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  1. Joshua had recently gotten the chance to take a trans-atlantic flight to Europe where he'd be studying abroad on a fully-paid scholarship. However, something didn't feel right to him. He, of course, passed it on as anxiety of going to a new country, or perhaps it was his fear of getting into an airplane. He never did well with any form of transportation that was not on the ground, including both boats and planes. He took a big deep breath as he settled down into his seat, the University had managed to pay for his ticket as well. Sadly, it was in the economy class...but he didn't really care to be honest. It was just over a seven hour flight, not to mention it was free. So he had little to complain about. His heart was pounding as he'd heard the P.A. system announcing take-off. Joshua was quite nervous about planes lifting off and landing, that seemed like the most dangerous part of the journey. To help calm his nerves, he decided to pull out his phone to both distract himself and check any messages before he'd have to turn it off.
  2. Elizabeth got onto the plane almost at the last second. Her brown hair was put in a bun and little hairs lined around her bright green eyes. She walked over and saw only one seat. Of course it wasn't her seat, but the man in her seat looked scary. She was nervous and she stepped up to Joshua and asked him kindly for the seat next to him. She was so anxious talking to strangers, but she tried anyway. She was hoping it'd be okay as she heard the P.A. She held a small map and a wildlife training book for her future career in the big forests watching and studying wildlife. She was excited to get started and this trip had costed her almost an arm and a leg to pay for.
  3. Joshua, having originally been told he'd have an entire seat to himself, was not pleased with hearing that someone was asking to be sitting next to him. This aptly changed when he saw who the voice belonged to and nodded. "Yeah. Uh. Sure." He moved over a little bit so that he was entirely in his seat. Joshua had medium-length brown hair that reached just above his eyebrows. His eyes matched well with the color of his hair, them being brown as well. He dressed very casually, a pair of red low-top converse that matched his shirt of the same color, as well as a pair of khaki cargo shorts. He'd been prepared to be on the flight in complete comfort. He pulled over any remaning carry-on items that were in the seat next to him and placed them at his feet. "There ya go. Might want to sit down. Plane's taking off."
  4. Elizabeth smiled with glee. "Thank you so much!" she said happily. She sat down in her red t-shirt that matched well with her black skinny jeans and her red sneakers. She was grateful for the seat so she introduced herself, "My name is Elizabeth. What is your name?" She set down her suitcase in front of her feet holding her book on her lap, the cover had a picture of several jungle animals on it along with her phone. She didn't seem to have a purse with her anywhere. She seemed happy but in her eyes there was only fear and doubt. She worried about her life decision hoping it wouldn't cause her to be without a home searching for food in an unknown area.
  5. He followed the girl's hands. Watching everything that she was doing. Not necessarily out of suspicion, just general curiosity...and it was the only sort of entertainment that there was at that current moment. When she'd introduced herself he shook his head and his eyes suddenly changed back to normal as if coming out of a trance. He finally spoke up after an akward few second hesitation. "Oh. My name is Joshua. Josh preferably." Not that it really mattered though, the flight was only going to be a few hours then they would part. But, might as well make the best of it. "So. Elizabeth, where are you heading?" He finally made eye contact as the last sentence escaped his lips.
  6. "Hi Josh, I'm heading towards Britain, but my friends are going to pick me up to hang out as soon as this plane lands." Shyly she shuffled her things in her lap smiling warmly to him. She knew it was silly to be shy to every boy she talked to, she knew he'd only know her for a few hours then forget of her existence, but that didn't matter to her. "Where are you headed?" She stared only into his eyes, she glanced away feeling creepy to stare.
  7. "Same place as you, I'd imagine. I'm heading towards London. Going to be studying there for the next few years at the University of London." He bit the inside of his lip out of subconscious habit and returned the warm smile. Joshua, having finally felt settled, decided to shift around for a few moments and make himself comfortable. He looked out the window for a brief moment and stared down at the ground. Immediately it gave him a weird feeling so he turned his head and looked away. This was kind of strange to him due to his usual ability to tolerate heights. But perhaps it was simply because, for one of the first times in his life, was relying on someone else to keep him safe. That 'someone else' being the pilot and co-pilot of course.
  8. Elizabeth saw the ground outside and whimpered. Fear showed on her face as she looked away. She seemed about as scared as he did on this plane ride. Her hands clutched her phone and her book tightly almost turning her knuckles white. She closed her eyes trying to calm herself. Slowly her lips moved in a small prayer trying to relax which was accomplished, but she would not look at the window again. Her breathing went from ragged breaths to calm slow breathing. Slowly a deep red blush breached her cheeks as she realized how stupid she must of looked. "My friends live near London," she said refusing to make eye contact. She stared at her pink nails trying to not be more dumb than she already was.
  9. Joshua, not wanting to make matters worse by asking any questions that would potentially emberass the girl, simply replied to what she'd asked. "Yeah? I don't know anyone over there. It's rather...well...daunting to go to a new place. At least it is for me. I've never been outside of the country before now, so this will be quite the experience for me." He continued to maintain a rather casual smile, just to make himself seem even the tiniest bit more friendly. He noticed the displeasure among the girl, although not knowing the reason, therefore he was trying his hardest to maintain his normality.
  10. "Yeah I know, but my friends use to call me and tell me all about London. It seems like a really nice place to live if you don't consider the schedules are different, you know sleeping. That's the only worry I have really," she glanced up at him and smiled trying to look friendly. She glanced at the window behind him and seemed a little scared. She hated heights so much it was making her dizzy. She yawned sleepily and laid against the seat her eyes drooping a little.
  11. Joshua acknowledged the girl's attempts to sleep, thus causing him to cease any thoughts of making conversation. He pulled his phone from his pocket and plugged in a set of white earbuds, putting them into his ears. He began to start playing classical music. While it wasn't his preferred type of music, he didn't want to bother the girl beside him. Plus, it was rather soothing to combat his slight fear for being this high up.
  12. Elizabeth seemed to slowly become closer and closer to Joshua, like he had a field that was pulling her closer and closer to him. She was just about to collapse into his lap before the plane jolted a few times. She awoke with a started dazed, confused, and already forgotten where she was. "W-what..." she mumbled feeling another jolt snapped her back into reality. She whimpered and hugged Joshua as the plane started losing altitude.
  13. Joshua was startled at the sudden embrace and took out his earbuds almost immediately, stopping his music in the process. He felt the sudden jolt, it felt and sounded like an explosion. "What's going on?" He noticed the other passengers felt it as well. Joshua looked out the window and stared at the ground, noticing they were getting increasingly closer. The plane began to tilt forward. Out of sudden panic, Joshua grabbed onto the seat infront of him to help him brace for the crash that was to ensue. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth hard. For a long time there was nothing. No speaking. No screaming. Nothing. The silence was finally broken with a loud crash. The front of the plane hit the ground with force and finally, the entire front half of the plane was bent backwards. Joshua was lucky to be in the very back. He was knoked unconscious due to the sudden impact of the crash, upon waking up a half hour later... He was dazed and disturbed to find that most of the plane had been destroyed. It was just a few feet infront of him that had been spared. All of the other passengers, as far as he could tell, were killed.
  14. Elizabeth laid with an arm around him and dried blood on her face. She had passed out from the panic and had held onto him until the plane crashed, the was the only jolt able to release most of her grip. She was breathing slowly with her suitcase on top of her and her phone laid several feet to the left broken. Her book on the other hand laid just under her leg. Elizabeth groaned softly moving closer to Joshua snuggling him whispering, "Mommy?" Only half of her face was seen, but the blood still stained a part of that side of her face as well. She had a cut on her nose, but anything else was hidden in shadows and hair that clung to her face.
  15. Joshua shook his head, his vision slightly blurred and distorted, and his ears were ringing. He did a quick self-examination to find that, luckily, nothing was broken. His arms were slightly scraped and blood was dripping from them, but luckily he didn't habe any serious injuries. He looked to his left. "Elizabeth? Are you alive?" He placed his index and middle fingers over her carotid artery and checked for a pulse while continuing to visually examine her body.
  16. Elizabeth groaned softly her eyes snapping open. She squealed pulling away blushing. "Did we land?" She sat up. The bun had broken and her hair was in her face. She groaned rubbing her head,"rough landing.." Shakily standing pushing away the hair that clung to her to reveal have her face was covered in blood.
  17. "We landed all right....doubt we're in England though. Here....we need to get out...." Joshua picked up all of the items trapping Elizabeth and moved them aside. He stood up, which was kind of weird since the plane was at an angle. He assisted Elizabeth onto her feet and began to get a better look at the damage of the crash. "The plane crashed.... Everyone is dead." Joshua said with a rather emotionless expression and tone of voice. However, on the inside he was scared...and freaking out. He had to be calm and courageous to get them out of this situation. "We should try to find out where we are..." He got out into the aisle and steadied himself. "Here...take my hand and follow me out." He extended his right hand outward for Elizabeth to grab.
  18. Elizabeth tried to not freak out, but seeing Joshua so calm put her at ease. He took his hand and followed grateful to not be alone. She was shaking but saw the bodies and the plane and whimpered.
  19. Joshua took a few careful steps, making sure not to step on anyone or anything. He finally found a door at the bottom part of the plan. He pushed it open and was surprised to notice that there was a short drop to the ground. "I'll go on down, wait before you do anythin." Joshua jumped down and landed perfectly onto his feet. He extended his arms upwards towards Elizabeth to help her down.
  20. Elizabeth squeaked seeing him being so brave. She tried to mimick it and she dropped down to him closing her eyes tightly.