It is edible!

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    What do you think about this? Would you buy this product? Well, I can't imagine dudes would buy it. I don't know many dudes who want to smell like roses. Do you think this would taste okay?

    I don't know if I would actually buy it. I can't imagine eating something like that
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  2. I'd try it for novelty, but I doubt for general use.
  3. ... I'm actually fearful of candy for once. O.O
  4. That... kinda freaks me out. What weird chemicals do you think are in that?! Also, I'm really getting into scents... but smelling like roses is not my thing. How does it overpower the bacteria that makes you smell bad, anyway?
  5. ... I kind of like it. I wonder how effective it is?
    Of course, I'd wonder what sort of chemicals are in it and look into it first, but if there's nothing really the matter, I don't see why not?
    Probably costly and such for daily use, but I could see it being rather cool.
  6. I'd eat one to satisfy curiosity and then never eat one again, because that's an odd function for "candy"... Besides, I love sniffing deo sticks to help me decide which to buy. Why would I give that up? 8D
  7. That is definitely strange. I have no idea why that would be popular, but I guess it does not hurt to try it as an experience. I would not buy it and use it though as I am perfectly okay with using the traditional way. Also, who knows what effect those chemicals will have once they enter the body?
  8. Reading the replies now.... and then the link after... Wth. o_o
    ...I don't even think of wanting to actually try that really. Even if I has the curious feels now.
  9. I believe the article did mention that whatever makes the scent is natural, and there are chemicals in everything we eat. Pre-packaged food? There are chemicals in that. Food not grown organically? Its covered in pesticides and other poisons meant to keep bugs off. Its all tested to make sure it won't hurt us in large amounts, and I doubt the chemicals in the sweets would do anything horribly negative anyway. The idea is a little strange, and I'm curious to know what caused people to come up with a candy that makes you smell good, but I'd totes use it.
  10. Yes, if you can believe the tests about chemicals and food safety, and since they only test chemicals individually and not in conjunction to each other, and for an "average adult" and not on a child and their consumption habits, "safe chemicals" only means its not going to kill you today.
  11. I'd use it as long as it wouldn't hurt me. I have really bad BO >.>