INTEREST CHECK Iskarian Monastery: An RP into the inner being.

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  1. I want to run a forum RP based in a kung-fu-esque monastery set in my own world. The focus will be on attaining enlightment and will have lengthy processes at the monastery for character learning and growing. There will be opportunities for quests and peril, but the focus will NOT be on saving the world or fighting. You are here to unravel the mysteries of the self and the divine.

    What this is:
    -- a monastic roleplay with elements that differ from traditional earth monasticism
    -- a chance to build and develop a really complex character
    -- a fantasy setting where anthros, humans, and all genders can all join.
    -- a chance to make a big splash in a bigger ocean (metaphor)
    -- a philosophical opportunity of a lifetime.
    -- something that requires GM approval of characters.

    What this is NOT:
    -- Kung Fu Panda
    -- like a movie
    -- a superhero scenario
    -- a Naruto/DBZ/Anime setting
    -- a screw-around RP
    -- for kids, 18+ in body and mind please.
    -- as boring as you might think. Give it a chance.
  2. This is intriguing. An intellectual and philosophical roleplay devoid of immaturity and cyber roleplay? Please, friend, count me in! Has been eons since I have found a roleplay that catches my attention so! Shall I gather my Catholic-monk robes? Shall I cut my hair to a tonsure? : )
  3. This sounds very interesting. Count me intrigued.
  4. A Space Marine in a monastery? A peaceful monastery? An Angry Mustached Space Marine no less! This world is falling apart!
  5. Space Marines are Warrior-Monks you know. Besides who doesn't love a Mustache. :P
  6. Oh, this I know very well friend. But you generally do not see Space Marines being the peaceful or philosophical type! Haha!
  7. Well you never know... :P
  8. Yes, you are right. I humbly apologize for stereotyping Space Marines. I am sure all who come here shall get along fine. Except Chaos. No one likes Chaos.
  9. Agreed. :P
  10. There is quite a bit of background, but I can send along the material if you like.

    One player, after all, being infinitely better than none at all.

    I just want to hang out and see what else develops and who else speaks up. :)
  11. *facepalm* I skipped over the fact that it is only 18+. Meh I might just stalk the roleplay >.>
  12. no worries, I just wanted to make sure that this can go anywhere. that and there are some deep concepts and odd characters in planning.
  13. Meh nothing I haven't read or seen a million times over, but its all good I have enough RP's to keep me busy.
  14. Eh. Not interested in this if there will be sexual things going about. I do not enjoy lechery in my roleplays. Sorry.
  15. I don't plan on any sex. There is a god of passions, but I don't intend anything to get freaky at all and IF there is any adult interactions I wanted a fade-to-black sort of thing.

    This is about philosophy.
  16. I didn't see anything about sex for this RP til you brought it up. I don't think there's going to be much worry about that. Aside from that, not all romantic interactions are lechery. I think you were a bit hasty in your conclusion, but I hope you do find something you enjoy, whether it is this RP or another.
  17. I assumed "this could go anywhere" meant lecherous actions would be plausible. And I know quite well, miss Revision, that not all romantic interactions are lechery. I myself am an avid romance-roleplayer, and I am at heart a romantic young man. And, also, I have found many roleplays already that I enjoy. Thank you *Bows*

    If this is about philosophy, then aye, count me in. And if it a fade to black sort of thing, then aye, count me in. I just have been to other roleplay sites and when "this could go anywhere" is said, it led to... bleh. Of course, this is not your ordinary roleplay site, so forgive me for generalizing.
  18. Oh, not miss, just Revision, Revi, or some variation thereof, please. Glad you are finding your way around.
  19. As you wish, Revi. And yes, I am finding my way about and I am enjoying my time here. The people here are pleasant and mature.
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