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  1. Emily Fenetre, president of student council, had gathered as many members as she could to talk about something really serious. If only she took it seriously….
    Emily took a big bite out of her chocolate cake. "On to business," she said, her voice slightly muffled due to the food in her mouth. "So, a bunch of kids are going missing, huh? Well," She tapped her chin. "An easy solution would be to keep them away from the forest by bribing them with food! Great idea, huh?" she questioned the rest of student council, taking another huge bite out of her cake. "Mmm….I just love chocolate…."
  2. Mordche sat in the very back of the room staring at the student council president. Mordche heard her plan of bribing the kids with food for they would stay away from the forest. Ms.President if I may. Mordche said as he stood up out of his chair. I think your food idea is a good idea, but some kids won't take the bribe. So I think we should set up a fence. A fence would cost less than buying a hole bunch of food and it will defiantly keep the kids out of the forest.
  3. Mr. Hugo was assigned to supervise the student council meeting. He stood in the corner with his hands crossed leaning against wall behind Emily. "Your right I'm not sure food is the answer," Mr. Hugo said with a laugh.
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  4. Emily blushed. "Okay, so food isn't the answer. What is, then?" she demanded hopelessly.
  5. Mr. Hugo stopped leaning against the wall. "Mordche you right, a fence would probably do," Hugo agreed getting a stack of papers from the table. "But we need to find out why these children are going to the forest," Hugo suggested.
  6. Fire walks around the school and sighs a bit, before heading to the room the others are in debating on what to do, expecting it to be an empty, quiet place for him to study. Noticing the others, His tail drops a little and he steps back nervously. "I-I'm sowwy, I thought that dis was a quiet prace to Study... My bad..." he looks around a little where he is, Japanese accent and nervousness evident.
  7. Bella was vary anxious as she walked down the halls of the high-school. Her secret love for politics has gotten the better of her. Bella was heading to the meeting room for the student council. She really wanted to watch them or even participate, but sadly she wasn't a member. Bella though was oblivious to this fact and was starting to cheer up as she came closer.

    Approaching the room she heard the sound of voices, she became excited and peeked inside seeing everyone setting there. And Mordche, oh Mordche. Bella had a another secret, she had a crush on Mordche and maybe another reason that she was there. "Hi everyone!" Bella yelled bursting into the room "Bella's here to safe the day from boredom" she grinned.
    Of course Bella would be here, her normal self loud and having to make an entrance. "Welcome Bella, please take a seat we need everyone we can get," Mr. Hugo addressed pointing to seat next to Mordche.

    Bella jumped into the air and clapped her hands together. "Thanks Mr. Hugo!" Bella thanked as she rushed to her seat next to Mordche. Bella never got to sit next to Mordche in class, he was cuter up close for sure.

  8. Mordche looks over at the girl who just sat next to him. "Hello Bella." Mordche said with a smile. Mordche then looked outside a nearby window, and thought to himself. Then it hit him. "It might be crazy but, why don't we send some of the people in here to the forest. You know, to find the kids that went missing and bring them back. I mean why not? Some of us has powers."
  9. Fire sits in thr corner, not really an official member but decided to try and study anyway. at the mention of sending them yo the forrest he quickly stands, speaking up. "You can't be serious!!! Sending students in where others are vanishing? I don't think thats really a sane idea." He slumps back down when he notices some looks. "CourseIdon'tknowmuchIguesspleasedon'tlookatme..."

  10. Tempest Carrington


    Tempest was floating through the schools halls, she knew that the Student Council had a meeting today but she was taking her sweet time. People would think it wierd that Tempest, the Head Cheerleader would be on the student council...she only joined because it would look good on her college applications. As Tempest floated into the room, she took her seat. She smirked at everyone in the room, giving a light wave to Bella. They weren't friends, but she was one of the lower level cheerleaders. "I think what we need to do, is go and start a search party or something. If students are all going missing, maybe we're next." She wiggled her fingers, making a boo sound and laughing.

  11. Mordche sighs. "Oh I'm serious fire. We can have a volunteer lists on who wants to be be apart of the search party. Like I said some of us have powers, so we will be able to take care of our self."
  12. Fire looks at him. "Yes, SOME of us." he sighs. "Look, if you are all so dead-set on going, I may as well go with. Couldn't hurt to have a fire breather with you. Save burning down the forrest that is..." Fire looks around the room, sighing. So few people. even if everyone in the room were to go, there'd still be a chance that they all would get, well, whatever had happened to all of the others, as well. "I urge you, reconsider. try to come up with a different strategy first. Don't take unneccesary Risks." He looks around the room, in the attire he had to be for classes, save the few things that show him as being a former prince. Hoping in part the others see it and thus take his opinion into account, he holds no actual power over any group of people anymore, and as thus the marks, to anyone that knows the inner details that he himself hasn't shared, would be meaningless.
  13. "Well I'm not sure my ability is do you any good," Bella said with a grin. She made a cat's paw gesture and winked. "But I would like to come too it will be fun!!" she yelled. Mordche was such good ideas, only if she did. She heard Tempest say hi and she waved to her. Tempest was the leader of the cheer squad, she was nice and you could say she envied her in a way.
  14. Lilliana walked into the sky with an open book. She was reading about the history of the school and it was quite interesting. With a soft smile she made her down halls and turned corners all while still reading. Finally, she stopped outside the Teacher Lounge and opened the door, walking in. She wasn't a teacher but she did have some pretty good connections to some.
  15. Yvonne Fenetre was running to the student council meeting. She entered without a sound and gasped, "Sorry I'm late, Emily."
    "It's fine!"
  16. Mordche looks at Bella. "I'm sure you will be a big help Bella." Mordche then looks at the president. "Why do you think Prez?"
  17. Fire looks around and sighs. "If you decide to go, please let me know. I probably shouldn't intrude any more, after all I'm not a member." He gets up, bows respectfully, and then starts heading for the door with his things.*
  18. "Oh don't go Fire, you can help us I'm sure you will be a great help," said Bella giving hima wink.
  19. He looks at her. "If you are sure, though this was a members meeting, I don't desire to intrude." he moves back over and sits again.
  20. Yvonne looked nervously around. "So, anything new?"
    "The candy prices went up," Emily said sadly. "That and students are disappearing. Dang to both....dang to both...."
    "Students going what?! This is serious!" Yvonne started scribbling frantically on her notepad. "We need to find out who's behind this!"
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