Islands Survivor thing..? [Male Needed.]

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  1. Hello Ya'll! So I was thinking....


    And I kinda wanted to do a type of RP where two people are stuck on the island and they have to stay until rescue comes. Basic stories! But there are two types of stories I would like to do..

    If you even seen the Blue Lagoon, then I kinda wanna do those stories. Ya know, you were on the island since you were a kid, your parents died when you were kids on the island now you're growing up very naive and innocent alone trying to survive. The story can have romance, which I'd love. I like romance ^^

    Or If you wanna make up your own story about surviving, just message me! Or whatevers...

    Hope you think this is a good idea! Adios! :)
  2. Love to try
  3. i'd love to give it a try
  4. I'd be interested in this!
  5. Sounds like fun. Please shoot me a PM to discuss further.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.