is using the same roleplay pairings (count as stealing)

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    does it, I mean everyone has the same pairings , one or the other so.
  2. No, if the idea is something so basic as vampire x human or sasuke x naruto, then it's not stealing. If you on the other hand take someones characters from that pairing (if it isn't a fandom, cause then everyone will already have the same characters) then it counts as stealing as you have taken their creation.

    If we counted using a pairing as stealing an idea, no one could really write anything because you could say "oh, it's a romance between a boy and a girl, that has been done before, you are stealing the idea!" cause a pairing is that basic. :p Technically speaking we would be stealing EVERYTHING that wasn't original, and the word stealing would then loose its meaning.
  3. @redblood

    Thank you very much for your opinion, this has happened to me on several occasions. I had the same pairings as someone else's search thread (no ideas or characters, of course) and they said "Hey you stole my pairings, I'll report you for plagiarizing and etc etc) not on this site.
  4. As long as you're not copy-pasting their whole pairings post. 8D Cause that's lazy and not cool.

    But yeah, you can't plagerize a pairing. @____@ You also can't plagerize 90% of the plot ideas people post up for pairings, because that is almost ALWAYS stuff that has been done a million times before.

    It doesn't become stealing until you are jacking someone's developed idea. When it's more than just a vague setup and has become a unique idea.
  5. What Diana said
  6. oh i see.