It Comes Naturally {Fantasy RPG}

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    We are officially open! (: Here on It Comes Naturally we are a supernatural creature role-play. We give the members 4 species to choose from: Vampires, Werewolves, Shapeshifters, and the basic Human. There are many lands that you can role-play on, not just packlands, but historical neutral lands as well! We are a tight knit family. It Comes Naturally is a semi-realistic role-play that is set either deep in the woods or in a quite basic town. There is also a huge amount of competition with horse based sports, so be prepared for the competition and casino games! There is a 200 word count minimum and we try to keep it 16 + in age. But, if you feel you can handle the violence and gore, by all means join us! But, don't whine or report us if you feel that it is too much, you have been warned. All in all, it's a wonderful family here, and we hope to see you in the role-play