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  1. To start, sorry for making you shout in your head by reading the title of this thread.

    I posted a thread before but it was probably too brief so decided to start over again.

    I’m looking for a literate and mature partner. I have a few ideas, but always have an open mind to others as well.Ideally a female partner, but would also consider giving MxM a try or playing the female version of one of my characters.

    I WILL NOT do:

    BDSM or rape-themed
    Pure smut. I like some actual story or else I lose interest.
    Anything involving bodily waste. I haven’t seen this on here, but ya never know what you might get if you don’t say it outright.
    I’m fairly versatile far as genre goes. About the only thing I will struggle with is anything in the Western or Steampunk genre.

    Some more specific interests:
    Coworkers(Realistic/Slice of Life)
    Escort/Prostitute/Stripper and a favored client (can go into a lot of genres)

    These are the characters I really want to play:
    Darman the Red, a young Halfling Ranger who has left the family farm in search of adventure and fortune for his family after the end of a long conflict with a group of Orcs.

    Bronze, a Half-Elf Rogue/Gunslinger who has lived his life on the road. He doesn't really want a home or a fortune to call his own, but he will settle for a few drinks and some warm company for an evening. Highly intelligent, athletic, and charismatic....however he has no common sense to speak of.

    So reply here or PM me if you are interested in anything posted here or have other ideas.
  2. I would love to do something involving your character 'Bronze'. If you're still looking, send me a PM.~
  3. Student/Teacher sounds a bit fun if you're still looking for that!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.