’t forget to pick up your gun.”
  14. Casey almost let out a breath of relief. Nodding he picked up his gun. Pocketing it to his gun compartment he looked around. Walking towards the bath houses he was thinking.It's loud there so no one would hear them and no one goes behind the bath house anyway too..." The cat girl made him uneasy and he felt like something will be going wrong. Casey hoped he is around and everything will go smoothly.

    Seeing the bath house he walked behind it. There was a fence and the physically house and space in the middle. The only way someone swathe,I f the looked from the sides.
  15. Kristie frowned slightly at the sight of the bath house. Had he –really- gotten the wrong idea from that show of hers? She was more than capable of putting a stop to any shifty business but still...for the moment though she went ahead and continued following him. She still didn’t have enough trust in him to fill a thimble but unfortunately a cat’s curiosity is its greatest enemy.

    She remained completely silent until the finally seemed to reach their destination before putting her hands on her hips and frowning at him. “Alright then, speak. Just what the heck is going on in that brain of yours?” She still sounded really grumpy, but it was more from wariness than anything. She was supposed to be on her way out of this damn camp by now after all.
  16. He watched as the girl followed him behind the bath house. Casey notice her impatience and decided to get to the point. Sitting down on the ground he sighed. "Why is the fuck this war going on? I'm farmers son, I don't know these fucking things," he said to her. Casey looked up at her. He was tired, tired of dieting without last words to his family and friends, he didn't want to fight for a cause he did not believed in either.

    "Why is all the kingdoms fighting? Why do we have to be a part of it? I want informed of anything at all and all I want is a explanation."
  17. Kristie blinked a few times in surprised silence before nodding. She supposed that made sense, not everyone lived in a bustling city constantly hooked up to technology like she did. “Of course, alright then” She leaned against one of the fence walls. “Well, this war started for pretty much the same reason most wars tend to start, my country is wealthy and technologically advanced and your country wanted a piece of that pie. One of my countries princesses may also have told your countries slimeball of a prince to go fuck himself after he got pissed at her turning down his proposal as well. That’s just rumor though.”

    She paused for breath. “As to why I am involved, well that is something of a complicated question and boils down to me possibly being a secret softy sometimes. As for you…well drafts suck?” She shrugged."Anything else?"
  18. Casey nodded along what the cat girl said. It made much more sense why he had a. Gun in his passion and was expected too kill innocent people. Ass he explained he thought the entire thing was fucking stupid. Picking up and rubbing it between his hands he looked up at the girl where he was siting. "It does suck..." Shaking his head no he got up. "Actually there is one more thing. Can I help? My family and I think this place is just plain stupid...and well I was drafted as you know and I think your side has the right to fight..." What is it with war?
  19. Kristie once again fixed him with a blank confused stare. “Help?...” She smiled nervously, feeling this would be the point she should admit her actual profession, yet she didn’t really want to deal with his probable reaction to that. “Well…I don’t know. I’m not any kind of important person as you can imagine…I mean I uhm…” She did kind of owe him for not killing her and/or turning her in. “I could help you get out of here and such but as for what you can do you’d have to talk to one of the higher ups. Well if you want to do something like fighting at least.” She guessed she’d pretend to be something she wasn’t for a bit longer.
  20. Casey narrowed his eyes at the girl. She seemed uneasy in his opinion. Crossing his arms he stared at her. "I don't believe you," he said bluntly. "You have some role that is key..." He just wanted to help. If it meant fighting sure, spying, or anything really. Casey never liked it here and he is sticking to his decision. Though, Casey nodded in understanding when she said he had to talk to the generals and convince them that he isn't a spy. But Casey is willing to do what he think is right.
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