Island Nightmare

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Teens with powers (mutants maybe? like from the x-men) are invited to a relaxing cruise. A powerful storm hits on one of the days they are out on sea. Each teen is washed up on a different beach of a large, seemingly uninhabited island. In the center of the island is an old abandoned town. The teens go out to search for their new friends. During their search, they find out why this place was abandoned. After a small earthquake, the place changes to the alternate island. Creatures wander the island and will attack anything that is breathing, other than themselves. The change could last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, even weeks. The teens must either find a way off the island, or learn to live in fear of what else the island can do.

Someone other than them are on the island. A serial killer who wears a mask to hide his hideously deformed face. This guy is a sick freak and was one of the reasons no one else is left on the island. He took advantage of the change to lure in his victims. He enjoys torturing his poor victims before he kills them. After everyone else on the island was dead, he moved on to the creatures that appeared during the change. He's becoming bored of the creatures and wants to have fun killing other humans. He was overjoyed when he found out some teens washed up onto the island, and will hunt them down and take them one by one to his favorite place where he would proceed to torture them for his own enjoyment.

Character Sheet:





Name: Billie Clairmont
Age: 18

If she is touched by someone, she'll instantly feel everything they are feeling. Until she learns how to control her powers completely, too much contact with another person will make her become dizzy, and even faint from all the emotions.

She has waist-length ivory hair, and blue-gray eyes. Billie is around 5'4" tall.

She loves to help others, and her power to know what they feel makes it a bit easier for her. She isn't all that afraid to speak her mind either.

Billie used to avoid people because all the emotions drove her insane. She was always in her basement tucked into a corner of the room to get away from everything. Now she is perfectly fine being around others, but physical contact is still too much for her.

She always wears a cross necklace that was given to her by her childhood friend. He became a priest and is always there for Billie when she needs him. The necklace was given to her for protection.

ooohhhh interseting i'm in :D
I'll make acharacter soon :3
Name: Kristine Nightwalker
Age: 19<O:P></O:P>
Gender: Female
Power: Shapeshifter
She can't take a form for longer than an hour before she turn back to normal

Appearance: Black hair down to the waist, 1,68 m, blood red eye colour.

Personality: She mostly does what she want to do, it doesn't matter if it is legal or not. If someone makes her angry she often use that persons looks to do something illegal so that person gets in to trubbel. She likes to be alone, if she is with others she wants to be the one in charge. She don't let anyone boss her around.

History: When she was younger she used her powers to trick people by taking the form of their friends and make them angry at eachother. Later she started to steal things in the form of others, when she were 17 she didn't steal anything if she wasn't angry at someone and wanted them to get in trouble.
She was never caught for her criminal acts.
She lived with her father untill she was 18 but he didn't care about her and was almost never home. When she was 18 she bought her own apartment.
She often were with people that were afraid of her so that she could feel that she had controll. <O:P></O:P>​
Name: Richard Silverfang

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Power: Animalism: Has the deadliest abilities from most predatory mamals ranging from big cats to birds of prey. His body can instantly regenerate wounds 10 seconds after delivery.

Limit/Weakness: Anything able to counter his animal abilities. If hit between healing time his wounds may stay open.

Appearance:View attachment 6187
(please ignore the blood)

Richard is relativelly connected to his animal insics, mostly that of a lion. He is full of pride and will guard his possesions with his life, if something chooses to fight against him he'll give it a chance to back down, if not, then he'll fight to the death. He holds his wisdom close to him like blood, he follows a syaing that goes: A man with a weapon is deadly.. But man with a weapon and a plan is leathal.

History: At 16, scientist kiddnapped him and his family in an attempt to isolate the gene that created his abilities. They held them all in the same roon and mercilessly tested on them. Regardless of age, the scientist performed blood test, physical exams, and even mutagenic exxperiments trying to find the gene. by the time they learned Richard was one of a kind his family had already died from the pain of the experiments. Soon after he went on blood sooked killing spree inside the facility, after he escaped he went into hiding and kept a low profile since then.
Sorry it took me so long i have been Busy but thanks for posting this for me i will make the tonight since we have some extras too and i will send it to all of you.

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Name: (Jyinx) Raelynne Lockhart
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Power: Turning Into An Animal
Limit/Weakness: If she is hurt in one form she has to wait int he form till it heals or it can kill her if she shifts. The problem being If she stays in a form too long she can get stuck that way.
Appearance: Piercing Azure eyes, Waist-Length Cherry Blonde hair, 6', beautiful, and skinny.
Personality: She is lone person. She doesn't really show people her personality.
History: She doesn't remember.
Misc: ??
Well I read your IC beginning post...and to be honest, it isn't really what I imagined it to be. I thought we would start out on the cruise ship, have it crash during a party, everyone is separated, the island is "normal" for a while, then an earthquake happens when one of the teens makes it to the town to make the change to the "other island." That would be when the creatures come out, and the place looks dark and demonic. Rusty stuff, bloody things, etc. You just jumped on into the "other island" which feels like an awkward start.
Oh i thought since you put it up there that we were starting there i guess i can change it
Haha also thought that we would start on the cruise xD