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  1. Welcome to Avalon young riders! Your Dragons have been chosen, Your magics selected. Now it is time to see what you can do with them! While you chose the eggs Your dragons have been waiting for you. They are just as old as you are, fully grown and ready to be flown! Best of luck to you and may the wind be ever at your back!
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    As Each student was dropped off at the central ring by carriages, horses and occasionally by foot if they didn't want to take one of the transport methods, They were dirrected to a small plinth that seemed to be pre chosen. on one side of the plinth was a dragon, seeming to be their dragon, the one from the egg they chose, and on the other side was a dome topped pillar with a strage symbol on it, most smart riders would recognize it as their chosen magical symbol. Standing in the centre of the ring was a Grizzled old man who looked to have been in more scraps than the newcomers had days on this earth, missing a eye, with a well tended beard of gray hair. He looked somewhat annoyed at having to do this, somewhat pleased about the entire thing. He was framed by possibly the largest, and most awe inspiring dragon there, The dragon itself looked even more battle worn than the old man, One of its teeth had been replaced by a metal version, clad in immense plates of armour it glared down at the newcomers, Clearly 'fully grown' was a relative term to dragons, who never stopped growing. Only when one decided to look round the edge was it clear the dragon was hanging off the side of the circle, far to large to even consider fitting on it. The Old man waited for everyone to arrive before speaking. "Good Evening Young ones."
    Old guy:


    His Dragon:



    James walked to his alloted pedestal He was still only up to the shoulders of his dragon who stood tall, almost proud of itself for just being there. When he stepped up it almost preened itself with pride. He wasn't the first to arrive, nor was he the last, he looked at it and sighed, Just his luck to get a proud dragon. it was however such a beautiful colour of purple with the rippling colour changes and seemingly ancient wisdom in its eyes. he was about to reach out to pet it when the old man spoke, His hand snapped down and his attention snapped on to the old man.
  2. Kona

    Kona nervously followed close behind James, splitting away from him when he moved to his pedestal, and moving past him to her own. She sat there, clad not in a dress, but a pair of cloth pants and a tunic, men's clothes. In truth she hated dresses, and only wore them to appease her mother and father. She nervously tapped her fingers together and stared at her feet, while her dragon merely cocked it''s head to the side and let a sort of prrrr. Kona did not look up at the dragon, and continued to stare at her feet. Her dragon shook it's neck and head in a sort of disappointed manouver, and turned to stare up at the larger dragon, letting out a small puff of icy air from it's nostrils, then staring down at the old man as he began to speak. When the old man did begin to speak, Kona jumped in surprise, then looked up, nervousness written all over her face. She even looked a bit queasy.
  3. Entering the arena...or ring like structure, whichever one would rather call it, as if studying the location, she has some sort of book, a tour guide by apperance. " food here..Seven." While it was unknown what the number ment it likely was a crtic score of some sort for the location, closing the book and placing it within a sachel on her belt, Elza gazes briefly at the old man and his massive dragon, he was of higher standing and at least some small amount of respect. "Hmph, you look like you been through hell Old timer, I look forward to learning from you." Hopefully with my eye intact..I rather age slowly. She thought but dared not say aloud.

    Looking around at the structure, with its various pillars and the like, it was a bit to take in. She however doesn't so much as give a glance to the others in the room. She was here for one thing, and one thing alone. Making way to what matched her own chosen marking, as she assumed, behind it was a rather large, albeit smaller dragon, that seemed as impressed with this area as she did. Before she can study it more however, or learn details to it, the symbol or anything else, the old man gives a greeting. As a good book says, if an expert is on hand let them be the guide..though she much rather explore herself.

    So far he seemed to be a rather large dragon, that was black, a type of green liqued seemed to run from its maw. Other than that, the dragon seemed to at times growl, or what passed for a quasi-growl roar, at others that stared at it, or oddly wasn't her. It seemed powerful if a bit lazy and down looking upon others. "Hmph."
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  4. Sera stepped out of the carriage, mildly amused by the novelty of riding in one for the first time. Where she was from, carriages were for the rich, powerful and important. I suppose this means I'm important now too. I better not let it go to my head. She smiled, marveling at the many pedestals and the dragons that waited by them. The white one caught her eye in particular. She assumed it was the same one she had chosen since it shared the same beautiful ivory color as its egg. Walking towards the pedestal adjacent to it, she caught it's eye and nodded in greeting. The dragon simply stared, blinking once, but not as any kind of perceivable communication.

    She looked around and noticed the girl at the next pedestal over was very uneasy. “Hey, it's gonna be alright.” Sera finished with a friendly smile. Everything will be alright. Soon, I will take my first steps in achieving my wildest dreams. She stepped into the magic circle, unsure of what would happen but eager and determined to go through it.
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  5. [BCOLOR=transparent]Midas[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Midas stopped the doorway to the structure, his hooded cowl shading half of his face, his mask blocking the other half. It seemed like most had taken carriages to the arena, Midas had been offered to ride in one, but he had declined, he rather enjoyed walking anyways. He stood back and examined the other new arrivals as the approached their assigned plinths, documenting their chosen dragons and sigils. He was curious as to what types of sigils they were and what the student who picked it would get. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He then pushed his hood off of his head as he was directed to his own plinth and what he assumed to be his dragon. Once there, Midas looked over his dragon, which was now staring directly at him with it’s piercing, crimson eyes. It stood hunched rather low to the ground with it’s tail resting on the ground in front of it’s body. Never having seen a dragon, Midas was excited to be here to learn all about them, and especially have one of his own. He was rather glad to have a dragon like this, judging by it’s appearance, I was a lot like him. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Midas then heard the old man speak, he turned his attention towards him, not wanting to disrespect the man, and waited for further institution.[/BCOLOR]
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  6. Zachary Walked fourth from the carriage and towards the pedestal assigned to him, his dragon well over his height. His dragon decided to have neutral feelings. The antlers of the dragon were 1/4 the size of the dragon. The tail swaying behind itself. Zak however was rather amused. Being overly excited cause this was his dream. He tried to show it as little as possible. He blinked at the old guy. His dragon sighed at Zak. Zak was also tired since he hadn't slept the day before. 'I guess he's one of my obstacles to be the greatest dragon tamer' Zak thought to himself.
  7. "I am glad to see those of you that made it arn't scared of the dragons, or atleast can put that fear behind you" The old man stated as he walked forward in to the center of the circle. when he moved forward it became clear he wasn't just battle worn but he was massive, at-least six and a half foot and built like a bear. "Welcome to Avalon, It is here you will start your formal training. Though I warn you now: From here on out there are no safety nets, No second chances. You blow your arm off, you will spend the rest of your life with out a arm. Drive your dragon to hate you, you will spend your life with a dragon who wants you dead." He gave them a grim smile. "This has its bonuses however, We will not stop you from doing anything, should you want to take your dragon and fly as far as you can away from here, you may. should you wish to explore the darkest depths of forbidden magic, we shall not stop you. Those of us here who are fully fledged Riders are here for two reasons, To rest, and to teach you. There will be no pre-set lessons, only questions and answers, only demonstrations and training." He looked around at everyone and then drew from his back a immense sword, though while it looked to be ceremonial the way the edge caught the light it was clear that there was a good possibility it could take a limb or head off. He set the blade point down in the center of the circle, and for the first time for everyone they noticed the huge magical symbol engraved in the floor. "Once you take up this mantel you forgo all that you were, Your family, your heritage, your titles that which they be, any claim you had on the land. There will be no Dragon Rider Kings, Nor any Dragon Rider Farmers. You will be Riders, your life and all that makes it will be your duties. Those of you that leave this ring Riders will leave as equals, you will have no support from home." He took a pause and waited for a few seconds. "This is your last chance, If you think that what we ask is to great, then you may leave, and non will think ill of you. If you stay, you will shed your surname and take up a new one, the name given to you in time will come to represent who you are and your standing in the order. And you will become Dragon Riders." He then waited for what seemed like a eternity for the new riders under his baleful one eyed gaze. His dragon seemed to shift a little, changing its gaze to glare down upon those who stood before it, as if judging them.

    "Very well..." The old man spun the blade round and held it straight up and his dragon raised a immense claw and gently dragged it over the blade, slicing the claw open and dribbling a small splatter of ichor down it "We shall Begin." He then spun the blade down and put it point down on the floor again before pushing it down and letting it slide in to the small slot at the centre of the circle, There was a series of clicks and a set of blades folded out on the handle, cutting the old mans palm and causing his blood to run down it and mix with the dragons before dripping on to the stone circle. "Place your hand upon your chosen sigil." The old man said as he made a careful motion over his cut hand to seal the wound while repeating the pattern for his dragons wound. "You have chosen to become riders, and have agreed to pay the price. Now you will Receive the first of your gifts. And pay the first price." As the mingling blood reached the ciricle it blazed in to life every colour of the rainbow streaming from it in solid sheets, blocking the view of everyone from everything except their dragon and the post they were supposed to place their hand upon. The posts started to glow a single solid colour, the colour of the chosen sigil, Suddenly unable to remove their hands from the post each Rider-to-be suffered a searing, burning pain as their sigils were burnt in to their palm, yet the pain was not on their hand, but rather in their heat as the same sigil was branded upon their very soul.

    The sheets of rainbow light starting to fade The old man was grinning "I'm sure one of you screamed. bunch of wusses." He said, seeming to be less serious now that the first trail was passed. "Your magic is now given unto you, yet you cannot use it still." He said and turned around, His dragon had moved, it was sitting on the oposite side from where it had been before, and the path the Young Riders had arrived from was gone, where the dragon had been was a path leading to a gap in the roots of the immense tree that hung over them. He turned about and strode off down the path, his dragon let out a huffing noise encouraging them to follow.



    Magic Circle:


    Entire Tree (and most of the Isle Of Avalon)


    Part where the Riders Are (And a boat for scale comparison. They are Under the arching root on the right hand side)


    ((Notes: The Riders cannot talk to their dragons yet, nor does their magic work. almost done with the set pieces guys)


    James listend with intent curiosity to the old man as he spoke almost hanging on every word, but he did his best to seem only just interested, and probably pulled it off. he liked the prospect of only learning what he had to learn and being able to take days off whenever he wanted. it also seemed however that they were to be judged from the word go, that sounded harsh. Though he didn't care about paying any price, he wanted to achieve all that he could with the least effort.

    He followed the instructions to place his palm on the dome, though he was already using it to balance himself, he more positioned it correctly rather than actually putting it on the thing. His other hand was on his dragons side, the moment the light sprung up he closed his eyes, even though he could still see it perfectly through his eyelids this was strange. Then the burning started, he winced but didn't scream, He couldn't hear the others from the rushing sound of the magic. When the pain stopped he opened one eye, the magic had stopped flashing long ago, then he opened the other trying not to look to worse for wear. Then the old man spoke again before walking away. James jumped off his plinth and jogged after him, he didn't care how eager he seemed, this was looking better and better.
    Ibis followed James, Right behind him, his head hanging over james's head as they walked preventing anyone from following directly behind.
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  8. Kona

    A billion thoughts fluttered through her head as the rider's words were spoken:

    "This is your last chance, If you think that what we ask is to great, then you may leave, and non will think ill of you. If you stay, you will shed your surname and take up a new one, the name given to you in time will come to represent who you are and your standing in the order. And you will become Dragon Riders."

    Do I even belong here? This was a mistake, a fluke. I didn't want to be a rider, I just wanted to settle down and live life peacefully, follow in my family's footsteps.... but now they tell me i'll never be able to return home? Even my surname will be cast off? Is this why father looked so sad as I left?

    Before she had left, just before she had stepped into the carriage, her father had stopped her.
    "Kona, just one minute before you go."
    "Yes Father?"
    "The Path you tread is different then the one I would have liked you to have, but all the same, go with my blessing daughter, and know that you are loved, no matter what choices you make."

    And then her father had told her to get in the carriage, and like an obedient daughter, she had done so.

    Kona looked up at her dragon as the ceremony continued, the dragon was eyeing her, as if to say:

    Our destinies are entwined now. Leaving was an option that was lost the moment you touched my egg.

    Kona quietly accepted the unspoken words. While her dragon had not spoken, she knew that if it could communicate with her that is what it would say. She silently did as she was told, and placed her hand upon the sigil, a searing pain ripping into her hand as she felt her flesh literally burning, some kind of emblem being seared into her skin, nay, not her skin, her very soul. She stood shakily from where she had knelt to touch the sigil, moving forward. She had never felt any sort of pain like that in her life, it made her want to bouble over and vomit, yet somehow, she found the strength not to and moved forward, following the man down the path, utilizing her dragon as some kind of support as it followed the man, and she stayed close to it. The light that it gave off, even in the sun, was comforting, and she took it in, the beauty of her dragon. For it truly was beautiful, and it seemed to realize that Kona was gawking, as it gently snaked it's neck back and nudged forward so that she was forced in front of it, instead of leaning on it's side as the walked on.
  9. Midas

    Midas didn’t have much of an objection to the terms of becoming a rider, he had no family, a drifter so he didn’t have any land to return to, this was perfect, no restriction plus magic and a dragon, who could say no. He reached out to touch the post, not hesitating for a second. It felt cool to the touch at first but that was suddenly replaced with a sharp pain as a bright light surrounded him, it felt like someone was sticking needles through his hand. He was startled by the pain at first, but it was gone before it became too unbearable. The light faded, his hand lingering on the post, which was still just a bit warm. He lifted his hand, examining the mark left on his palm.

    Too late to go back now… he thought to himself. He then quickly glanced up to see his dragon’s deep, crimson eyes. It had moved closer to him, and was now directly in front of him a soft, nearly unnoticeable clicking noise coming from it’s chest, it’s once cautious and wary gaze now more curious and trusting.

    “I guess that means you’re stuck with me for awhile.” Midas said in in a hushed voice, his words being muffled slightly by his mask. His dragon tilted its head slightly to the side. Midas was going to say something when he realized that the others were leaving their places. He quickly turned to see the old man leading the group to the next area, then stepped down and caught up with the others. His dragon hesitating for a moment, before following him, walking along side him, glancing between the other dragons and riders. Midas observed his dragon as he walked, studying its movements carefully, and getting past the excitement of having a dragon.
  10. Zachary

    This is what I want. Isn't it? he thought. Then without second thought he thrust his left hand onto the sigil. The burning pain rushed up his arm, into his heart, and very soul. This is nothing! he thought, I've already been through worse than this Slowly the pain faded, and he was left with the mark on his skin.

    Zak's dragon nuzzled his back, and she gave him a push "what was that for" he then noticed the group leaving "oh" he chuckled. He jumped from his podium and started to run his long legs carrying him to catch up with the others. If I made it this far, I can already tell my fate is going to change. Zak thought with a smile. Looking around he realized how different each dragon was. There was one thing he thought So Cool!!! He didn't dare speak aloud. He just continued to walk, his dragon pacing herself not to go to fast or to slow.
  11. Heh Oaths are only worth as much as you are willing to make them be, old man. Her Eldest brother had proven that all to clearly once, the name was the only thing to give her pause, but then she remembered the mans other words. They were only here to watch, she could just take the dragon and leave once this all was done. And there was nothing to prevent her from treating this name as an alias for use in offical documents, but she also knew there was no point bringing that up, so far her family had produced one traitor, and one rider killed in action. Was no point getting the man worked up on which she would be, if either.

    Though this was all becoming a pain, her siblings never shared any of this pact information with her, likely some oath or stipulation..likely the oath is easy to break, a stipulation not so much.. Regardless it was all curious. Placing her hand upon the stone, she decides to remember the old mans case there was more to this deal that wasn't in her favor.. Thinking like dear old brother now aren't you huh? A voice calls out from her mind, shaking her head she allows the ritual to continue. As the pain shoots through her body, she remains there fixed like a stone. Gazing forward, there were commoners here, she would not allow herself to look weak, and inspite of the old mans words they were still commoners as far as she was concerned. Swallowing her pain, soon it quickly passes, exhaling deeply, she gazes towards her dragon, then the old man, it seemed there was more to be had with this madness.

    Motioning for the dragon to follow she pauses, when it does move. "You want to stay up here in this hot dry place? Very well, I was going to find a meal for you and some place more suitable to your comfort, but if thats what you want.." Walking onwards, the Dragon huffs, then stands, following in tow.

    Dripping bits of Acid as it walked, the beast seemed as hardheaded as her. Though equally as reasonable.
  12. As they were lead along the path and in to the heart of the tree the old man turned round. "If you have any questions about what has, or is about to transpire I suggest you ask them now." He said as he walked. Deeper and deeper in to the heart of the tree he walked. Answering any questions that came his way.

    Midas: "Where exactly do the riders sleep? Do they have designated houses or something?"
    The old man chuckled a little. "Aye laddie, There are small 'caves' in the tree, all ya haf to do is find one that isn't claimed." He then paused. "mind ya. Ah think most of the low ones are claimed. ya'll hav ta fly preeety high. not that it gets all tha cold round Avalon."
    "Why the name changes? One should be prepaired to punish their own blood, would prevent me from having my own family in the long run."
    He smiled "As a rider lassie, You forgo family. Riders live longer than mortals, ya life matches that of ye dragon. So ta stop nobles from living longer tha' kings we canne let ya remain who ya were." He then paused and looked her over. "Hoestly lass? I canne see any lad wanting family with ya. but ye can have family later down the line, albeit they would live here on Avalon. and ye kiddo would nay be allowed to become a rider. he'd be trained here as a craftsman." He explained, though he winked at her to show he was teasing about his comment on her looks.
    ((If your characters have any questions, ask them in the OOC as your characters would, I will write the responses in here, a mini-Colab with everyone, I'll give everyone 24 hours or so. Exept the 1 person who has told me why she won't be posting for a while. ))

    Questions answered and hopefully curiosities sated for a time. The walk progressed, wending its way deep in to the tree, the path turning from stone to wood, and the air growing warmer and somewhat damper. the path grew dark for a time, before illumination returned, though not from torches or from the sun, but rather the soft illumination of glowing plants and softly flashing fireflies. The air here held a depth unknown to most, it felt more sacred than any shrine, and yet far more feral than any place built by man. "You now enter a place known to only riders. Should you mention it to outsiders your magic will consume you, body, mind and soul." The old man warned. They came to what seemed a dead end, they were deep in the tree at this point and god knew how far under ground. After a moment or two the Old Rider placed his palm upon the dead end and it seemed to fade away as if it had never been there. Walking onwards the Young Riders were lead out on to a immense walkway that spiraled round the edge of a immense 'room' to use the loosest sense of the word, Here, Within the tree was a small forest. maybe 300 meters across. water poured in through gaps in the tree trunk, while others showed earth or rock. and still, the only light was from glowing flowers and flickering bugs. The old man continued the walk along the spiraling walkway. "This, Is the Grove of Gaia. Made by the world itself to provide Sanctum for the mother of dragons." The old man now spoke in somewhat hushed tones, as if fearing to disrupt the air. Onwards they walked down to the floor where the Old Rider's dragon awaited them, seeming to have been there for Aeons, leaves running over its hide, even a small sapling grown up between its claws and vines covering one side of its hide. It opened one eye at the aspirants and once again subjected them to its baleful, judging gaze. its eyes lingered upon Elza a little longer, almost as if it knew something she didn't. once they passed it closed its eyes again, seeming content to wait for their return.

    The Old Rider stopped before the edge of the trees and turned to face them. "This place, Is not only the heart of our order, but the resting place of all Riders, Renegade or not. The only ones who are not lain here are those who's magic consumed them, or whos bodies we could not recover. The next time you return here, Will be to be lain to rest. Treat it with the Respect it Deserves." It seemed that from the light hearted and smiling guide he'd returned to the pragmatic and warning teacher. Leading them onwards through the forest, it seemed that every tree had a name carved on it, though the closer they got to wherever they were headed the less trees appeared. "the higher in the order you are, the closer you are planted. Well.....Traitors are drowned in the pool and their bodies left for Her to see to." The old man explained. Eventually he reached a point and stopped, "You walk from here alone, The path is simple, you walk to the waters edge, and then you bow on one knee. only look up when told to do so. What is said here is for no one but yourselves."

    Once the Young riders had walked in to the small grove it became clear that this was both the crux and fulcrum of the entire area, no bugs flew, no flowers intruded in the area, no fallen leaves were hanging around, nothing dared come close to the pool, and at the bottom of it sat bones, dragon skulls alongside human ones. Yet the strangest thing about the pool, which was perfectly still, was that not the forest was reflected in it, but the stars, the sun, the moon and earth itself. as if gazed upon from a great distance.

    When all the riders were on one knee, and the dragons lain beside them, heads bowed. the sound of a single drop of water hitting the pool interrupted silence of the grove and a sweet voice spoke forth.
    "You may look my children." and floating over the pool, which now reflected nothing but inky darkness, was a woman, though that word was utterly wrong, she was both more than any woman could ever be, and far less than any should. She was by definition a godess, in all senses. she captivated not only the eyes but the mind and heart. Her wings were spread, and her tail hung below her. for she had the wings and tail of a dragon.
    "I am The Dragon Mother, and you are all my children. Dragons, and their partners. Now I shall grant upon you my gift, the ability for your dragons to talk with Riders." She floated down and touched down on to the surface of the water, yet no ripples occured. Her wings folded and she smiled at them, showing dragon like teeth. All the Riders found themselves spellbound to silence.
    "But first, Because I like you. I shall share some insights with you each. Do not speak of these to any others."
    Each time she spoke told the riders her 'insights' her voice seemed to carry such weight that they knew what was said to be true. The words of a Goddess, uttered with nothing but pure kindness and warmth behind them. Yet each revelation seemed to hold both and dark.
    She walked forward First towards Kona, Leaning forwards She whispered in her ear
    "Your parents would be proud of everything you will achieve. but they will not live to see it." She stepped back and waited a moment to see the girls reaction before touching her dragons forehead, a flash of light and inside Kona's head she could hear her dragons voice.
    Next came James
    "Your bow will serve you well. But your Father will, in time, disapprove of your use of it." Once again, she waited for his reaction before touching the dragons forhead and linking the dragon and its rider.
    Then it was Zachary's turn.
    "Your Father Sacrificed his Dragon for you. He made the right choice." Step back, Observe again and then Linking dragon to rider.
    Midas came after.
    "In time, Your wealth will come not from money or power, But from your friends. However you must first open up to them. All things have a price." Afterwards she observed him, and then linked him and the dragon, for Midas this would feel almost invasive as the dragon could see all of him, no lies, no stories.
    Kara was next.
    "Your Destiny lies not with Justice or War. But yet it shines with Glory and Recognition. Do not let your Past ruin that." This time the Mother Of Dragons watched the girls face closely before stepping back and linking Dragon to Rider.
    Finally came Elza almost as if the Mother was testing her, putting her after those that the girl would consider 'beneath' her.
    "Your brothers bones Lie in this pool. Do not join them for something as petty as Family Standing. You have a bright future, brighter than any of your blood." Her final 'insight' delivered. And her Final Link made the Mother of Dragons smiled at them all once again.
    "You all have great destinies ahead of you, and all are important in what is to come. but for now, focus on becoming the best that you can. Trust your dragons, and one another. May the Winds be at your backs my children." And with that final blessing she folded her wings about her and disappeared from view.
    The spell remained for a moment longer and was only broken when The gruff voice of the Old Rider from behind them spoke out.
    "Well, She likes you don't she!" He said and gestured for them all to head back the way they came. He only stopped ushering them along when they reached the sunlit exit of the tunnel. with that sealed behind them it seemed all that happened within the ancient tree and grotto was a dream.

    ((To those not included in the Insights. I will edit you in ONCE you have posted. untill a time, just leave some space in one of your posts to edit in a reaction. That was the last set piece. Everyone can post their reactions and such, Then I'll do James's and everyone is free to go explore Avalon and who's there! I'll play any NPC's needed, just Tag me in any post you want someone to respond to.))

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  13. Kona

    The place had awed Kona, and she had remained silent, even her dragon, who had walked along with a self important stride, had been humbled by the sight of the place before her. She did as she was instructed and took a knee at the waters edge, and when bid looked up to see the most awe inspiring sight yet, the woman who had named herself their mother, as they were all now riders. She spoke of revelations, and the first one to have something revealed was Kona.

    "Your parents would be proud of everything you will achieve. but they will not live to see it."

    The words made Kona's stomach drop. The words made her believe that she was destined for great things, and she knew that one day that she would outlive her parents, but were all of her accomplishments destined to come to her after her parents deaths? The revelation had left far more questions then Kona had answers. She found herself wanting to know how her parents were, but since her hometown was so many miles away, and Kona had not yet learned even the basics of dragon riding, that knowledge was out of her grasp. She waited in respectful silence for the dragon mother to be finished speaking, then stood and left with the old man along with her dragon. As she walked along, she found an immediate urge to run back to her parents, to tell them of the prediction, but felt that she should not. It was as if telling others the small insight into the future would have been wrong and she could not find it within herself to do wrong by that... goddess, residing within the tree.

    "Quite right little one."

    A surprisingly male voice came rebounding over the link she had with her dragon.

    "What the goddess said was sacred, we must not violate her trust by speaking of it to others."

    She looked up at her dragon warily and frowned.

    "What of my mother and father though? Should I just forget what she said? She has left me with more questions then resolution."

    A chuckle was heard through the link with her dragon, one that Kona was surprised the dragon was capable of.

    "Perhaps that is what the goddess meant to inflict upon you little one."

    That happy thought in mind, Kona continued to follow the elder dragon rider out of the tree.

  14. Zachary

    Zak listened in with intent, wondering what the dragon mother was going to say, he saw the dragon whisper in each ear then it came to him.
    "Your Father Sacrificed his Dragon for you. He made the right choice."
    His eyes widened, tears flooded down his face. "What? why am I crying?" He was confused. "I should be happy shouldn't I?" he whispered to himself.
    "In time you'll understand these feelings" a female voice rang in his ears.
    It was his dragon. Soon he rubbed his eyes so nobody would notice, he checked everyone was to busy paying attention to the dragon mother. "Well it's nice to actually get to hear your voice, Eliade" "I am pleased to speak with you as well, we ca talk later for now pay attention" she said much too like a mother "Fine" Zak smiled as he looked back to the old man. "Well, she likes ya don't she" the old man said shoeing them out.
  15. Sera was saddened to hear she would have to give up her father's name. So that's why he looked so disappointed when I agreed to be a Rider. She sighed and smiled bittersweetly to herself. Even if I can never be a Seraphine, I will always have the nickname you gave me, father; I will always be Sera. Following the Old Rider's instructions, she placed her hand on the pillar. She clenched her eyes once the pain started, grimaced, then hissed through clenched teeth and finally groaned as the pain grew. Right at the crescendo, a flash of a terrible memory flashed through her mind when some small, distant part of her mind remembered where she had felt this kind of pain, this burning, before.

    And then it was gone, the pain and the memory were past. She distantly recalled the Old Rider saying something, but she couldn't remember. Did I black out? How long was I out? Did I scream? I think I may have, I can't tell. Dazed by the experience, she shakily followed along, briefly wiping her face of tears? She looked around, hoped nobody had seen her like that: weak and vulnerable. There was no telling who had seen, save for the unblinking gaze of her ivory dragon.

    The Old Rider ushered them into the grove and left them to be linked, dragon to rider. The Dragon Mother appeared in all her glory. Sera stared, awestruck. When the Dragon Mother came to Sera she noted that the being did not address her by her chosen name, but rather by her birth name. Though she didn't say it overtly in their mental link, the subtle undertones gave it away, faint whispers only she could hear in the background.

    "Your Destiny lies not with Justice or War. But yet it shines with Glory and Recognition. Do not let your Past ruin that." What...? Sera's face furrowed in confusion and distress, unable to fully process the Goddess' words. The ceremony finished and the riders were linked to their dragons and Sera was still confused. I won't be a knight? No, that can't be. However, by the time Sera left the cave, she had convinced herself the Dragon Mother was wrong. I will become a great knight. It was what I was meant to become. It is what I want to become, destiny be damned. Her dragon followed, his eyes never breaking their gaze upon her.
  16. Is this even real... [BCOLOR=transparent]Midas thought to himself as the Mother spoke to the riders. He didn’t have much time to contemplate the subject before the Mother spoke to him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"In time, Your wealth will come not from money or power, But from your friends. However you must first open up to them. All things have a price." [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]This was not what he was expecting. Then again, what should he had expected, everything to go exactly how he wanted it to? Things are never that simple. He felt like he was being watched from every angle, judged by everyone. Yet it was only one who was judging him at the moment, and it was the worst feeling he had ever felt. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“And thus the walls come crashing down…” a deep voice echoed mockingly in his mind. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Midas felt a cold chill run down his spine as he stood from his kneeling position and looked his dragon his eyes, it was suddenly the most treating gaze he had ever seen. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I take it you know everything now…” Midas replied.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Indeed, Rider, I know all of your dreams, secrets, hopes….fears….” the dragon’s voice sounded dark and knowledgeable, “Such dark thoughts, what if they were to find out? What would they do? Will you still be accepted or would they look at you with malice and disgust?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“And, it’s not about what they think, I can deal with them later. What about you? You know my mind, you know what I desire, so what will you do about it?” [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“What can I do? As you had said, I am stuck with you am I not? I am not human, nor do I care about what they find acceptable. To me, your fears seem trivial and believe that you are simply too cowardly and worrisome.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The dragon’s words brought Midas’ fears to rest for the moment, it seems like he had no choice but to put his faith in the honesty of his dragon.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Well thanks for calling me a coward...…Hey wait a minute, aren't you the one who was on edge throughout that entire introduction ceremony?”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Caution and cowardice are different things, Rider.” the dragon refuted.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Spoken like a true coward.”[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Midas said with a light chuckle.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Midas then quickly caught up with the group once more, his dragon following behind. With a bit of his confidence back, Midas once again found himself eager to continue. He wanted to begin his training as soon as possible.[/BCOLOR]
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  17. Pausing at the old mans words, it seemed some of her family and why they never talked about what had happend here made sense..though it had dashed her reasons for even acceapting, a bit devistated from that point on, she hides it rather well. Elza did have one final question, one she did not dare ask yet, however,.. How did my Sister Die?

    Upon hearing and seeing the events with the Dragon Mother, she does briefly stir upon hearing the womans procilimation. Yet one more thing taken?.. He was hers to he couldn't be dead, Dragon Mother or whatever that it she was, what did that leave Elza with? A first name?..a Dragon? What of restoring her Family name..what of vengence.

    Rather than paying more attention to this..Elza just grabs her guide book and begins looking through it. Before she knows it, shes outside, with her dragon at her back breathing heavily, all seemed calm and as it should be.

    Thats when a voice enters her mind. "Ojou-Sama, you can still have a family later, and you have me around, tch. You seemed stronger than the Rest, though having your dreams dashed..and what you found most important torn master borders on wrath..ah...Avarian Marshes..I heard of this place.." Peering his massive head over, the dragon seemed interested in her book. "Hmmp...I don't care for this food..more of when it is spoiled, but that landscape suits me."

    Looking up at her Dragon, it was the one thing she had.. "Hmph, I will keep that in mind. Tell me Dragon, what is your name?"

    Blinking at her it backs away slightly to lay down. "I am I. I have no name." It says in simple reply, trurly it did not have such. Or knew the importance of it.

    "Hmph, then you can have my old last surname. It would fit our family song, well unless that is also decided..I have to say, I hope no more of our family for at least this Generation reaches this cursed place..we have lost half our family to this damnable tree.." Closing the book, she waits to see whats in store next for the group. "..and so my large friend, what is it we fight for now?"

    Snorting a bit the dragon does what seems to be a yawn for his kind. "We fight as we must..what more reason need their be?"
  18. James followed along, He had few questions, and non that needed answering, right now he was considering what his sigil ment and how it would impact him. Then he remembered the dragon, he paused to look it over, letting the others walk ahead as he examined its eyes, teeth even pausing to poke at its horns. This got him a snout shove to the chest as a reminder to keep walking.

    As they entered the massive forest containing room James stopped, again, to look over it. He felt the urge to try and get his dragon to fly over it with him riding Him(?) Her(?), it, to be almost overwhelming. he'd now fallen to the very back of the group and had to rush to catch up, His dragon snorted in amusement.

    Once again he hung on every word, and yet did his best to appear as if he didn't care. listening to the old rider he nodded and walked in to the grove.

    "Your bow will serve you well. But your Father will, in time, disapprove of your use of it."
    What the hell did that mean? He knew his father disapproved of mindless killing and the use of his weapons for nothing more than mowing down the helpless, but surely James would do nothing of the sort. He then paused to consider it. Maybe he'd be forced to do so for the greater good, or maybe he would have no idea of the cost at the time....
    His thaught train was inturpted as a voice entered his head, the voice itself was all at once young and anciently wise.
    "Time....yes, in time it will become clear, However for now. we should be off." James glanced at his dragon, His....Female? dragon. he shook his head and then smiled
    So....we can talk with our minds?
    yes, we can however you can talk to others dragons with voice, and they can talk back.
    Care to illuminate me on what was going on with the mother of dragons? James asked as they were lead back in to the sunlight.
    If I need to. I will.
    James laughed softly before looking to the old man, who'd started to speak again.


    "'Ight ya bunch of lay a'boots. Off with ya. go find someone else to bother, Me and Timat have other things to attend ta!" he said and waved them off. turning around he clambered atop his dragon, who'd just landed behind them all, coming from somewhere above their heads. "There's enouh' people and riders round 'ere for ya all to have any questions answered!" And with that rather gruff commentary he took off, though he did pause before leaving fully "Oh! And may Ta wind be at Ya backs!" he yelled before pausing and then laughing "Oh. and ya ment to say 'and may ta sun be at yours!' back ya bunch of eejits!" and with that final parting 'insult' he left.
  19. It was all beautiful and elaborate; the area the carriage brought him to, I mean. Truly, any in his family would have spent an hour simply analyzing the architecture and elegance of the whole island--but Li wasn't a snob, a damnable "Prince-type", curse them all, nor was he all too cultured. No doubt, he appreciated things of beauty. If you asked his opinion, he'd tell you wholeheartedly that it was amazing or breathtaking, but he wasn't going to go into detail or overboard praising everything or overreacting to it all. It was rather astonishing, and that was that; he didn't need to say anymore. The picture was got.

    Stepping out of the transport and waltzing on down to his designated pedestal, Li spent a variable amount of time simply examining surroundings. First was his pedestal; briefly. Next was the gruff, scarred old man that he didn't spend too much time staring at, mainly out of fear that he would start getting nagged for some reason. He gave off a similar vibe to his father--which more or less meant nagging. After that, his gaze moved up to the man's dragon which towered over most else, gaining a whistle from the not noble-like noble. Finally, he turned back to look at what apparently was his dragon. The dragon in question towered over him, not that he wasn't expecting that, but it wasn't really intimidating. The ebony-scaled dragon appeared rather docile where it lay next to him. Something different about it, well, aside from the glowing green horns and star-strewn wings, it was one of the few, if any, to not really have arms. It appeared to simply curl the tips of its wings inward and crawling on them when it needed to. Unlike Li, who seemed at least a bit interested with the place, his dragon seemed rather uncaring about it; sleepy even.

    Shortly after his peers began gathering, the old man started speaking again, warning them about several things and pretty much providing what could be considered orientation. While the spiel started out as rather self-explanatory and gave Li some incentive to zone out, which his dragon had already seemingly started to do, the gruff geezer moved onto something that was of interest to Li.

    Forgoing everything? Family, friends and name? Li could care less about status, but what about people he cared about? That was the only reason he was doing this; for the sake of his family. Then again--he'd still be known as a member of the family that went on to become a dragon rider, ergo still improving the name even if he didn't hold it anymore. And even if he, in the eyes of society or anything else, wouldn't be considered a member of his family--well, they'd always be family to him, even if it wasn't officially.

    After a brief moment of actually making the skirt-chaser think, damn you old man, Li proceeded with the act of stepping over to his chosen insignia and placing his hand in it with his dragon in tow.

    This totally isn't strange at all... He thought. You couldn't blame him. He was putting his hand on a symbol with blood and dragon--fluids. He didn't know what to call that. Was it blood?

    Regardless, soon the searing pain stormed into his body, effectively taking him by surprise and producing a long-winded growl of pain, ripping his hand from the spot and grabbing his chest in some attempt to quell the pain. Exhaling audibly for a bit, he mentioned something about needing a glass of wine before the pained students were rounded up once again and lead by the old man into some kind of grove--or graveyard as it could also be titled.

    Apparently, Li would be buried here, eventually. Because that's something he wants to hear about in the beginning. So far, the old man had told them they could get an arm blown off and where they would be buried--this wasn't a very upbeat atmosphere.

    Still, he explained that relatively quickly and then presented to the riders a path that only they would take with their dragons. They were told to kneel and not look up until told to do so. A bit eerie, in all honesty, but what the heck? Surely it wouldn't be possible to get killed or an arm blown off this early in the game or in such a serene place as this, right?

    Making the walk with his dragon that, still through this entire time, seemed rather disinterested with the whole event, Li reached the spot of tranquility and, after assuming that this is where he was supposed to stop, knelt down and awaited, then going through the process the rest of the group did, leaving as they did as well.

    Blinking a few moments as they were shut out, feeling almost as if none of that had even happened, Li shook his head a bit and looked to his dragon. Pausing a moment, he tilted his head slightly with a look of mild interest as the two stared at each other. Slowly reaching a hand out towards the beast's head, suddenly it spoke.

    "...What are you doing...?" It questioned in a deep, gravelly voice, causing Li to recoil a bit in surprise before moving the hand to scratch the back of his head awkwardly.

    "A-Ah... So you can talk... Just was wondering if I was... if I was missing something..." He admitted.

    "...I am akin to you. I do not do things less I see a point to doing them." It replied, gaining a nod from Li, who then looked around to several other riders who were--just staring at their dragons.

    "Can you tell me what they're doing...?" He asked.

    "They are communicating via telepathy. We are as well capable of speaking to each other in such a manner, however I prefer to converse normally... It is too much work." The dragon replied once again. This time, Li grinned to his new partner.

    "I think we're going to get along great." Truly, the two were an excellent match for each other.

    Still, they had time to screw around now, but they needed to choose wisely. They were partners now. They could train or study or even explore. Or...

    Looking to each other, the man and dragon nodded in understanding of each other with a unified word of answer to the question.

    "A nap."
    "A nap."

    "Let's go find one of those caves, buddy! Oh, what should I call you?" Li questioned. He had to have some kind of a name.

    "I have no such thing. Call me as you wish." The dragon's reply at least made things easier. But what to name him--Something simple should be fine; something like his own name.

    "Then... what about... Hei? Definitely suits you. Simple. Now, let's go find one of these caves. Take a nice nap and then maybe... introduce ourselves to some of the lovely young ladies around here..." Grasping his chin in consideration, Li held a snicker and grin that fully betrayed his intentions, glancing around at the various women, particularly Sera and Elza, mainly as they were the eldest of the women there.
  20. [BCOLOR=transparent]Midas watched as the old man flew off, “Well I guess that’s all the help we’re getting for him…” Midas said to himself. He glanced at the sigil on his palm before looking up at his dragon. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“So, I’ve been thinking…”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I choose Zalaph”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Please just humor me and at least pretend you aren’t aware of everything I think of. It’s just a bit unsettling for me.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Very well.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Anyways, I’ve been thinking on what I should call you, how do you like Itzal, Than, or...”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I enjoy the way Zalaph sounds.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Cut it out.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“We both know that is not an option.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Yeah, but can’t you just ignore my thoughts or something?”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I cannot, your thoughts are much too loud Rider.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Maybe because I usually don’t have people listening in on them.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“You shall adjust with time.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Midas sighed, wondering if any other riders had it this way or if he was just subconsciously letting his thoughts slip through the link. He then gave up on the discussion, right now he had to decide on what to do next, he looked upwards, examining the enormous tree. “Hm, I guess we should go claim one of those caves that guy was talking about. You in?” he said glancing back towards Zalaph. The dragon snorted in response, then gazed up the tree.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“We would have to climb or fly Rider.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Then what are we waiting for.” Midas replied with excitement. “Let’s make impatient fools of ourselves while trying to get up a tree.”[/BCOLOR]

    "Perhaps we should get food first..."

    Midas then noticed how hungry he actually was, the walk to the arena must have took more out of him than he thought. "Fair point. Ok, let's go." he said as he turned to find someplace to eat.
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