Is there a page with category descriptions?

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  1. If you click on the global signups and plot list, there are nearly 30 different categories of roleplay. Then there are even more in the jump-in section and a few more in the Mature section.

    While most of those descriptions are pretty self-explanatory, is there a resource that members can refer to so they can see what kind of things to expect based on each category?

    Also, I had some questions about some of the Mature categories. What exactly separates raunchy smut from kinky smut from hard smut? It all seems kind of similar to me.
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  2. We currently don't have an updated list posted anywhere public, and it is super outdated! D: But this IS on the to-do list and should get posted in our Help/FAQ!
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  3. Is there anyone though who can explain the difference between kinky smut, raunchy smut and hard smut? I'm not even trying to nitpick, I just want to make sure I understand since I am considering starting a few mature roleplays.
  4. I'll PM you, fatal. ;)
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