INTEREST CHECK Is there ever a Roleplay with real people in it?

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  1. Like, people who aren't anorexic or cartoons or part-animals? I'd like someone to Roleplay with me where a normal teenage girl, maybe even a little bit overweight (The cute kind not the blobby kind), meets a nice guy at school and they fall in love. Is that so hard to ask?

    Please, does ANYONE agree?
  2. Do people with music powers count? Because technically Music Masters are neither anorexic nor are they part-animal. And yes. Some of them are fat.
  3. I guess. Describe this Music Master to me, please. :)
  4. He's a nice guy, for sure, but a bit sarcastic. He hides his own personal awkwardness by attempting to be sauve and flirty, and almost always failing.

    And he's a DJ. He always brags about all the girls who love him, but in reality he has never had one girlfriend in his life.

    I guess that might be a good description of him.
  5. I love it. Would you be willing to roleplay with me?
  6. There are lots of human posts, just request one in the 1x1 Request thread x3 I'm in one right now!
  7. It depends on how you are projecting onto the character. Personally I find real life pix a bit too much because it rings a bit too close to reality. Furthermore a lot of real pics tend to come attached with attitudes about who the person really is - especially if they are well known. Cartoons are better in that regard as they tend to be rather generic and add to the personality / bio instead of helping to form prejudice.
  8. depends who you're rp-ing with dear. Those who join a 'romance rp' usually join it just to write their ideal relationship, and therefore they write their ideal character. If you want believable, flawed characters, you're probably going to need more body to the story than just "two people fall in love."

    Thats how I see it, anyway