Is your husband/boyfriend/man/you gay?

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  1. .....Oh my gosh, Zeph, this is kinda awesome.
  2. Zyphie likes hanging out at the YMCA....
  3. I totally want a shopping companion!
  4. ....... As soon as anyone on the internet says anything is 100% accurate I reach for the salt.
  5. I should've made note of me saying that it is accurate being sarcasm, but Ocha, I'd love to go shopping with you! ^^
  6. My manfriend fits absolutely NONE of those. Me, however... HOSHIT.
  7. Me too. ._.

    *Sidles up next to Ocha and Zyph.*

    . . . :)
  8. <.<;;;

    Going by this, my bro's gay

  9. Based on this, I should be gay.
  10. Haha I may enjoy Glee so what? XD Also shopping is chill as long as it's legit clothing. Like I love professional wear like in White Collar.
  11. I fit only one and that's the sarcasm one. However I've been a sarcastic jerk for a long as I remember, so its all good.
  12. Well let me just...

    Ouch, this is going to be painful.

    Well, uh I don't know how Asia got involved in sexual preference, or being an extrovert, having fashion sense, having a sense of humor, being an alcoholic, or wanting to make their home look good.

    Have the people who made this survey ever actually spoken with someone who is homosexual?

    It gives people like me a bad name :(