Island for the Diseased

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  1. An isolated island in the middle of the ocean, no boats, no way off the island. You came to this island to try to escape the deadly virus that turn the dead into living, breathing, murderers. You soon realze, you are not alone on the island, other survivors are there as well. If other survivors weren't bad enough, the virus made it to the island as well.

    You're goal is to survive, by any means necessary. You are allowed one weapon to bring to the island this may be a firearm; any other weapons must be made or found on the island and may not be firearms.


    ALL website rules apply

    No Godmodding
    No bunny posting

    Create diverse and unique characters, not accepting duplicate characters
    Be respectful
    Password is "Blue"

    OC's only
    If you are bitten, you die

    Three character limit
    HAVE FUN! :P
    **If your character defies any of these rules PM me, we'll work it out**
    **Questions? PM me! Comments? Rate the RP or PM me!**
  2. {]Can anyone start, or is it you first just so you can lay down the location and all? Its been so quiet lol ^^; [}
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.