Is This Thing On?

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  1. *Taps on microphone*
    No, apparently not, okay.

    Haha, nice to meet you guys. Thought I'd something a bit more humorous than the boring hello.
    If you want to know more about me, just ask or read my profile.
  2. hello and welcome to the site :confetti:i hope you injoy the site and have fun times here X3
  3. Thanks!
    *Quickly scuffles about to try and find the celebrating/confetti smilie*:confetti:YEAH.
  4. Welcome aboard the Roleplay Train.
  5. lol ok i can aready tell we are going to get along well.. and if you want to rp i am your girl just ask :rotfl:
  6. Great to be here.
  7. I try to get along with everyone. :D Anyhow, I'll be going to bed now but maybe we can arrange something tomorrow. Night!
  8. Welcome To here! Your user name keeps reminding me of the "Then, touch the demon inside of me." Phrase the maiden in black says in demon's souls.
    Gaming aside, Have fun playing roles and junk!
  9. sure i will pm you so we can set it up there
  10. Yo. Welcome.

    If you are looking for an RP message me. I am trying to cook up a casual steampunk RP. If you are not looking for an RP then I suggest you do look for one. Because reasons.
  11. Greetings Demon, welcome to US! 8D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.