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  1. Hello!​
    As the title said I am looking for a long-term partner. I have started several role plays and people tend to disappear and quite frankly it makes me sad. Hopefully, I can find a few people who will stick around til the end of the role play with me. Like everyone else on here I have a few rules. In my opinion they are not major rules so hopefully they will not be deal breakers for anyone.

    1) Please be patient. I have work and school so I am not able to post every single day. I do my best to, but school and work is more important than a role play.
    2) I would love it if you are willing to double. I prefer to play females, but I will play male if you are willing to double or if you have a plot that is absolutely wonderful.
    3) Please be willing to talk to me. I love conversing with people and getting to know them. I feel that this improves the quality of the role play.
    4) Please contribute! I mean I am an idea factory, but if I am the only one putting in effort then it is no fun for anyone.
    5) If you are no longer enjoying the role play or if you want to drop please let me know.

    Side Notes:
    1) If we are to role play I enjoy using pictures for our characters. I ask that unless we are doing an anime based role play that we use real life people.
    2) If we are to double I like to give my partner the opportunity to express their personal tastes on how their "mate" looks. It is very hard to role play if you are not attracted to someone. I would love it if you gave me the same opportunity.


    The star means I have a plot or the beginning of one

    Death Note
    Once Upon a Time
    Harry Potter
    Avengers ( Loki x OC ) *
    X-men ( Agent Zero x OC ) *
    Spirited Away
    I, Frankenstein

    If there is a fandom you are interested in that is not listed please let me know!

    The star means I have a plot or the beginning of one


    King x Enemy Ruler's Sister*
    Mob Boss x Hostage*
    Mob Boss x Rival's Daughter
    Shogun's Daughter x Ronen*
    Princess x Assassin
    Princess x Ninja
    Pirate x Captive
    Warlock x Commoner
    Warlock x Witch
    Band Member x Fan
    Band member x Band Member
    Band Member x Non-fan*
    K-pop Idol x Manager's Daughter**
    Survivor x Survivor ( Plane Crash )
    Survivor x Survivor ( Zombie Apocalypse )
    Mononoke ( Humanoid Monster Ex. Man with fox ears and tail ) x Princess****
    Ninja x Captive***

    If there is a pairing that you would like to do that is not listed please let me know!

    Please Feel free to message me or post here! I look forward to role playing with you!

    P.S. I had the fandoms and pairings in spoiler tabs, but for some reason it showed several tabs when I only had two and I was unable to fix it. I apologize for this looking rather cluttered.
  2. I pick K and Princess.
  3. K as in the anime or do you mean K as in king?
  4. Where's the Shogun's Daughter x Ronen pairing from? The book of same name?
  5. No, I didn't really get the pairing from anything.
  6. I'd be intersted in Mononoke x Princess.
  7. Would you be willing to message me?
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