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Favorite scene to write?

  1. Fighting

  2. Love/Romance/Sex

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  3. Suspense eg. hunting, running, hiding

  4. Flying/Swimming

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  5. Magic spells, summonings, etc.

  6. Thoughts, emotions

  7. Pain/Anger/Hatred

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm looking for a roleplay partner who is not just open to romance but much more vast stories as well. If we decide upon romance, fine, if not, then we don't, and that's okay too.

    I like to think of myself as an in-depth writer. I love details and tend to write a lot of really good ones into my RPs. You, on the other hand, wouldn't be required to include as much as me, since I do a lot of scene building for the most part. Just capable of writing comprehensive responses that are at least 2-3 paragraphs in length.

    Here are a few things I am interested in:

    Past/Medieval = *
    Present/21st century = -
    Future/Advanced Tech. = /
    All three = #
    Details = +
    This means I have wonderful plots for said subject

    # Apocalypse -
    caused by. . .
    + universes folding in on each other (with time-travel)
    + /drought
    + -/aliens
    + *ancient magical war
    other stuff I've thought of with universes folding in on each other
    + dimensions connected by rips in space-time
    + allows for other dimensions' laws of physics to bleed through
    + telepathy, 'magic' etc. becomes available to those who realize how to use it

    * Medieval Adventure
    adventure types. . .
    + ancient protagonist come to life
    + fairy realm dying (I have a great plot for this one)

    - Fairies - They Do Exist
    + ancient people who are as tall as a thumbtack or as tall as any regular person
    + some forget they are fairies
    + some learn that they have it in their blood generations later
    + some become fairies
    + Fairies are governed by two courts
    + Seelie is the court of Morning, Sunrise, and Twilight
    + Unseelie is the court of the Afternoon, Sunset, and Twilight
    + One/both our characters could be Fairies of either kind, one Seelie, the other Unseelie

    / Universe Aligning
    + two people's lives are intertwined through reincarnation
    + either from across the universe or on one planet
    + psychic/strong
    + organized/barbaric
    + or other combo
    + government wants to harness powers of one soul's two simultaneous lives (aka twin-soul) for energy
    + twin-souls fight back

    How I like my RPs as far as times and content are concerned
    *Past* = fantasy, magic, gritty, action

    -Present- = unique, thrilling, in depth storyline, emotion

    /Future\ = exciting, action, descriptive, new

    I am a very diverse roleplayer, so if you have an idea that you have been wanting to try out, PM me or post here and we can talk about it.

    I am almost always looking for another partner, :)
  2. I'm interested in a couple of these. :D
  3. Are you still taking partners because I would be interested in playing any of these!
  4. Hi! Are you still looking for partners? I'm interested in a bunch of your ideas. Feel free to PM me if you are. :)
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