It Didn't Have To Be Like This

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  1. Police Report​
    Officer Kevin Smith responded to a noise complaint at 1568 North Mill Road at 14:52 on October 21 of 2013. Upon approaching the home, Officer Smith found the door slightly ajar. He entered and found a person painted on the walls along with the body of a Marcus Day on the floor with a stab wound. The only thing found was a note that stated simply "It didn't have to be like this" and had a photo of Marcus Day and another person. This murder is being connected to two other recent murders in the area.

    Zach Westcott walks towards his home and looks up to see a crime scene at his neighbor's house. He walks to the group of people, pulling out his video camera. When he gets there, he asks the closest person "Another murder?"
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  2. "Yea' looks like it. The police really have ta catch this guy soon." a neighbor responded.


    A broom fell over in the closet over looking the scene. Ceillia, a young girl age five, tensed up with more tear feeling her eyes. She was in her soiled pajamas, traumatized. She had seen the violent murder and the murderer. Her father had hid her in the closet, where she had been for the pass three hours. Shivering from fear and her cold wet pajamas. Her eyes blanked and in the corner hugging her knees. She knew her father was dead. She was alone in the world now.

    The sound of the door opening again startled her causing her to knock over the broom. She started to hyperventilate, panicked.
  3. Curiosity got the best of Zach as he walked around the house to sneak past the gate. He picked the back door's lock and stepped in quietly. When he walked into the living room, he was shocked. Blood everywhere. There was practically nothing left of one of the bodies. He was filming with his camera when he heard a broom fall over in the closet. He walked over and opened the door slowly.
  4. She tightly shuts her eyes and buries her head in her knees, tightly balling up as she violently shrived.
  5. He looks surprised and looks around. "Come on. They haven't found you yet." He offers a hand. "Third murder on campus over the course of a few weeks." He mutters. "The cops are idiots." He looks back at her. "would you rather be interrogated by the Rozzers?"​
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  6. Ceilia coward away as he offered his hand. She didn't look at him. She just tightened her little ball as the graphic images of her father's murder playing in her mind.
  7. [​IMG]

    Lucy Urban, one of the few detectives on the murder cases, walked into the room with a few other officers and started the analysis on the corpse. It was quite obvious that the victim had been stabbed with a knife. Multiple times. The rotten scent of blood lingered all around the man's body. As the officers outlined the body on the floor, she picked up the note saying "It didn't have to be like this", and plopped it into a small plastic baggie. In a separate bag, she placed the blood-stained photo in it. "Gotta go investigate this second person here.."

    The young adult turned her head, only to find Kevin and a child, sitting still, intertwined in her own thoughts. Her puffed eyes can only explain that she witnessed the murder that just occurred. As Lucy watched her fellow officer hold offer the girl a hand, she walked up to the two, kneeling in front of the girl. "Hey, don't be scared. We're not gonna bite ya."
  8. Zach's focus hasnt yet shifted to Lucy, so he just watches Cellia. "They will be in here soon. The boys in blue are just outside and..." he stops, realizing Lucy is there. He mutters "I smell bacon..." He turns and looks at Lucy. he remembers, to his relief, that he is wearing a mask that hides all of his face but his eyes and his hood is up. "Ah... detective Urban. A pleasure. Right, well, I was just trying to get this young girl away from this horror. I should probably be going." He obviously doesn't belong there
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  9. Spruce.jpg
    19 year old Spruce stood across the street starring at the house, Or not at the house, Rather the side walk in front of the house. Her Brown eyes fixed at one, not blinking once. Only she saw what she was seeing. then her pupils moved following the unseen. Spruce now looked into the windows of the house hearing a commotion of sorts and she shivered. For a time she stared into the windows unaware of the events that transpired there, thought she could feel them. Brown pools falling back the the unseen, to other it would seem she was just sitting down on the side walk and staring into space. Slender hands propped up under her chin, as she sat below her spruce tree on the lawn across from the house and whispered to herself, "He can't leave"​
  10. He backs up slowly past Officer Smith and runs out the back door, around the house, across the street, attempts to jump over Spruce..... and catches a tree branch with his face. He lands on his back behind Spruce. "Ow... How on earth did I manage...?" He looks up and sees Spruce "Hello."
  11. Sprucesmall.jpg
    Her honey eyes lingered on the house as she slowly blinked. A "hello" from behind her made her turn her head snapping her out of her daze, looking down at Zach, her messy braids tuffed and hung down past her belly button. She blinked rapidly at him, and began to slowly turn her body placing her palms in the grass.

    "Are you allright Mr. Westcott?," she Asked, Her voice gently and sincere. "Are you hurt?"
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  12. He groans a bit and pulls his mask off, takes off his hat, and unzips his sweater. "Yeah. Sorry for disrupting you." He checks his camera, relieved that he remembered to put in a memory card this time. He opens his bag and pulls out a water bottle. "mind if I sit here for a few minutes?"
  13. Sprucesmall.jpg
    She eyes his camera for a few moments, as he sits up, tilting her head and his asking to sit with her. Spruce didn't have very many friends and having graduated from high school she mostly sat in her front or back yard painting the hours away. She blinked, slowly nodding. A very strange girl indeed, "You want to sit here?...with me? she asked him.

    she looked back to the house across the street, eyes searched and locked on to something moving, "Mr.Westcott, Did something happen in the house over there?"
  14. He looks at the house. "Murder number three and four happened. Walls were painted. Not much was left of the poor guy. Other guy just had a stab wound. Little sign of struggle." At this point, he is talking more to himself than anything, going over details. He caught a glimpse of the note and made it out with a laptop that nobody had seen. It was in his pack. He shakes his head and apologizes. He pulls out a notebook and jots things down.
  15. Spruce reached for the camers not really watching what she was grabbing at, eyes fixed on the house. she turned it on and focused the lense scanning the yard, thsn sidewalk Pressing the preview option she scrolled to about 5 photos in, and there it was....theshiloette of a man standing on the sidewalk in front of the house watching them. Spruce double backed at the spot...and now she could not see anything. camera gently placed back on the lush grass she stood and turned towards her front door. "would you like a cup of tea, Mr. Westcott?
  16. He allows her to use the camera, while he reviews footage on the other camera, looking for anything he missed in his brief visit. He looks up. "No, thank you."He continues to watch the footage in a sort of fanatic interest in the murders.
  17. lulling a melodic hum, she goes into the house and fixes herself some jasmine tea with sativa lea and returns outside. "what are you looking for?"
  18. "the killer or killers" He looks at the house "These idiots dont know what they are doing. I'll show them how to do it."
  19. Sprucesmall.jpg
    The leaves began to fall from the trees, the fall season brought in a chilled breeze. Her honey glazed eye rested on her neighbor and watched him carefully almost looking through him, she was. Sipping at her tea there was a moment of contentment as the hot liquad soothed her throat, and calmed her nerves. Spruce furrowed her brows at the comment "I'll show them how to do it," he said. She waiting quietly and patiently allowing him time to think and speak. ​
  20. He looks up at her for a moment, noticing her eyes. His cold blue eyes meet her warm, golden stare for a moment. "do you take classes at the college?"