It has arrived!

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Greetings and Salutations!

I will not say that I am new to the Role playing scene, rather, that I have been absent from it for a long while, and am looking forward to dipping my feet into the scene again. To be frank, I began role playing on an avatar site...GaiaOnline...I'm sure you've heard of it, yeah...that one. I'm sorry. I've RP'd on other avatar sites, and in a group on Deviant Art as well as some random forum site a group of my friends created a while back.


I tend to fancy more of the fantasy/supernatural role plays, but I am adaptable. I have played modern, slice-of-life, and even sexual. Once upon a time, I would have considered myself advanced, doling out walls of text, and neo-novels on your screens, and I was pretty quick about it as well, though, it has been at least half a decade since, and I am a tad rusty. I'm looking to get back to that place.

I won't continue to jabber much longer.

I'm a 26 year old artist, extremely busy, and I totally need more things to do with my free time, because I'm incredibly bored. I participate in a Live Action Medieval RP called Amtgard, play MMORPG's, and am currently in the midst of a D&D game with a group of friends, and acquaintances. All I need is to do some more writing on my spare time, to get the juices flowing some more, and I feel this site can provide that.

If you have any further questions, feel free to message me. Feel free to call me Nari, Nartina, Tina, Nars, or whatever your mind can come up with, I'm pretty flexible.

It is a pleasure to meet the lot of you, and I look forward to making many stories here on this site in the days, weeks, months, however longs, to come.



Drake Vampiron

hi there! welcome to (or welcome BACK to if youve used iwaku before) iwaku! i go by Drake. my rp skill has also drained a tad since ive been away for over a year now. i figure we could help each other get back up to speed, at my best i was a high intermediate, now im about basic intermediate, but i imagine while you start regaining your creative flow, i can also work to improve mine. feel free to message me.

anyways, enough talking for this message

I hope you enjoy ur stay here!
Not open for further replies.