It All Happened Before Breakfast [Sylvir x Hiro]

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  1. Buu was walking to the school bus when she saw a boy huddled against a tree of one of her neighbor's yards. She stopped, and so did the jingling of the bell that was hanging from around the neck of a miniature plush pig, which was subsequently hanging by a key ring around her backpack. She thought to call out to him and ask what he was doing on Old Man Jynx's front yard, necause Old Man Jynx was not a very friendly old man and she had never heard of the old man talking about any relatives, but something caught her attention. The boy's back was facing hers, but she could make out that he was hunched over something on the ground, something flat and yellow, and whatever it was, the boy was studying it very intently.

    She walked over to the boy, hoping that Old Man Jynx wasn't going to appear any time soon, and the bell hanging from her backpack commenced it's jingling. She could hear a soft crunch add to the sound of the bell as her foot stepped over each crisp October leaf, but clearly the boy hadn't, because he still didn't turn around, even with all the noise she was making.

    She couldn't blame him, actually. For some reason she hadn't seen a single car this morning, not a single person, and not a single light had been turned on despite the fact that the gray skies above looked like it was threatening to flood the city any second now.

    Her mom had told her to go early that morning so she wouldn't cross paths with the rain, and could stay under the shelter of the bus stop. Her mom also packed her two blueberry muffins and an egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast. Buu had protested that her lunchbox was already heavy enough, but her mom had insisted.

    Buu finally got close enough to peer over the boy's shoulders. She saw some sort of map. A map that looked like a treasure map, but it was hard to make anything specific out with how tiny the texts were and how poor the lighting was.

    "Whatcha got there?" She asked, hoping she wouldn't startle the boy into running away.
  2. Lantis sat quietly under the large oak tree huddling over his curious little map. While he wasn't quite sure what all of the little writings on it were about yet, he found it very fascinating. His head continued to tilt inquisitively from one side to the other, rotating the yellow piece of paper as he did so. A gentle breeze ruffled his short red hair and blew a few bright orange and yellow leaves over his shoes.

    Lantis was so focused on his map that he hadn't even noticed the girl who was walking up to him despite the crunching of the Autumn leaves beneath her feet. He didn't even hear her question, asking him what he had. The paper just suddenly got harder to examine and Lantis turned his head to make sure the clouds in the sky weren't getting worse. Instead he saw a girl looming over his shoulder. "Excuse me, could you take a step back please?" he asked kindly, going to turn back to look over his map once more. Wait... a girl?

    He snatched up his map into his hands and held it safely against his chest. "Oh! Hello! Sorry, I didn't hear you coming." his voice was filled with embarrassment. He was always lost in his own world, never taking notice of the things that happened around him.
  3. Buu waited for a reply, but there wasn't one. It wasn't until she reached her hands out of her denim overall's pockets to scratch her head did the boy seem to notice her, but not in the way she had hoped. "Excuse me, could you take a step back please?" He had said to her. Without a second thought, she complied and took a step back.

    Buu stared down at the ground and sighed. She had hoped that he would share whatever it was that he had with her. She spotted a rock next to her foot and began rolling it back and forth with the sole of her right shoe. She was just about to kick the rock with the tip of her red and white tennis shoes when she heard the boy get up and stopped, keeping her leg in mid-air--good thing too, because the rock would have headed towards Old Man Jynx's porch and that called for trouble.

    She put the leg that had been in mid-air down and looked up; she stood face to face with him. She held her breath, but not for long, because the boy soon spoke. This time, he had greeted her. There was a friendliness in his eyes that hadn't been there earlier. A smile drew upon Buu's face; she was certain they could become friends.

    She pointed at the large paper clutched against his chest. "Mind if I see it? I promise I won't steal it." As she said that, she traced her fingers over her heart, drawing out an invisible "X".
  4. A smile stretched across Lantis' face. She was really interested in his map? He then noticed her backpack and he suspected that she must be an adventurer too. He had never met another one but the idea clearly had him excited. He felt like she was trustworthy, maybe even knew what his map was. Lantis pulled the paper away from his black tee-shirt and held it out horizontally for her to take.

    "Yes! Of course!" he stammered out, his hopes were high. "Here, it's my new map. I traded something much less interesting for it! Something small and shiny that I had in my pocket." His smile grew and his eyes seemed to light up. "I think this must be a treasure map! I can't tell where it leads yet... but isn't it so exciting?"
  5. Buu reached out both hands to accept the map. "Thanks!"

    She flipped the map 180 degrees so that she could view it right side up. The boy continued to speak and Buu listened intently, all the while focusing her attention on the map. It felt familiar, but at the same time it wasn't. It really wasn't at all, it literally only felt familiar, as if she had held the map before. It made no sense, but there it was, the uncanny feeling that she had. It looked nothing like any of the treasure maps her grandpa had shown her--and her grandpa had shown her plenty.

    Buu's grandpa was an explorer. He traveled to many places far and wide, and each time he returned home he would bring Buu back a treasure map of hidden riches, both wealth and intelligence, said to exist in the area. Sometimes he would even bring back maps of places that only existed in legends. Buu had asked him if he had actually traveled to such places, but grandpa would shake his head and reply that he hadn't, and that they only existed in our imaginations. It was the same grandpa who's gray beard always ticked her when he leaned in to give her a peck on the cheeks.

    "Are you kidding?" She asked, excitement in her voice. "This is the greatest thing I've seen since A Charlie Brown Christmas!" She gave him her widest grin, the one which revealed her two front buck teeth, something she wasn't very proud of.

    She rolled up the map and held it out to return to the boy. "I've got a hunch where a good place to start is. Do you trust me?"
  6. Lantis took the rolled up map and slid it into a small protective casing with well practiced hands. The case was made of a fine polished wood that had very intricate details and designs carved into the outside of it and was secured to an unused belt loop on his denim shorts with a thin strip of leather. After he fit the cap over the end of the container he looked back up to Buu, his smile had not waned.

    "Of course I trust you!" he answered her, his voice was much less timid now. "I don't show my favorite things to just anyone! Do you really think you know where to start looking?" Lantis reached up and adjusted his pair of goggles that he always wore. They weren't over his eyes most of the time but he liked them nevertheless.

    It didn't dawn on him until now they he hadn't introduced himself. His mother had taught him to always mind his manners but he was usually quite bad at it. Still, Lantis found that most people didn't hold it against him. "By the way! My name is Lantis, I'm an adventurer! It's nice to meet you." he spoke the words a little quickly, holding out his right hand.