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  1. [video=youtube;_JUCfX1P1ik][/video]​

    So, last night/this morning Asmo, Diana and I played that Midnight Roads RP I've been boring you all to tears about over the last day or so. T'was quite a lot of fun; we had a good time of it.

    For the last year or so, it's been an idea of mine to really try and get Chat RPs going on Iwaku; we've got nights were games are scheduled in the RP Chat, but often nothing seems to come of these. Now that I'm on holiday, however, I can devote some of my evenings/mornings to running these sort of RPs for folks who are interested.

    I'd like to give you guys some choice when it comes to choosing what I should run; after all, you guys are the ones I want to join in and if the RPs I choose to run aren't interesting to you that isn't going to happen. So here's another Grumpy poll, for deciding what Chat RP should occur next.


    Apocalypse Cowboys is a Weird West RP through and through; set in an alternate 1889 where the world was destroyed by the cataclysmic return of magic to the world, you'll be playing as the badass mercenaries-for-hire, the gunslingers and magically-powered tough guys who roam the wastes, dispensing justice from the barrel of a gun. Think a Fistful of Dollars if the Man With No Name was also a mage of some description.

    INFESTATION (open)

    To put it in broad, silly terms, this is a Horror RP about "ZOMBIES, WAT DO". For reasons that will probably remain unexplained, the dead have arisen to attack the living. The world is in chaos; the numbers of the undead swell as the survivors begin to dwindle. You play a survivor of some description, forced to band together with others and fight for your very survival as you attempt to escape from a city overrun with the living dead.
    INFESTATION (open)

    And that's those for just now, folks. One of these RPs will occur next Saturday; I'd like you guys to decide which.

    I'mma roll with Apocalypse Cowboys. That sounds interesting. >:D
  4. When I first started roleplaying, I spent a number of years on a forum devoted entirely to zombie-related RPs. And I've watched so many zombie movies it's probably unhealthy.

    So yeah, I could probably run a Zombie RP in my sleep (which is good, given how long I usually have to stay up for these Chat RPs).

    For Apocalypse Cowboys, I'm watching all of the Sergio Leone trilogy and reading too much Deadlands. Got a vague idea for a plot for the RP, but I would love to hear suggestions from the players. Player involvement = moar fun, after all.
  5. Well, either of those would be entertaining. It's been a while since I've played something with zombies, but I like cowboys and fantasy as well. Decisions, decisions...
  6. I'd say that's a consensus right thar; this Saturday's Chat RP will be Apocalypse Cowboys, and I might run Infestation at some point this week if I have the time.

    OOC will be up soonish. Cheers for participating, guys.