It hasn't been long enough...

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  1. I wish school wasn't so hectic, I really do.

    With everything I've been preparing for these past few weeks, I've seen my ability to RP plummet at an insane rate. It hurts just to watch it happen, and I hate to put my partners through that. So, I'm going to leave. Maybe it will be permanent, maybe not. Just know I'll miss everyone. I made some good friends here, and it sucks to just leave 'em without saying goodbye., goodbye.

  2. Come back sooooons!
  3. I will keep this cookie for your return.

    I may eat this particular cookie , but I will have a cookie ready upon your return.
  4. We'll miss you! o:
    Come back soon owo

    (I have school coming up too and I really need to get into the habit of falling asleep on time and waking up at a decent hour instead of waking up at 12:30 everyday XD;; )

    I'll go to bed at around 2 every morning/night and I'll wake up at 12 and that's not a good thing to get used to doing everyday n-n