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  1. Hullo!

    My name is Cloudily, but Cloudy is what most call me! I've been roleplaying seriously for about two-ish years now and I migrated from another site (yes, that site) with some other friends in hopes of continuing my roleplay adventures, even if a little bit slower.

    Not sure how quickly I plan to jump in to some new roleplays with new peeps, but I thought it fit to make an introduction! (I've already had an acc here for a bit, but I was not using it due to being active said other roleplay website. So I am technically not very new. :P)
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku,

    I would like to say welcome to Iwaku. I am glad to see you joined we have everything from chat roleplay to thread and pm roleplay what ever you prefer. I am a member. Make sure to read the rules, if you haven't already, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. If you are new to role playing in general, welcome we have many helpful tips, and discussions. We also have many Helpful staff and memebers.

    I am Dark Disney, I have been on here a year now. Please feel free to pm me at any time, I do have a husband and Job that I work full time hours as a swim instructor, I may not answer right away. I do have a blog that will tell you what is going on in my life feel free to look at it and see where I am.

    I do love this site. Their is something for everyone, here on this website is literally a place to call home away from home. Need an outlet we have Blogs and a counseling section. If it is a major problem with a member inform the staff immediately or Administrator if it is a problem with staff member. If it is a problem with the site their is a bug report in help desk. Normally happens with updates.

    The people you will meet on here are just as nice and I am proud to say some are good friends, and some are like family and I really do love all them. Now I have put some helpful links in here for you. Now go and explore our wonderful home and welcome to the family.

    An important rule, respect the staff and here it is the most important rule Have fun.

    Your friendly Neighborhood,
    Dark Disney
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  3. Hello Cloudy!

    I am Melon! I truly hope you enjoy your stay here. There are tons of roleplaying possibility here. I like to think we are a friendly, welcoming bunch of people. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM!


    ^I found this cute and thought I'd share it. <3
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  4. Thank you for the welcome! That image is adorable omg, I'm saving it for future avatar purposes. :P Thankees!
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  5. Having the account already makes it more convenient to come over with the others, I bet!
    Hi there and welcome (back?). Depending on how much you played around on Iwaku before, you might be pretty familiar with things or not.
    The menu options at the top of the page can take you to a lot of useful places here - especially Help if you need help! But you can also ask around and I'm sure someone will be happy to lend a hand.
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  6. Hey Cloudy!

    Welcome (or welcome back) to Iwaku! If you need help with anything or just have a question to ask, shoot any of us a question and we'll be there to help. Here's to having your roleplay adventures be fun and continue for years to come here~ :coffee:
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  7. Greetings, new not-new person! Welcome (back?) to Iwaku.

    I'm Astaroth, one of the leads of Iwaku's Security Department. We address on-site issues and stuff like that, and we all have nifty banners that read "Security" under our names. Give one of us a shout if you have any problems (hopefully you won't).
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  8. Hello, @Cloudily and welcome to and back to the site ^.^ You are now enlisted and relisted in the bunny army >:{D

    As a roleplayer, new or otherwise, you're always looking for ways to improve your craft and one of Iwaku's many goals is to help you with this :D Thus the Content page! Here you'll find forums dedicated to Roleplay Guides and places for users to commission and display their own works ^.^ But if you're more worried about actually roleplaying or need a place to start, we have the Roleplay Search page :) This is where you'll find Interest Checking and Creation where Game Masters posts interests check for their future roleplays and plot future roleplays. Roleplay Advertisement is where Game Masters advertise their running group, dice, or jump-in roleplays. But if you're a Game Master looking for players, there's always the Seeking Group Invites forum. This will allow you to browse users looking for group roleplays to join and snag them up for yourself! Last but not least is the Seeking One x One partners. If group roleplays are too main stream for you, set up shop here and look for someone of similar interests ^.^

    If you're wondering who I am, I am but only one of Iwaku's many staff members :D As the banner says, I'm part of the Community Maintenance branch and my job is to make sure all roleplays have their correct tags and prefixes, archive dead threads, and fix whatever you brake :3 Other branches of Staff include the Security team, the users who make sure you aren't up to anything questionable, and the Content team, the users who make sure you're never bored!

    I hope to see you around the forums and may the muse be with you =^.^=

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  9. Well, welcome back Cloudily for hopefully a more perma stay! >:3
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  10. Hello, Cloudy!

    It's nice to meet you. You can call me Moody! I'm a migrant from another site who found Iwaku by pure chance. I'm glad people are coming to us, so we can meet all sorts of new friends!

    What sorts of RPs do you enjoy the most? Do you have any questions about how Iwaku works? =)
  11. Thank you all for these nice welcomes!! *o*

    Right about now I think I'm good on the question part -- Iwaku uses Xenforo which I am familiar with so for now I'm good! As for roleplays, I am a sucker for realistic/modern superpower roleplays as well as medieval fantasy. I could also go for a regular realistic/modern sort of setting every now and then, if it entails a lot of character development. (aka angst) But really, I'm very flexible and many a plot can catch my eye no matter the genre.
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  12. All of the RPN newbies have some damn good RP ideas, from what I gathered in Chat last night. @fyrelily and @Folksy do, anyway! It's exciting to get a bunch of new peeps with good ideas, since we've been closed-reg for a while. (We're opening up in September, though.)
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  13. Those are my frands! And yus, we're all coming for you with our superb imaginations. I myself was considering rebooting a time-travel roleplay of mine. I've got a lot of roleplay ideas to explore, we all do!
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  14. HI WELCOME TO IWAKU! -Pants- I hope you find great people to rp with and meet great people. If you have any questions feel free to ask anyone and I'm pretty sure they will be willing to help. Except me because I have no friends. So have a great time!
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  15. Welcome to the site, @Cloudily! I love your avatar. Goofy dogs are the best! I hope you find your way around this great site, and if you have any questions, make sure to ask any available staff member, such as myself, and we'll be able to point you in the right direction.

    Hope you have fun on Iwaku!
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  16. Welcome back to Iwaku Cloudily :D

    I'm sorry to hear though that you had to come back due to the asshattery of another site -- but hopefully you will find something on here that will make you want to stay :)
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  17. Oh my god, I've got a whole folder of goofy dog icons. My collection is my pride and joy. xD

    Thank you!!
  18. If my own avatar is any indication, then I am a connoisseur of them also! I look forward to seeing you around the site. ^_^
  19. *blushes* thankyou!!!! I super excited to launch my ideas. me and my buds from RIPnation absolutely loooove how awesome you mods are! You're so attentive and welcoming and we really appreciate it. We're happy to be here!
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  20. Xenforo's been treating us pretty well, from what I've seen. Glad you're familiar with it!

    Ooh, sounds fancy! I'm a sucker for character development, too, though not always from angst. I tend to like most genres, as well. My favorites that keep coming up are fantasy and multiverse, though. =D
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