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  1. Hello, it's Isla!

    I do want to start this off by saying I'm only looking for one person to roleplay this particular idea with me. They must be 18+ only. I'm not looking for any other genre, idea, or pairing. This is my craving and I want it now. I don't want anything else. Also, keep in mind that this is a roleplay that will feature mental illness, incestuous feelings, same sex romance, as well as alcohol abuse, and probably a number of other things that may or may not be triggering. If you're not comfortable reading or writing any of that, I would suggest not inquiring about the roleplay. Without further adieu, here are my preferences for this particular roleplay.

    • There will be multiple characters. I won't take no for an answer. We will each be playing three main characters and a handful of NPCs.

    • If you can't handle creating three nice, simple character sheets and taking up all three of them in roleplay like so, I would prefer you don't inquire and ask if it'd be okay to play just one or two characters.

    • Furthermore, no "Female characters only", alright? I want my partner to be diverse!

    • The two characters that I need my partner to play is Adela's brother, Caleb, and her female friend who is a potential love interest, who can either be a patient at the mental illness center, or someone who works there. Please keep in mind that if you make Adela's friend with a mental illness, do your research! As for the idea of making Adela's friend a person who works there, I do prefer caretaker x victim. If you have other ideas, run them by me! Since I have a few ideas for Caleb, I was thinking we could balance that out by my partner giving me ideas for a possible friend of his! Iwan Rheon amirite

    Advanced or above only please! I won't take anything below that. I want at least one beautiful, hearty paragraph. I don't want to hear inner monologue every other paragraph. Use your five senses, describe your character's surroundings, you know the drill! Quality over quantity!

    • Please keep in mind that I want to do collaborative writing together in one post, like so. I strongly feel that it'll help the story flow more easily rather than playing catch up.

    Be confident in your writing please, for the love of mercy! If I say your post is great, it's great! :P

    Be aggressive in your approach! I don't want to see you essentially put my words from the previous into your own character's thoughts and feelings.

    Be proactive in character development and plot development! Please!

    • I do best replying at the leisurely pace of one reply every other week. If muse allows it, I may post earlier if I can, but one reply every other week is my go to.

    • If you know you'll end up taking a little bit longer because of real life, let me know! Furthermore, if that does end up happening, don't leave me hanging in the PMs, despite not replying.

    • Please talk to me, throw out random ideas for the story, show me images for muse, share music that reminds you of your characters! I want to know you're still interested in roleplaying with me, okay? This is a rare occurence of Isla's super mega craving!

    • The incestuous feelings are real from Adela to Caleb, though it is unrequited love. If you don't feel comfortable reading or writing this, and especially if you aren't willing to do be a part of a roleplay that has incest, do not reply below. You'll be wasting both our times and I don't want to do that.

    • No god-modding. No autohitting. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. No powerplaying. If you want to control my character, please ask first. Keep all of that in mind and we're all good!

    • One last thing: Realistic face claims only! All characters in the roleplay are adults, and as such, I'd like to reflect that please! Keep in mind that Adela's brother is five years older than her, so an older face claim who is Sam Heughan is much appreciated! I would prefer Adela's friend to be at least three years older than her which is why Taylor Swift would be awesome to use, yes? please!


    The end! Please PM me with ideas, if you're interested!
  2. If this doesn't appeal to you, I do have a Game of Thrones character I'm hoping to use (for a Game of Thrones AU, she is Robin's older sister) and really want a Sansa Stark for her! Only possible "problem" is that I'll be playing all OCs because I don't feel I can do any canon characters the justice they deserve. You are free to make whoever, play whoever, so long as Sansa is primary! Basic roleplay preferences not specifically pertaining to the above story still apply! c:
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