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  1. Hello. I'm in search of a potential male (female is fine too) role play partner(s). Please read everything in this post, if you're too lazy to do that, you're not a suitable partner for me.

    * Post a few times a week at a minimum, more is always nice. (I'll lose interest otherwise!)
    * Minimum 1 paragraph reply (3 to 4+ sentences).
    * Communicate if you're taking a LOA, not interested, have ideas for the role play, etc.
    * Help with plot progression, NPCs, etc.
    * No anime pictures for characters (real life or realistic drawings/art only please).
    * 18+
    * RP in PM
    * I have no problem talking OOC for fun, that is up to you!

    Notes: I have depression and anxiety which can dictate how often I post, though a few times a week minimum is usually doable for me, if not multiple times daily, it all depends. If I feel things with me are bad enough I need a break, I will notify you. I can do sex scenes or fade to black. Understand that for me plot comes first. If you're looking for a lot of smut or aren't willing to let it happen naturally, you'll probably be disappointed.

    Regarding replies, I will give at least one decent paragraph but two to three is common. Remember, quality over quantity. I do expect decent grammar (i.e. ability to capitalize letters, use commas, etc) and no one or two line replies at all. My writing style is simplistic, so I don't need you to write five paragraphs to explain what the screen on your iPhone looks like.

    I can do: swearing, drugs, abuse, mind games, power struggle, romance, fluff, drama, loss, dark themes, some blood/fighting is just fine.
    I will NOT do: piss, scat, animals, anything anime related.

    *Let me know what your Limits are ahead of time!*

    Male x Male Pairings/Ideas (open to more ideas, we are not limited to these!) First is my role, second yours. (% = more interest).

    * Prince X Thief or Knight or Servant %
    * Cop X Criminal/Assassin/Hacker (possible age difference?)
    * Jock X Nerd or Punk %
    * Outsider X Viking and/or Tribal member %% (possibly tossed into a different time period/world)

    * Something modern, modern fantasy, medieval, futuristic, human & another race or being?
    * Superhero themed? Something with the government?
    * Insert random ideas here (seriously, don't be afraid to suggest something!)

    (Note: I'm not into the yaoi thing so keep that in mind. Pale, petite, ultra-submissive guys aren't going to fly with me). We can discuss story/plot ideas together. I typically play the more dominant personality, however it'd be nice if there was some naturally switching going on. If a number of days go by and you haven't replied, but you've been online a few times each of those days posting to other threads, I'll just end the RP. Communicate with me, but please don't be one of those people.

    Please PM me if you're interested in talking, thank you.
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  2. I like the Prince x Theif idea, if you message me we can discuss it further.
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  4. Huh, must have missed the summer rush.

    Still looking, at any rate.
  5. I think the Jock x Nerd pairing could be fun. I'll roleplay that with you. Maybe PM me what your general idea of what you'd like to see and we can start throwing ideas around?
  6. Still open because, well, you never know.
  7. OPEN.
  8. Keeping it open.
  9. Hey, you still open? If so, I would like to do the either the King X Thief or the Cop X Assassin. And, in case you are interested once I read nothing against it, I have an angel I would like to put to use with some ideas. As for the others, I already have characters that can fit any of them.
  10. Almost couldn't find this after the update!
  11. Jock x Punk?
  12. I like the cop x criminal idea. If you've done too many of those though I have a few ideas of my own I'd be happy to share.
  13. Looking?
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