It all started with a 1967 impala...

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  1. Dean had always been with his brother Sammy on the road.Hunting things that shouldn't exist;taking over where their father left off.Though he was fearless and brave,dean had never had great luck with women.Sure he was a charmer and could make just about any woman fall for him but long term relationships were never his thing.But one day on a hunt,the two brothers meet a girl who has many secrets to keep.Has Dean met his match?Will this mysterious girl aid the boys in their hunting or will she desert them for her old life?
  2. "Sammy! Come on, we have to go question the first victims family before dark!" Dean called loudly as he slipped on his FBI coat and pushed the badge into his pocket quickly.
    "I'm coming, stay calm. We have 3 hours left of daylight." Sam sighed, walking out of the bathroom before both him and Dean walked out of the motel room and into his car. They quickly arrived to the victims house and walked up the stairs. Dean rolled his eyes at the flowers on the porch before knocking on the door.