Island Mystery Roleplay

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  1. When the rich and eccentric nineteen-year old Thomas O'Reilly invites his friends to a secluded isle for one hell of a summer vacation, his friends discover that Thomas isn't quite who they thought he was.

    In this RP, players will be a group of teenagers and young adults. They may or may not know each other, but they all know that Thomas has proven himself to be a little peculiar, taking an interest in the occult, ancient mythology and religions, and generally spooky things. The island is full of mystery; What will the group manage to unravel?

    This RP will contain light horror themes, and minor dice rolling.

    I would like to not go too much into details, in order to secure the mystery of the island, but if you have a question, I will answer it to the best of my abilities.
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  2. Heya @Dahrinn is this still happening? It looks interesting!
  3. Well, assuming more people show interest, I'd still be happy to get this going.
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  4. i am interested. just let me know if it happens :)
  5. I'm in! And I'll bring my RP partner @Boss Megu too~
  6. I will begin work on the OOC/signups thread.
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  7. This looks like fun! :D
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  8. @koolkat4595
    Just in case you didn't get an alert. I posted the link.
  9. lol i actually didnt so thank you