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  1. (This has been formatted so there are no official characters for this.)


    You are one of a select group of young men chosen by the lovely daughter of the *Insert Rich Name Here* family for a game of bachelors, all from Pilgrim High.

    You've been chosen to come over the holidays at the order of *Insert Female Name Here*, who's deemed you to be a handsome, intelligent young man, worthy of her time. You see, she's been lonely lately, and has decided to take up a boyfriend~!! And she has a crush on you~!!

    But she cannot decide: if you wish to have a chance with this beautiful, sensational, great, wealthy young lady, then come to her private apartment building in Southtown, Tokyoronto. She's got the whole building just for this event. Who knows?: maybe you'll even share it with her after you win… ;)

    To give you a taste of what you're missing, here's a couple pictures of the young lady!

    (Pictures subject to change depending on how the person playing the girl creates the character.)



    This was only sent to one young man.

    The girl was originally a shy young lady, outcasted by others at her old school. One day, some guys decided to mess with her, taking her out on dates, and making her feel loved: before the final date, where they pranked her in front of everyone, and even videotaped it.

    Afterwards, as she ran home that night, one of the boys from before, the one she dated last, and loved the most, came up, and attempted to rape her… She was struck and it was nearly done, until she did the unthinkable when she snapped finally…and killed him. But, she got away...

    Now, she's come to a city called Tokyoronto, where she attends Pilgrim High. There, she has kept up her new life as a much more confident, flirty, better endowed girl, envied by women of all ages (over 13 generally), men lusting over her.

    But she did not want any of this. Instead, she'd soon set her eyes on a young man she saw in class. Someone she deemed would be her perfect match. Who would love and respect her highly, forever, and ever…Even if she had to kill again to have him.

    Sure, she wanted to have him forever, make him her boyfriend, marry him, and have a baby…all within the time of the holiday. She simply loved him so~...



  2. I would offer, but I am not sure how you feel about a male playing female.
  3. Oh shit. Sorry I didn't reply. As for male playing female, I was considering to put this RP into the mature section instead just incase, and I'm not sure about doing a mature RP with another dude.


  4. That's fine then. Free bump.