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  1. Hello! My name is Isla, I'm 18 years old and I've been roleplaying for about four years now, save for a couple years back when my muse went up the wazoo. I'm going into college next week and plan to be an art therapist. I love fantasy, medieval, historical, paranormal, and tons of other genres! My writing is a little rusty, so I prefer to post multiple small paragraphs and prefer to write with an adult.

    Please read my roleplay resume. It'll help us both greatly, however, I will reiterate some strong points.

    My Roleplay Preferences
    • I primarily play female, but do play males as secondary.
    • I like to play multiple characters and I would prefer if you did too.
    • At this time, I'm primarily interested in MxF, though I will try out FxF. I've not had good experiences with MxM, so unfortunately, won't be able to cater to that kind of pairing.
    • I'm not interested in the following: Zombie Apocalypse, Apocalyptic, Crime Drama, Anime/Manga, Futanari, Magical Realism, and many more.
    • I would prefer it if my partner wrote multiple, small descriptive paragraphs with two paragraphs at minimum.
    • I'm not interested in lengthy replies, I feel it stunts the progress of the roleplay and quite possibly, the quality.
    • No fluff, please.
    • Passive-Aggressive or Aggressive partners
    • Decent spelling, grammar, and punctuation please!
    • Adept or higher. Will make exceptions for intermediate if I think their writing style will go well with mine!
    • A minimum of at least one post every other week. If college allows it, and my muse allows it, I may post a little more often.
    • I prefer to roleplay in threads. I'm not interested in roleplaying anywhere else.
    • 'm not interested in using anime as faces. Please use real life people.
    • Be confident with your writing please! I love that positivity!
    • All of my plots are plot over sex, as much as I love to write sex and be like yes, i love them!
    • I have no triggers. If you have any triggers, please tell me!
    • World build with me please!
    Quick Points
    • I'm extremely interested in playing an elf right now.
    • I'm always into Anti-Hero, Chaotic Neutral, and Morally Grey Characters
    • No God-Modding or powerplaying. If you want to control my character, ask first!
    • I have a hankering for real life genre right now, my secondary is fantasy
    • I love to build small character sheets before we start roleplaying
    • Communication is key! I'm a little awkward, but I really enjoy having a friendly conversation with someone, even if I can't always keep up with what to say!
    • I want to try organically building a character's relationship, especially if my fangirl senses are hoping they'll end up together (because not getting what I want is sometimes the best thing that's ever happened!)
    Plots, Ideas, & Pairings

    Bold is my preferred role in the plot or idea.

    Morally Grey Drow x Neutral Elf PENDING!
    mxf, maybe fxf
    Murder, Suspense, Action, Intrigue

    I'd love to figure out the relationship organically. I'm not sure what kind of ideas we could play around with here, perhaps start with something simple like a mage and thief, or two rogues doing dirty work for their enemies. I'd like something a little different from the usual "hero meets person, they fight evil, they win" kind of story because I feel some badass neutral and morally grey characters need that kind of attention. One of them could be a refuge from a rivaling kingdom, perhaps seeking help from the bad side, and coming across this other dope who wants nothing to do with their kingdom because they're idiots and everybody's an idiot in the land of unicorns. I'm down for just about anything in this area, and I think it'd be really awesome if there was sexual tension between the two because friends or not, sexual tension is great, even if it doesn't get to that point. This could be set in the same world the next plot is set in!

    Human Prince x Elf Princess THREAD HERE!
    Romance, Action, Drama, Political Intrigue

    This is a simple enemies to friends to lovers. There is war between the elves and humans. They have been at war for the longest time. I'm not sure of a reason why, maybe one wanted the other's land, perhaps elves thought mankind wasn't being cautious and built on the elves sacred land, which spurred a chain reaction of war. Maybe the human got kidnapped by the princess and she planned to torture information out of him, but over time, he sort of became a companion of sorts, complete with bickering, then eventually unwanted feelings. The possibilities are endless here and these are just suggestions, though if we do go with kidnapping aspect, I'd like it to stay as the human getting kidnapped. I've already done it two times the other way around and it's gotten boorish. There will be fully written out, descriptive sex scenes in this plot.

    Some other high fantasy pairings...
    Elf x Phoenix
    Human x Human
    Half-Elf x Mermaid
    High-Elf x Kelpie
    among other pairings...

    Anti-Hero x Civilian THREAD HERE!
    mxf, maybe fxf
    Action, Suspense, Murder

    I would sort of prefer to play the anti-hero in this pairing, but it is by no means non-negotiable. If you know you can handle playing an anti-hero just as well, please don't hesitate to let me know! I'd also like to set this in modern times, but I think the 1920s or 1950s would be kind of interesting to deal with too? I'd just need to freshen up my facts. They could be any kind of relationship dynamic, I think! Perhaps foster brother and sister who were separated due to suspected taboo relations (no, i don't mind incest) or exes where one has moved on, the other has not and wants revenge or just wants the other person to have them again. An estranged husband and wife would be awesome too! I'm open to suggestions. I think it'd be cool if they did the do later on because said anti-hero could have the possibility of being promiscuous, but that's just another suggestion!

    Vampire Sire x Vampire Progeny
    Romance*, Drama, Angst, Murder, Suspense, Suicidal Themes

    She was sired many years ago during the Victorian era. Then she fell in love, then he fell in love. They were to be inseparable, or so they thought. One night he disappeared without a trace. Several weeks later, it's ruled out that he's dead, but she knows he's not. Her belief comes true after years of searching, even going so far as to wanting to end her own life, but he's back and he's... not the same. He's a completely different person, a man with a mission, a man who doesn't have time for her anymore like he used to. What spiked this change? Does he even remember who she is or will she meet death's door before the puzzle pieces finally come together?

    * This is something I'd like to discuss with the person interested in taking because I have a suggestion, however, it can be quite triggering to some.

    Some other paranormal pairings
    Vampire x Deity
    Deity x Deity
    Deity x Werewolf
    Demon x Deity
    Werewolf x Hellhound
    among other pairings...

    ??? x ???
    real life, drama, romance, potential for triggering content

    I have a few suggestions. An adult fresh out of college with a degree in criminal justice gets involved with a gang co-leader after a family member goes missing and makes a deal with them behind gang co-leader's boss' back. The adult gets beat up by boss and fiends when they find out what person did and other drama ensues. Scandalous musicians from rivalry bands could be another suggestion. PTSD survivor meets doctor (though in this, I think I'd rather play the survivor). Another suggestion is that person is trying to get out abusive relationship of a quote-on-quote "functioning alcoholic", manages to do so with their son/daughter at hand, then meets new person and they begin to form a strong bond, possibly becoming husband and wife in the future!

    Alternate Universe Ideas

    Outlander AU with OCxOC
    Game of Thrones AU with OCxOC
    and to be honest, I would love to try out something from plots for all, so if I like it, we can use it for inspiration or do something based on the idea!

    Oh, and these are quickies of an interesting dream I had, if anyone wants to play around with this!​
    • journey to stop a disease from spreading that changes humans into tall tribish humanoid creatures with different colors running through their vein
    • disease is spread through red blue and purple powder and rang by bell then filtered to the nose with a sort of incense
    • princess trying to lead rebellion but eventually catches red powder herself and most of her followers die which leads to a small group
    • her friend catches it before her
    • when you catch the disease it's like a thousand pinches all over your body

    Please PM me for any interest or questions you may have!​
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  2. Quite a few of your plot are interesting, if you want we can talk and see if we can get and RP going.
  3. @psychoofireland Thank you for the interest, but I took a peek at your roleplay resume and I'm searching for people who will write in the forum threads with me. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  4. Fair enough, no worries if you ever want to RP just send me a message.
  5. Holy crap you're awesome! I'm up for roleplaying with you!
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  6. Hello. I am interesting in roleplaying with you! ^^ (I can PM you with a writing sample and other things if you would like, my roleplay resume is horribly out of date and I still need to get around to fixing it.)
  7. @Hunter of Shadows You're such a doll! Please PM with your interests! Just keep in mind that the Human Prince x Elf Princess roleplay is underway and I'm only doing one roleplay of each of the ideas I have!

    @Artorias Please PM me with your interests!
  8. Okay, I'm looking for one more partner who's willing to do real life genre with me! I already have a futuristic and two fantasy rps going on, I'd like something to balance that out! Please PM me with any ideas if you're interested!
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  9. Closed once more, for now!
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