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  1. know that the person you're going to marry (if you're single) is out there somewhere, doing something right now?
    The person you're going to spend the rest of your life with could be grocery shopping, fighting with their parents, petting their dog.. and you'd never know?

    To know that all chosen actions and events are just leading up to the day you finally meet?

    I think it's a beautiful and mysterious thing to think about.
  2. I like to think of all the thing that prevent. Free will too: )
  3. I personally believe that there is someone out there for everyone, although I'd prefer to be single than in a relationship right now due to a past experience and personal reasons.

    There are 7 billion people in this world and it's hard to imagine anyone being 'forever alone'.
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  4. *Insert discussion starter about religious differences and muslim harems here*
  5. Not really, because it's unlikely I'll ever get married or think about getting married.

    I'm not a people person, and that's putting it extremely mildly.
  6. Honestly weather or not you get married isn't up to you
    Reading suggestions the blue avenger
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  7. I have social anxiety disorder, a mental condition characterized by intense dread towards and anxiety during almost any kind of social situation. Anonymous contact is fine with me (but my disorder still shows), but meeting people in person is almost completely out of the question except in very specific circumstances. I am tense, on edge, and nervous around people (absolutely anyone), can barely talk to them, and I hate even things like going to the store because it puts me around people
  8. Weird story....

    Two weeks before I met my husband my mom went for an oil change and came home talking about some chatty military guy who was waiting for his car while she was there. Exactly two weeks later, that chatty military guy just happened to be the brother of one of my friend's boyfriend, who they decided to set me up on a blind date with. It was supposed to be a one night stand sort of thing. We both like to say the night hasn't ended yet. lol

    Just goes to show, you never know what will happen. I grew up saying I'd never get married, or have kids. I've been married for 13 years, 14 on Groundhog's day next year, and have four kids.....
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  9. I don't plan to get married to soon anyways. For me, personally won't change nothing a piece of paper and a ring on my finger.
    Marriage tends to make things more complicated..

    Then again, I believe myself that Yes, there is Someone out there for everyone .. You just need to know how to Keep that person alongside you( or beside you ) xD.
  10. I hope that person like likes lazy, gaming guys. If not I feel bad for them.
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  11. I think about that sometimes, but in a different context. I'm already with the man I'm going to marry, but it is so weird how we look back on things and realize that we were both at this place at the same time and how his brother's wife was one of my teammates on a softball team, and both of our jersey numbers were the same as theirs at the time. Which is super weird. Mine was 45. His was 45. Hers was 18. His was 18.

    After Boyfriend and I had been dating for about three years, I was talking to his parents and they were talking about how (in 7th grade) they had come to a basketball game and had seen me playing. Boyfriend would be playing later that day on the boy's team so they were watching and Boyfriend pointed me out of the bunch and couldn't take his eyes off of me. Two years later is the first day of highschool and fate forces us to sit beside each other in the first class of the day. Math. His best. My worst. Funny how things work. From those days to today: 8 years later.

    Sorry for the terrible grammar and stunted sentences. I've gotten nostalgic and I don't really keep my English classes straight when I'm going down memory lane.
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  12. Unlikely for it to happen to me. I learned to live with that a long time ago.

    At least I can ensure the happiness of others and continue to pursue my own's life interests. If I meet someone through that, fantastic. If I don't, fantastic. Either way, life is but a dream.
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  13. Honestly though I don't know a thing about dating ive never really met any boys except one he flew from Florida to visit me in the hospital
    Thanks @QuestingForCheese
  14. Are you implying you plan on staying like that forever?
  15. I am of the belief that there are many people for everyone. It takes work to make things, well, work.
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  16. I've been in therapy for almost five years now.

    Guess how that's gone.
  17. I also hope they speak English, cause its my first language and I still can barely use it.
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  18. I love how people take fun/goofy/hypothetical threads and make it about their own disorders. Make your own thread for that stuff. :)
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  19. English is my second language we have so much not in common: )
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  20. I was answering someone with the reasoning behind my answer to the thread's topic. Please explain to me how I have "made this thread about my own disorder" or hijacked it any way, because you're coming off as rather condescending right now.
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