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    A small group of people from all over the world have been collected in 1432, or, at least, as many as could be contacted. To this day, it still lives strong, though, only four members remain.

    The reasoning for this diversity in the grouping, and a reason for the group at all was largely unknown many years ago, and to this day it has remained for the most part, undetected by the masses.

    The truth is, most don’t know, or can’t see that there are other entities in this world. Spirits and demons, things of the occult that aren’t usually in everyday life. Things that most humans can’t see, or can’t handle. Even so, in the cases that they are spotted, it is carefully determined whether or not they are threat to life. If they can be left alone, they usually are, but in the cases that it might be deemed unhealthy to let them remain among the living, these people are called in.

    Their group name is even highly unknown, though there are a small handful of names to choose from, due to the fact of the long length of time that it has been running, and the name changes from each period of time, Currently, though, there is an argue over the name. These families and their skills and talents are unique and make them each one of a kind in their methods and jobs. They all may even have different intents. Some are exorcists, who completely exterminate and drive out what may be destructive. Some are skilled at purifying the disturbances and laying them to peace. Others may collect what they find and make a pact with it to be able to use it in summons, should they require help with catching or defeating the next entity. Some defeat the entities using powers they have acquired, and absorb them into their being, making a pact that was more internal, in a result, the person is allowed to use the entity’s powers. Some have instinctive powers they were born with, and use these to help them. They come from all over the world, different cultures, different languages, all for the sake of this one group.

    They are contacted every once in a while usually, but it is rare for them to actually have to team up for most jobs, yet, the five latest ones, and ones seeming to come, are getting harder and worse.

    They have a few meeting places around the world, but the one that is in the throng of life happens to be in New York and is noted by a long, winding staircase on the outside of the building.


    The jobs

    1. The spirits at Changi Beach in Singapore are getting violent.

    2. The ghosts at the Kranji MRT station are now taking their unfortunate taxicab drivers with them when they go to the cemetery, the drivers do not return from the cemetery.

    3. Babenhausen Barracks in Germany are getting even stranger reports than usual.

    4. Kirchlengern – Great Cliff in the woods. There is a haunted place within the woods. Among the usual uneasy reports of odd happenings, such as dead animals looking torn open, and then their bodies disappearing, vivid daydreams. Now there are new reports of not only bodies appearing torn and dead, but also human bodies and other unusual happenings that people won’t go into detail about.

    5. The ghosts of Windsor Castle have DISAPPEARED, Save for one malicious one, a demonic horned being that usually shares illness and misfortune to those who look upon it.

    6. An odd turn of events, a large, ‘dog-like’ creature that is about the size of a human is roaming the streets of London. There have been casualties by this beast.

    7. A Slit Mouth has appeared in Japan, and many have already been killed by her.

    8. Himuro Mansion was the site of a brutal family murder and sacrifice.

    Many weird happenings have been reported in and near the old mansion; including apparitions of those who once lived there, bloody handprints and sprays of blood, which mysteriously appear on the walls.

    Sometimes, a small girl in a kimono is seen in one of the windows. To add to the mansion’s mystery, no one knows the significance of the vast tunnels the run underneath.

    9. Robert the Haunted Doll is missing from his home of sorts, meanwhile it seems like the town’s under attack of this voodoo doll in Florida.

    10. The last is probably the most alarming. Each of the agents have started experiencing weird happenings around them, no matter where they go, and their usual methods are doing nothing to these odd forces. One person dies every month to odd causes that are close to them. Doors open and close after dark, even if locked and dead bolted. Food that was beyond fresh the day before, will rot during the night. Odd handprints appear on the windows, glass and mirrors around them. The feeling of being watched and sudden fear at times.

    (Tell me what you think and if there should be any changes, or if you have any ideas on where their meeting place should be at or what the name of the group should be.)

    CHARACTER SHEETS (Just for reference ^.^)

    Methods with the Occult/Spiritual?:
    Place of Birth:
    Powers/ Specialties:
    First Experience with the Occult/Spiritual:

    Name: Chanis Clover
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    CHANIS CLOVER (open)

    Methods with the Occult/Spiritual?: She is part of a clan which absorbs their enemies into themselves. Turning the battle inwards to overcome them with their own spirit and create a bond with them once overpowering them and using their powers.
    Place of Birth: Born in Tokyo, Japan prematurely with her twin, Chelsea, while their mother was on a vacation. They traveled a lot when they were younger.
    Weaponry/Equipment: None as of yet, she’s entirely new to this ballgame. She’s still one of those women who sleeps with a Louisville Slugger near her bed.
    Powers/ Specialties: Absorption once an enemy is weak enough and can use their powers for a period of time. She’s also somewhat mentally tuned to her twin.
    First Experience with the Occult/Spiritual: Chanis witnessed her mother loose her mind to the entities that she harbored within her. Shortly after, she watched her father and two other men from the group as they killed her. There was nothing left of her mother in that body, they had said.
    History: Chanis witnessed that memory at the age of six. She had left her bed and Chelsea to see why she had heard so much discord in the house. Shortly after that, her and her sister were taken from her father and placed in another home. Though it seemed that some people from that group would visit periodically. Then, while they were in middle school, it was revealed that her twin had inherited their mother’s power, and not only that, but she was a prodigy. Soon after that, Chanis rarely saw her sister. It made matters worse when she found out that her twin got married right out of highschool. She found that out right when she was moving into a dorm in college.

    A year ago, her twin started talking to her again, telling her about her work dealing with the occult and unnatural.

    But when her twin stopped calling suddenly, Chanis reached out and tried to find out any information, but quickly found out that her sister had died due to…. Unnatural circumstances.

    A group approached Channis and tested her, finding that she shared the same skills as her twin, but had been repressing them. So it became her new job, though she is still is very hostile to most in the group.

    The group that had tested her was later revealed to be a somewhat governing group that kept an eye on the small body of people fit to deal with the dangers of the occult.

    As of right now, another friend has passed on, and Chanis is starting to feel like there’s someone watching her….

    Ok, boys, post what you got and tell me if anything needs changing.
  2. Name: Creed Algood

    Gender: Male

    Age: 27


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    Methods with the Occult/Spiritual?:
    Worked as an assistant to Father Gabriel Amorth. Father Amorth believed that Creed had the ability to summon demons, drawing them out unknowingly from the humans they possessed.

    Place of Birth: Majors Place, East Nevada U.S.A. It is little more than a few shacks on the side of the highway.

    Weaponry/Equipment: A metal bat with a Silver crucifix embedded in it, a serrated dagger and a Wooden handle long ax. Creed is old school when it comes to weaponry (really old school) he rarely, if ever, uses firearms.

    Powers/ Specialties: Has the Ability to draw out Demons and other entities from humans or establishments they possess. This power is not in Creed's control.

    First Experience with the Occult/Spiritual: Back before Creed lost his faith, he was a devout catholic working his way to priesthood. While working with his tutor and mentor Father Amorth they encountered a posses girl. After seeing this Creed dedicated his life to working with Father Amorth,

    History: Born in a small town in desolate Eastern Nevada. His Family died at a young age, leaving Creed in the hands of a local Catholic Church. Although he hated it there and despised the nuns who used to hand out punishment like it was candy, over time he began to identify with the priests and wanted to become one. At 9 he began working closely with Father Amorth, who saw something special in Creed. It was something dark, but had not yet tainted the small boy's innocents. At age 18 Creed began going with Father Amorth, in the dead of night, to families who believed that a loved one had fallen victim to a Demon (They were forced to go at night due to the fact that the Catholic church was, obviously, against exorcisms). At first, Creed thought he was just there to assist the Father, but over time he realized that something in him was responsible for drawing these demons out.

    After several years of these "Midnight exorcisms" Creed began to feel the effects of what he had been doing. He would hear voices and feel ice cold in the middle of a warm day, his mental state was decomposing. Father Amorth, at this point, turned his back on Creed and had him thrown out of the Priesthood, with only a few weeks left until he became a father. This, combined with the mental anguish he was already feeling, left Creed in a state of shock. His mind was failing and now he had no where to go.

    As luck, or fate, would have it, this is when he was recruited into the organization.
  3. "Les' not yump to conclusions."

    Dionisio "Dio" Izaguirre

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Appearance: Dio is of slight build, and somewhat mousy features. His South American heritage, a mix of native American and Spanish, is seen in his tan skin tone and dark brown hair. He usually sports a scruffy beard, and dresses in casual jeans and short-sleeve t-shirts like most college students his age.

    Methods with the Occult/Spiritual: Student of paranormal studies and physics at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.

    Place of Birth: Paysandú, Uruguay

    Weaponry/Equipment: "Ghost box" radio signal kit with tape recorder, K-II EMF (electromagnetic field) meter

    Powers/Specialties: Dio specializes in scientific explanations for paranormal phenomena. A tireless skeptic, he is always convinced that he can find a physical source for ghost sightings or other seemingly unnatural phenomena.

    First Experience with the Occult/Spiritual: Dio has always been able to disprove every paranormal case he came across, although sometimes it's mostly a guess, and his convoluted scientific explanations can sound like a bit more of a stretch than actual paranormal events. He is currently stumped by an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) that he is investigating at a farmhouse near Lima for a school assignment.

    History: The tiny village where Dio grew up, high in the mountains of Uruguay, was known for a high number of ghost sightings. Dio's mother, brothers, aunts and cousins all were ardent believers in the spirits that supposedly haunted their village of Paysandú, and participated in the weekly rituals that were meant to keep the spirits at bay. From an early age, Dio was a rebel and tried to find rational explanations for the ghostly apparitions and sounds - the eerie howls were just the wind over the hills, the unexplained lights were just methane gas bubbles self-combusting over the swamplands, he would tell them. His family and friends would usually just shake their heads and smile, much to his annoyance. Dio eventually left to pursue his scientific interests at the prestigious Catholic university in Lima, Peru, where he is being taught in paranormal studies by some of the most preeminent academics and priests in South America, who say they see great promise in him, although they encourage him to open his mind and not to be so skeptical.

  4. Name: Zhou Xiuying

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18


    Methods with the Occult/Spiritual: Xiuying is a medium and a psychic.

    Place of Birth: Wuhan, China

    Weaponry/Equipment: Xiuying carries blank pieces of paper for psychography, a pack of candles used for séances and a journal of spirits she has come into contact to. Other then that she doesn't carry any weaponry and instead attempts to be diplomatic about her encounters.

    Powers/ Specialties: Xiuying can speak to spirits and other creatures not natural. She can also sense their presence and see them without the aid of other devices. She can sort of "feel" spirits when they are in the same building and can typically feel if they are good or evil. Her strongest ability is to dispel spirits into the afterlife but it causes her to wage war with the spirit with her willpower and doesn't always work permanently.

    First Experience with the Occult/Spiritual: For as long as Xiuying can remember she's been around spirits. She could hear the cries of the dead from a very young age and lived in fear that some of them would follow her and haunt her. Eventually she was taught by an elderly psychic Daoist priestess how to block out certain spirits and now she has enough control to be protected from the darker entities.

    History: Xiuying was born in a fairly normal family and was kept by her parents even though they had truly wished for a boy. She was doted upon by her parents until she started hearing voices and seeing disturbing images. At first her parents thought that she was just overly imaginative but slowly they became aware of the truth behind her words. They sought out help from a Daoist priestess in their neighborhood who helped Xiuying with her talents and taught her how to control when to listen to spirits. She even helped her learn how to expel spirits with her mind.

    She was recruited by the agency on her 18th birthday and is the newest member, only having been with the group for a couple of days.
  5. Ok, So Oct brought up a great idea on how to handle the ten objectives I listed.

    We take turns on leading each encounter. That might make it easier.

    Either way, the meeting place is in New York. I'll put the IC up sometime tonight.
  6. Charsheet finally done! Sorry for holding you guys up... it's been a busy couple of weeks, as I'm sure y'alls know.
  7. Of course! I'll have the IC up once I get a few things together ^.^