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  1. Hey there, people of the mature section! :D

    I come to you with an idea! I've recently made up a race of spider-people, and I'd like someone to use it with! I've got the startings of a plot already, though you kind of decide where it goes :P

    The plot:
    Many, many generations ago, the world was a beautiful place. It was rich, with great surplus to all. Then the Demon Legions attacked...

    Most of the races decided to stand up to the demons, attempting to fight them, to defend their homes. Yet the Drosh-Ra felt that such a stand was foolish. So instead of fighting, they fled, down into the caverns of the earth.
    And there they remained until this day. They became certain that all others had been slain by the demons during their invasion, and so, they feel no need to go to the scorched surface, where the demons reign.
    Yet one day, someone from the old world falls down from one of the tunnels leading up.

    So yeah, a stranger from a different race finds it's way down there somehow, most likely by accidentally. And preferably female, because that would be best for the plot, as the the Drosh-Ra are a society ruled by their women, where the men have barely any rights.

    And a quick biology section:
    They have six legs, placed on their mid-section, with a large abdomen, with most of the vital organs, and the web-creating parts. (Dunno what they're called.) More or less a normal spider so far, in other words.
    Yet instead of a spider's head, a humane body starts, at the hip. They have a bit of the (mostly black) fur growing up their backs and side. They have two fangs, to poison their targets. They also have six eyes, two "normal" human eyes, as well as two smaller ones, slightly lower/higher and to the side of the other pair.

    So yeah, if you have a female character who you want ending up in a spider-city deep underground, and possibly with some lovely themes as well down the line, this might be the thing for you! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.