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  1. Our dreams are alive

    Have you ever wondered what ever happened to those imaginary friends you used to have. Or where those sweet little dreams you used to have disappeared to? They're still in your mind, of course, but locked away deep. At least, that's what you thought. One day, you decided to go for a walk to the park. A park completely surrounded by bush. One with pathways that lead here there and everywhere. But one day, you decide to go on a different path. You decided to make your own. Of course, everybody gets these ideas. Little do they realise, that these paths can lead you to your worst nightmare, or your best dreams and hopes.

    Along this path, without realising, you've passed through a portal, one that transports you to another universe. That universe, is where everything is recorded. Some people may call it a portal into your mind, your world, your imagination. It is a portal in the land of Istalin, where all of your hopes, your dreams, and of course, your nightmares live. Fascinating, is it not?

    Wrong! Lately, more and more people are having nightmares. These nightmares, they're now filling Istalin with terror. Now that you're here, in this world, you must survive your own fears and fulfil your true dreams, they will lead you home. You may pretend to be perfect, but we all know that is not true. Everyone is imperfect, is that your fear? Perhaps, perhaps not. But in anyone's case. you must survive this world and find your way home.


    ~ GRAMMAR is the most important rule. Please, please use proper spelling and grammar!
    ~ General RPing rules
    ~ Have fun
    ~ This is not literate, write as much or as little as you can
    ~ No limit to characters
    ~ Powers are okay
    ~ Any questions? Ask away.

    CS (Can be altered):

    Full Name:
    Origin: (What city?)
    Time in Istalin:
    Description and/or Picture:
    Worst Fears:
    Relationship Status:


    - Karmen Vanito Lantuive
    - Vrarin Martillo Shantali

    My own:
    Karmen Vanito Lantuive, or Karma for short, is a blonde headed sixteen year old girl with deep blue eyes. Her curly hair, short slim built body and facial features will have you believe she is innocent at first glance. She is often found in Gothic like dresses, or even Alice in Wonderland styled. She is always in boot with striped socks pulled up to her knees. her hair is always up in a high ponytail, the curls falling down her back to her mid, even when tied back. She always speaks softly, hardly finding a reason to speak up. If people cannot hear her, then that is their problem, not hers. Born in California, Karma moved to Salem, Massachusetts when she was only four.

    Karma is a pyromaniac, yes, she's been tested and she is literally a pyro. She has a huge love for fire and she cannot help but set things on fire. The problem is, she can control fire, creating sparks at will. Having been in Istalin since she was six, she has been setting things on fire left right and center, that way, it would never be dark! Yes, that's her fear. The dark, that and enclosed spaces. Karmen is also very smart, though she prefers to hide it from others. She doesn't like the spotlight and never believes that she deserves to be praised. Her expertise includes biology, chemistry, math and sometimes even english. She has a very wild imagination and almost no interest in boys. She's straight, but, who would ever want to go out with her?

    Karma has a very large family, including a twin sister, two younger sisters an older brother, her parents and the little snotty nosed, little brother that her parents adore. Her twin is really the only person she talks to and she can always be found talking to the family dog, even if it can't reply. She is a very good combat and sword fighter, and has great aim when it come to archery. Her thoughts are everywhere and she is often yelling out random words. Sometimes even philosophical quotes.

    We are perfect, yet imperfect. We all have our flaws, making us imperfect, yet we are all someone's child and at some point, someone has thought of us as perfect. Therefore, we must be both.

    Vrarin Martillo Shantali, or just Vrarin is a typical, heavy metal teenager. With a passion for guitars, rock, metal, classical cars and, well, girls, this seventeen year old, wannabe rock star can be very loud, outgoing and loving. He is a very caring person, but tends to keep his emotions to himself. He has long, curly brown hair with bright, golden like eyes. He is often found wearing a black band shirt accompanied with worn out jeans and a pair of busted joggers. His hair is rarely ever up, usually in front of his face yet sometimes in a ponytail.

    Vrarin had what you would call a normal childhood. He went to school with his friends, his family was together, supportive and caring and he even had great grades. However, it wasn't until not too long ago did he find out that he was adopted. Yep, he believes he knew it all along. Sure, it might have been hard to tell, after all, he even looked like his adoptive parents, but somehow, he just knew he didn't belong. Ever since he found out, he became more cheerful and caring, yet neglecting himself even more. That's how he deals with things, he become more cheerful in hopes to cheer himself up.

    Vrarin has always had great dreams. Some being able to play in front of a crowd, despite his stage fright, others being that he finds his true family. But then, they're also his fears, luckily, not his worst. His worst fear? Loosing everything he holds dear. That's why, whenever he finds someone in trouble, he tries to help them. Afraid of dying alone, he's always trying to search for someone to complete him. A girl he could protect, but one that would protect him also. Living with his adoptive parents and younger sister, he lived in a small town called Taos in New Mexico.

    From a very young age, Vrarin has had the ability to bend metal. No, he's not exactly strong. He can, well, melt it, shape it, even create things out of the metal he touches. With this ability he can create whichever weapons he wishes, as well as creating his own shelters and traps for food. He has been doing this ever since he came here to Istalin, he's been here for the past five years.

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  2. This looks interesting. I'll give it a proper look when I'm on better internet and think about a character.
  3. Wonderful!
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