Island Survival

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  1. So I've thought up an Rp idea that I really want to do. Basically a plane crashes on an island and our two characters or 1 of them survives. However aside from it just being an island it is populated by some tribal creatures as well as feral demi-humans (Think mostly human like but ears, tails, personality traits among other things) So they have to survive on an island filled with animalistic tribals who want to wipe them out. Alternatively only one survives the plane crash and finds a male or female demi human who kidnaps them but actually can understand them and they work together. Pm or post here if you want more details.
  2. Already have a partner for this?
  3. Nope, your fine. Go ahead and shoot me a pm.
  4. I would want to do this! Sounds epic!
  5. Go ahead and shoot me a pm chosen though I'm stopping shortly for a while to do some stuff I'll be on in about 2 or 3 hours.