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Fantasy, medieval fantasy, vampires and other supernatural creatures, magical, yaoi, mature, romance, horror. I also have a thing for darker themes. More than everything I love varied roleplays, with comedy, drama, action and dark things all thrown in.
A small bell rings as you push the front door open. The place smells of a mixture of spices left on the stove, giving it a homely feel. The shop is well lit, and right as you step in, you see pictures upon pictures hung on the wooden walls.

'Why hello there! Thank you for coming into my shop. Have a seat, get comfortable. May I offer you a cup of tea while I hear out your request?' The shopkeeper's voice reaches you from far away before she comes into view. She's carrying a whole lot of art supplies in her arms, but she places them on a nearby table, before putting a kettle on the fire.

While waiting for the water to boil, she sits down in front of you, notepad and pen in hand. 'Well, tell me. What can I do for you?'

What I'll do:
  • Pretty much anything
  • Fantasy humans are preferred
  • But I'll draw furries too
  • I love NSFW and fetish art
  • Mechas and animals: I'm not good at them, but I can try

What I won't do:
  • Anything that would land you in jail.


  • Bust, lineart: $10
  • Bust, fully colored: $15
  • Full body, lineart: $20-$30 depending on complexity
  • Full body, fully colored: $30-$45 depending on complexity

As you walk away with your receipt after paying half upfront, the shopkeeper waves you goodbye from the front door, a cheerful smile on her face. 'Thanks for your purchase! I'll send you a letter via dragon mail when I'm finished! See you around~'