It is April

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And the sticky note war has begun.

Every year around this time my list of crap to do jumps through the roof. To help me get through this atrocious list my wife begins to post sticky notes here and there to remind of certain things. Or sends me nice little texts like I'm a five year old with ADHD. These damn sticky notes drive me crazy.

So I'm wondering - around this time of year do any of you have the extra list of stuff to do?

Do you have a roommate/mom/significant other who piles the april tasks on you or are you the task giver? How do they go around doing it? Is it a just comes forwards and asks or plants little hate filled stickies about the gutters?

Thank you for satisfying my curiousity.
It's been a long time since anyone has told me my business. I do as I please. Nothing changes.
Yeah. Fucking yardwork.
Yep. My professors demand work from me.

But that happens all the time from September to June. :D
well i guess the only thing really is cleaning up the yard in the back >< get's pretty bad after the winter
It's been a long time since anyone has told me my business. I do as I please. Nothing changes.

It will change. Oh, God how that does change. Tragically.
My wife loves her gardening crap. I. Hate. The. Back. Yard. The more crap she wants to plant means the more holes I have to dig, the more ground I have to till, the more fertilizer I have to spread around and etc.

I don't have any particular real life things that come all in a seasonal cluster. >< But I keep a Calendar and write important stuff down now.

And when it comes to staffing Iwaku, I am formidable about due dates and people finishing projects by the dates promised. o__o My own included. There's even Ocha as secretary to use the beating stick.