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  1. So.... Well, it's been a long time since I've posted any requests here. It's been a long time since I had wanted to write with other people, but I want to try and branch out. I just hope it doesn't bite me in the ass like it has the last few times that I have tried.

    Let's start off with what I would like in a role play partner.

    If you check out my profile page and look at my role play resume you can get a basic idea about what I like, but here is a bit more detail in the role play partner department.

    ~If I ask you for more then one role play, that means I REALLY like writing with you and I want to make more worlds with you. But if I ask for too many and I bombard you, don't be afraid to tell me to slow down.

    ~I like making worlds with my partners, so me putting up plot ideas does not mean that plot idea HAS to happen. I want to make compromises and work with my partner to reach the middle ground for each scene. So if you have any ideas that just come to you in a bout of inspiration, please tell them to me.

    ~Please be frank with me. If you don't like the direction the story is going in or something I wrote made you confused, PM me and tell me. I want the story to enjoyable for both parties involved. But I don't mean message me and say that the story is Fucking Boring or Your character is a *insert rude comment* That is just rude and I will never write with you again.

    ~I like to have everything fair. If I am willing to play the male for you then I would like, for another plot, if you would do the same. So if your strictly an all female/all male player, that's fine, but I won't be asking you to partner me in other plots, unless I specifically want to play the male/female for said plot.

    ~Please, PLEASE write at least one paragraph per post. I can't stand one liners and if I give you one its a dead give away that I am no longer liking the plot or the direction it is going in. I usually write anywhere from 1-4 solid paragraphs per post, depending on my mood and if I'm not exhausted. I'm not asking for novel lengths but give as much as I give. I'm putting in the time to type all of that out, don't give me He nodded his head as a response.

    ~I have things that I like and I have things that I don't like, so does everyone else. So before I come to someone with and idea, I read their role play resume. I'm just putting that out here, that I will read up on what you like and keep that in mind while writing.

    ~I can do thread or pm role plays but I prefer thread role plays. This doesn't mean that I am not willing to do pm role plays, on the contrary, I am. I just prefer thread role plays.

    ~I am on everyday most days, and I can post anywhere from 2-5 times a day if you want to dedicate time to writing. If I am not online for the whole day, I will tell you what happened the next time I come online. I would like to have a partner that can reciprocate, at least every once in a while, the same.

    ~Life happens. I won't be pissed off if you don't respond for a few days-a week because your sick or some personal matters. Please do not do the same to me.

    Phew.... That was a lot! Well lets get to my few plot ideas then shall we.

    1. Beat the Music out of Me (MxM)

    This plot idea came from this photo set I saw on tumblr. I want to play the black haired male and I am looking for a person willing to play the dominant male that is holding the black haired male in the photo.

    My idea is that they are members of a famous band. The black haired male, who I want to play in this plot, can either be the vocalist or the guitarist, but he is the one who primarily writes all of the bands songs. Before they go on tour, he goes through a very public break up and looses his muse and doesn't want to write anymore. The tour is from June to October so the band has some time before they will have to worry about getting him back into the swing of things. But a month passes and he's stopped bothering with keeping schedules, even getting to concerts on time, so the rest of the band members are furious with him, your character especially. So, they get into a fight at the hotel after one show, and my character, who is drunk, starts threatening to leave, what neither is sure. Pissed off, your character grabs him and ties him up.

    So this is going to be filled with bondage with a tiny bit of sadistic/masochistic tendencies (Hence the title). I'd really like for your character to be extremely possessive of my character and rough with him. I also want some tender moments, but for this plot I want it to rough.

    2. The Girl in the Peach (This will be MxF, can be MxM)


    Again this plot was inspired by a photo I found on tumblr and a movie.

    If you have seen James and the Giant Peach, you'll get my idea once I finish writing it out.

    There is a small town on the outskirts of a large, thick forest that no one, but adventures and suicidal people dare to go into. In the town, they tell of a story of a young girl that lived with her mother and father in the center of the forest in a giant tree. Tree bore fruit every season and every season it was always peaches. They most delicious peaches you would have ever tasted. One day, the family was out collecting the fallen fruit when and old woman asked for a peach. The man, who was kind, offered her three peaches.

    When the peaches touch the old woman's hands, they rot and melt through her fingers leaving the pits. The old, harmless looking woman smirks evilly and flicks one pit at the father, the pit growing and swallowing the man up. She does the same to the mother, having to pry her from the little girl. When the witch reaches the child she places a curse on her and flicks the last pit at her, swallowing the girl up and forcing her to sleep. Outside of the now large pit, the witch curses the land and the large tree, letting it wither away, but leaving one branch where the pit, now a giant peach, hangs from the branch, the only signs of life left in the area. The legend goes that anyone who can cut the stem of the peach from the now dead tree can free the little girl from within her prison of sleep. But the stories do not end there. They say just before you reach the dead tree two beasts roam the woods, killing and eating anyone that tries to get close.

    My idea for this is for your character to be an adventurer traveling through the woods in search of the beasts to have the gloating rights of having killed them. He had no idea about the peach or the young girl still trapped. So he goes into the woods and as he gets closer to where the legend says, the less animals and life there is around him. He's suddenly attacked by two gnarled beasts that looks like a rotted trees, a green spot on one beasts chest and a purple spot on the others chest, both glowing but just faintly, while both had eyes that glowed a deep red. He fights them and he's loosing but as a final attack he stabs the glowing spot on the beast with the glowing purple spot. This causes the beast to scream out and fall back, the glowing in it's eyes dying down. He does the same to the other beast and watches as the rotted tree bark chipped away and revealed the bodies of an old woman and an old man. He's confused and doesn't understand what just happened but he buries the two, guilt filling him.

    The night falls and he's resting in a tree, having covered his wounds and such but he can't sleep. At that height he can see in the distance the large dead tree and his adventurous side, also his curiosity, make him go and investigate.

    From there he can go to the tree and find the peach and decide to cut it down and in doing so, the peach rots away and the pit cracks open, revealing, no longer a little girl, but a full grown woman. I have thought a lot about this idea and I am up for any ideas you may want to add or maybe change with the adventurer.

    I know, I know, only two plots but these are the two on my mind the most at the moment. I do have pairings I am willing to do if the two plots above do not strike your fancy, but you still want to create something with me. I will let you know if you post below or pm me asking what pairings am I willing to do.

    For now I think this is it... I do hope I get some interest here.
  2. I'm really interested in Beat the Music out of Me if you'll have me as a partner? I've been dying to play an RP like that.
  3. I'm glad you took interest, I will pm you.
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