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  1. When It was a bland, normal and boring day. The sky was still blue, the grass green and my hair was brown and annoying the hell out of me, Not literately man that would be weird, little imps bursting out of my gut! Anyways ive been staring in the mirror for like 30 minutes. My hair is boring..Soooo dull. *Grabs a towel and rubs it upon my head untill my hair is crazy messy.* Im satisfied i didnt do that yesterday, now what to wear..ugh im so dull. "But that will change!" Oh crap that was out loud, and not in my head, im probably gonna freak my mother out even more..oh well. *Grabs white shorts with black X's going down the sides, A white shirt and a black dress shirt vest and black tie. Now to screw with people..they will look at my awesome color scheme and right before peer acceptance they will see my shoes, one dark blue and one dark green!. "Devon! you will miss the bus!" Ugh moms yelling again..cant she just text me? or send a carrier pigeon..Haha that would be cool. "Yeah ma im leaving now!.
  2. The bus, a loud uninteresting seatbelt forsaken death who to sit with. *Devon looks around the bus looking for someone interesting to try to break the normal circle of his day* (Time freeze and post friends)
  3. Jason sat by himself like he did every morning. Someone sitting next to him would be too much of a risk of finding out who...or what in his case, he really was. He took a look at his hand and balled it into a fist. The fist turned into blackish leather color. He smiled a little bit. He was supernatural, and he liked it, it was just hard to hide. All the shit he was put through when he was being experimented on by those so called doctors. He's just glad to be out. The only thing that sucks is that they still have an eye on him. They're watching him from a far. He pondered over it for a while then looked around and noticed a guy who seemed to be looking for somewhere new to sit. Damn, he thought to himself. He looked around the bus and noticed there were barely any other empty seats. He sighed. He didn't want any friends, because anyone he had ever gotten contact with in the past was taken away from him....including his beloved girlfriend. The one girl he had always loved. The one girl that kept him sane when he was being experimented on. A tear came to his eye as he thought about her. He remembered when she died in his arms.....He shook his head and stopped thinking about it. He rubbed his face and looked at the guy. "Hey can sit here if you wa..." his sentence was cut short...this guy was supernatural too. Not experimented like himself, but this guy was some how supernatural, and by the look of him, he probably hasn't even found out. Jason pretended to cough so it didn't seem weird that his voice trailed off. "if you want." He finished the sentence. He had never found another supernatural being before. This was pretty cool to least it got his mind off his girlfriend.
  4. Hm ive never seen this guy before he could be a weirdo, perfect Devon thought to himself. "Yeah man thanks!" Devon said in an almost to enthusiastic manner. Shit Devon way to freak the guy out, good job seeming desperate. Devon walks over and plops down on the dull, average, uncomfortable seat. "Im Devon Hope" he says as he smiles, then proceeds to pull out a sketch book and begins drawing the interaction of him and Jason, quickly and quite detailed. At the top scribbled chaotically "Day 5 so far far different from day 4"
  5. Lizze sat by herslef, her hair a mess and only enough makeup to hide the bags under her eyes. she never got any sleep,always studying about the supernatural and why it was kept sucha secret. She always sat on the bus by herself, she was considered an outcast in school, dressed like a punk, got grades like a nerd. Normal people were walwyas so damn judgemental. Lizze never paid much attention to anyone else, but for some reaosn she decied to look up and noticed a brown haired boy dressed in the strangest of ways looking for a place to sit. There didnt seem to be many interestong people to sit by, not that she would be. Lizzie tended to kepp to herself, seeing as she was diffrent then more ways then one. Lizzie chuckled and ran her hair through her auburn hair. slowly moving her bag out of the way, just in case the boy decided to sit by her. Glancing at him and giving a slight smile she looked away again breathing on the window and writing ~hi~ in the fog. pushing her glasses back up to the proper place on her face and looking down waiting for the bus to begin moving again. She felt so out of place, like she didnt belong here, like she should have stayed home today. 'oh well life goes on' Lizzie scratched the back of her neck feeling as if everyone knew how diffrent she was. She had been like this since she a girl, her mom used to be like her, until she died that was. Lizze felt her heart begin to hurt. snapping back to reality to clam herslef she looked around noticing that the bus was till in a stand still. 'oh come on dude, just sit somewhere.'
  6. Ariabelle skipped onto the bus that morning.
    She didn't care who saw her, she just picked the closest empty seat.
    She was cheerful and happy.
    Everytime someone would get on, she would smile and wave.
    Her earphones helped her bob her head back and forth.
    The beat felt like it was closing in.
    A few weird looks were handed to her, but she brushed them off.
    She could just fly off her worries later.
    She saw a new guy standing, he seemed to be holding up the bus.
    A few people seemed agitated, but she just waved, like she did to everyone.

  7. Devon had been so stuck in his head that he had not noticed Lizze, until after he sketched the interaction with Jason. Crap, this girl screams different i wonder if my day would be the same amout of different if i chose to sit with her. Idea Devon thought and quickly made a new sketch depicting Devon sitting next to the girl with "Hello im Devon" writen on his arm. Scribbled at the top "Day 5 seems to have more options then day 4" And passes the picture to Lizze
  8. Devon looked at the cheerful girl skipping on the bus with a puzzled face, he wondered if she was always like that or if she had woken up to a giant sunday. With the thought blocking his other thoughts he began a new sketch of the happy girl waking up to a person sized sunday. Devon then blushed and thought that that could be considered creepy.
  9. Ariabelle was bored by now, even though it had only been five minutes.
    She turned and looked at the guy who had held up the bus.
    She poked his nose.
    "Hello! My name's Ariabelle!
    She held out a watermelon blow pop.
  10. "Whaaah" Devon was so started that the picture of Ariabelle shot into the air landing on the top of her head. Devon blushed and thought to himself, what was that! im so confused, that candy looks great but the picture of her waking up to a person sized sunday was literally on her head! oh damn shes gonna think im a creep. All Devon could blurt out was incomprehensible gibberish. "H-h-I-De-erm.." Crap now i sound evern weirder!!!
  11. Ariabelle seemed to have scared the guy.
    She giggled a bit, but next thing she new, his picture had landed on her head.
    She pulled it off and looked at it.
    It was her waking up to a gigantic sundae.
    It looked absolutely amazing.
    "Ohmygosh! This looks so yummy!"
    She exclaimed handing him back the picture.
    "You're such an amazing artist!
    It's making me hungry...gosh...
    You should draw more!
    I love your style...and the fact that it looks so realistic!"
    She pulled out her own blow pop and stuck it in her mouth.
    Looking back at him she smiled again,
    "I can't understand you silly!"
  12. Lizzie took the drawing and looked at it, it was nice, sliding over and poking him shoulder. "hi Im lizzie." she said sitting back only to see a girl that was always ina chipper mood poke his nose and hand him a sucker, Devon looked awh struck. every one was always captivated by her looks, she was always miss pretty and miss, everything. Lizze always had this sense of hatred for her, she had a way with people, but never seemed to bother talking to Lizze, but maybe today would be diffrent. Seeing the paper on the girls head Lizze grabbed it slowly and glanced at it, trying not to laugh, she handed it to back to Devon. "you might wanna keep that to yourself." lizze said sitting back and grabbing her bag as the bus pulled to a stop. Getting up and almost falling On the giddy blonde, she walked off like nothing happened and into the school.

  13. Now Devon was even more confused, his head was like a pinwheel of thoughts. "Hi, im Devon, it's nice to meet you Ariabelle. I draw a bit to much says my mother. and why can't you understand me and someone again is poking me" Devon was all over the place he thought if his head turned anymore it would fall off. Seeing it was that girl who peaked his interest he froze a second and by the time he realised he was stuck in his head she had left. Turning his head to Ariabelle "im confused, and new, and today is..strange" With that word escaping his lips he smiled beautifully. "We should stand up and go" Devon preceded to stand up and started to walk off the bus, a new sketch depicted him walking into the school as if it was melting from the heat. the title "Maybe ill melt with you as the dullness melts".
  14. Ariabelle smiled,
    "Well it was nice meeting you Devon!
    We might just have some classes together."
    And with that she hopped over the seat and skipped off the bus.
    She felt light as air this morning, probably from her new breakfast.
    Instead of her usually plain pancakes drenched in sweet syrup,
    she had chocolate chip pancakes with powdered sugar and chocolate syrup.
    She felt the energy buzz through her as she skipped into the school and up to her locker.
  15. Devon finished his drawing and took a step into his new school and already it looked...dull. His smile washed away as he slowly strolled on in. He hated all schools, he moved a ton because of his dads work, hopefully he would stay, that's the only thing he wanted to be constant, everything else could change. Devon had a new problem now, he was lost.
  16. Lizze appraoched her locker, enertering the com and opening it slowly the wall was decorated with pictures of her mom and other random things that amused her in her daily life, a poem taped to her locker she read outload quietly. "when the wolrd ends, lets hope we stand together, under the moon,under the stars, while flames of lust explode in our eyes, lets hope we die peacfully, holding eachother, in your arms, is when my world will begin." Lizzie smiled and put her bag inside, it was old, torn and a navy green color, pins all over it or animals and funny sayings. Cleaning her glasses and sliding them back on her face, she was pushed into her locker, a normal routine for her, turning to look it was the same kid as always, so guy she had never talked to before, didnt even know his name. She grabbed her art book and writing notebook. Creative writing was her first class for the day, then she had art. Sitting in her seat as she entered, which was in the back corner away from everyine, no one sat next to her or behind her, well excpet the wall, she liked it that way. putting her pencil in her mouth she opened her notebook and read the last thing she wrote. ~the stars shined bright in his big blue eyes, but they melted like ice under her gaze.~ she couldnt remeber what she was going to write about, but she fiqured she would just start new.
  17. Sadly, Ariabelle had Math the first period.
    Next she had art though.
    Many of her friends had taken it for their one needed credit, but Ariabelle liked to paint.
    It was something she felt she could have all of her emotions explode on.
    She could use whatever colors she wanted.
    She could do whatever she wanted.
    No one could tell her not to, and that's just how she liked it.
    But for now it was math.
    She glared at the bored,
    only understanding half of what was being written.
    She looked over to a guy friend of hers.
    He was on the baseball team, but he was extremely smart.
    She envied his ability to understand it all.
    But her mind was elsewhere.
    It was somewhere no one could comprehend.
  18. Devon looked at his schedule and saw he had creative writing, then Art, then music and the rest he folded, he had no need for math and history and bla bla he had perfect grades and never once studied, it was boring and easy he had no interest so he had his dad work stuff out with his teachers. Devon walked in to creative writing and ruffled his hair making it messy, a bit of grey from his drawing pencil was on his forehead from when he had scratched. Devon had entered the class right before the bell. He hurried and sat not paying attention and missed his seat wich was next to lizze. Devon stayed on the floor pulling out his writing book and began writing
  19. "keep me still tonight, im like a flood in jersey , theres a fire deep inside, a notion for an appeal, and a chance to collide. space has been made to kneel, but the floor is giving out, and im good at giving in, you blind the more you shout, I usually put fragments upside down. im terrible and this puzzle is maddening, caught like a fish on wire, i dance there for your pleasure, but be sure to not forget to write , to the sender of this dusted letter, how could you be so calm , while im an earthquake in atlantis"
  20. Lizzie was in thought when she heard someone fall next to her. She looked and realized who it was. "Oh my." Lizzie jumped out of her seat and in front of Devon picking up his stuff and looking at him. "Here, you kinda feel so i thought I would help you.." Lizze stood adn reached her hand down to help him out. "So I take it your new...most people would look for a diffrent seat before taking the one next to me..." Her pencil back in her mouth as she set his stuff on his desk and glancing at him. Noticing she was being creppy still looking at him she quickly sat back down and took her pencil out of her mouth looking away from his nad rubbing her neck. 'jezz I'm acting like i have never seen a guy before.' Looking back at her notebook she still couldnt fiqure out what she was starting. the bell rang and the teacher entered talking about the stuff on the board. a writing excersize, you had to write about an alternative world, what would be a perfect world to you. Lizzie didnt take anytime she went to writing about a loand where people could do anything, fly go invisible whatever they wanted they could be their own person, the world was colroful and fun, like someothing you would find down a rabbit hole.