Istanbul Ataturk Airport Attacked

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    • Three suicide bombers strike Istanbul Ataturk airport
    • Around 41 people killed and 230 wounded
    • Turkey PM says Islamic State most likely suspects
    • Third busiest airport in Europe, high security location
    • Istanbul Ataturk airport attack in pictures
    The death toll from a triple suicide bombing at Istanbul's Ataturk airport rose to 41 dead and 230 injured on Wednesday, as Turkish investigators pored through video footage to identify the killers.

    Five Saudis, two Iraqis and citizens from China, Jordan, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Iran and Ukraine were among 13 foreigners dead.


    I'm kind of surprised there hasn't been a thread up about this news.

    Really sad. v.v Condolences to everyone there.
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  2. I bothers me to no end I had to find out about this from you earlier today, I never saw anything pop up on social media anywhere.

    It's a disgusting and barbaric attack, and I hope the Turkish people pull through this, and people offer their support when it's needed most. It's a horrific loss of life, and it's just as worthy as grieving as the Paris, Brussels, and Orlando attacks.
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  3. I'm kind of surprised by that, to be honest. Turkey is part of Europe, isn't it? And that airport is the third busiest in Europe as well.

    At least there seems to be some action taking place. All the best to those living there or anywhere else who had/have to go through such terrible tragedies.
  4. I was going to say, "Another one? o_o" but then I saw it's the same one from earlier this week.

    Personally it was all over my news feed on Twitter and Facebook so... you guys don't follow the right people obviously :P
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  5. Half of turkey is. And there is tons of turkish descent citizens in Europe. I work with a guy who has plans to visit his family in turkey in just a few weeks.
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  6. Hope everything is fine back home for him!
  7. I didn't hear about this until right now...

    I want to say it's fatigue from the all the attacks happening... But this is likely another case of geography priority.
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  8. I wish well to all the survivors. Its hard seeing so many families shattered in these attacks.
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