Isabella, you win.

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Hooray for Totaltarianism!

Fortunately, the version that passed specifically exempts citizens and most residents from just being arbitrarily picked up and kept under lock and key.

It's section 1032(b),(1) & (2), BTW.

It's still fucked up, what with the military gaining the right to make arrests on American soil and whatnot.
You know what this means?

Git yer guns and go to the hills. When the govn'ment comes fer yer weapons, give 'em the ammo first!
Nope. I'm not.

And they didn't take that out, they just moved it. But the provision is only for military personel, not for your standard badge-wearers. The question is, when will they have troops policing every major city?
Wow, this country went to shit fast man... Godamn.. Founding fathers must be rolling in their graves...

Canada, here I come!