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    • Hello everyone! I'm Isla, 18 years old college student. I'm working on my AA degree and plan to get a bachelor's degree in psychology. I love roleplaying- I've been doing it for around four years I'd say, since 2012. I enjoy steampunk, romance, pirates, and lots of other things too! Some of my favorite music is Lindsey Stirling, OceanLab, Shinedown, Iwan Rheon, and Metallica! I need more variety haha! I've been sitting in the pit of metalheads for a long time that it's becoming a little boorish. Also, know that I'm craving to play a sexy, badass faery! c;
    • • There will be multiple characters. I won't take no for an answer. We will each be playing three main characters and a handful of NPCs.

      • If you can't handle creating three nice, simple character sheets and taking up all three of them in roleplay like so, I would prefer you don't inquire and ask if it'd be okay to play just one or two characters.

      18+ only. Apologies little tikes.

      • Furthermore, no "Female characters only", alright? I want my partner to be diverse!

      Advanced or above only please! I won't take anything below that. I want at least one beautiful, hearty paragraph. I don't want to hear inner monologue every other paragraph. Use your five senses, describe your character's surroundings, you know the drill! Quality over quantity!

      • Please keep in mind that I want to do collaborative writing together in one post, like so
      . I strongly feel that it'll help the story flow more easily rather than playing catch up.

      Be confident in your writing please, for the love of mercy! If I say your post is great, it's great! :P

      Be aggressive in your approach! I don't want to see you essentially put my words from the previous into your own character's thoughts and feelings.

      Be proactive in character development and plot development! Please!

      • I do best replying at the leisurely pace of one reply every other week. If muse allows it, I may post earlier if I can, but one reply every other week is my go to.

      • If you know you'll end up taking a little bit longer because of real life, let me know! Furthermore, if that does end up happening, don't leave me hanging in the PMs, despite not replying.

      • Please talk to me, throw out random ideas for the story, show me images for muse, share music that reminds you of your characters! I want to know you're still interested in roleplaying with me, okay?

      • No god-modding. No auto-hitting. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. No powerplaying. If you want to control my character, please ask first. Keep all of that in mind and we're all good!

      PM ME, if you're interested in anything at all!

      • One last thing: Realistic face claims only! All characters in the roleplay are adults, and as such, I'd like to reflect that please! Also, 27+ only. I'm tired of playing young adults.

      • Pediatrician meets Mother with one child and finds out she's trying to escape an abusive relationship.
      • Poor person gets into private college with scholarship meant for wealthy kids.

      • Confederate x Union
      • Victorian Lady x Gentleman
      • Police x Criminal
      • Gang Member x Civilian
      • Faery x Human**
      • Married Woman x Unmarried Man
      • Demon x Phoenix
      • Dragon x Vampire
      • Abuse Survivor x Doctor
      • Long Lost (or) Estranged Sire x Progeny**
      • Unmarried Woman x Married Man
      • Chaotic Neutral x Lawful Neutral
      • Pediatrician x Mother
      • Wealthy x Poor
      • Pirate x Governor*

      *craving right now please
      **small ideas in mind, craving

      Anything that doesn't have two asteriks means they are just pairings and I have no ideas for them whatsoever!

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  1. I like the idea you have for this
  2. @LogicfromLogic I actually don't have any idea for that pairing. If you want to plot with me to come up with one, PM me with you ideas! Apologies for not clarifying that earlier!
  3. This one
  4. @LogicfromLogic That was specifically for the pediatrician x mother pairing, but we can adapt it. (:
  5. Still looking for some partners!
  6. I'd be interested in the pirate x governor or Faery x human
  7. @Andy Sorry boo! I checked out your roleplay resume and I don't think we'd work well together. I appreciate the interest though!

    EDIT: Still looking! If anyone is interested, please PM me with your ideas!
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