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  1. Hey there. It's the holidays already, and while I'm super bored and all, I've been searching for quite some time for a roleplay to stick to, or something to tickle at my interest ... the updated iwaku is doing nothing to help me look in the places I used to look in. e _ e. I'm not sure of the standard procedure here, but if anyone's interested, here's some information if you're recruiting people with a specific checklist in hand.

    About me
    • I've been actively roleplaying for about 6 years, comfortably with a variety of people, different writing styles, and on multiple platforms as well
    • I see myself as a detailed writer, someone who writes multiple paragraphs per post, and as one particular poster I once came across would say, "someone who writes paragraphs to describe a punch."
    • Unfortunately, I'm a very slow poster. It takes me a while to get into my character's mind and bring out their full persona into a post, so I don't/can't rapid post. [I normally post once a week]
    • Not sure if this is important for people, but I rarely pop up in OOC threads, but I'll definitely read it, and if I'm tagged then I will respond for sure, but other than that, I tend not to clutter and take up space there. If I have questions concerning plot or otherwise, I will send a PM.
    • Again, not sure, but definitely relevant for some people, I do both realistic and anime pictures, depending on what the roleplay may demand of me
    My Search Requirements
    • Something that has a bit of a plot. I'm not specifically demanding or looking for something where there's a lot of planning done [it'd be sweet if there was though], but anything that's just even half baked, where there is some sort of destination for the characters, some sort of timeline or plot for the characters, I'm in. [Especially for slice of life/drama/romance roleplays.]
    • Something perhaps new, or just recently started? I'm not saying that I'm too lazy to read through some things, but I don't want to be that person rifling through 10+ pages, and feeling like shit at the end because ultimately, I'd feel like a dick when I join in. Like when season 2 comes around and there's this new little shit that joins the party kind of thing, and when the others just don't pay attention O __ O
    I believe that'd be all for now. If there are openings in your roleplay, please drop off a post or something and I'll take a look. Thank you for your time.
  2. tagged you in a rp request
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