Is there a mandatory format for these? I hope not.

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  1. Hello, folks.

    I don't have a question or have much to say about myself, so I just made this is as my formal greeting to the community.

    If you're in a mood to spoon-feed a new guy, please suggest a good RP for someone that isn't terribly familiar with the process.

  2. Welcome to Iwaku William! You can see a list of staff members by clicking on "staff" at the bottom-right of the Iwaku page and they'll be willing to show you the ropes around this site. The best place for you to probably start is the Jump-In forums, where you can just go right in and roleplay. No character or story set-ups needed. You may also post in the different sign-up sections for the RP of your choosing so you can leave something for the viewers to look at and hook up with your RP if they're interested. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here at Iwaku. :)
  3. Welcome to Iwaku! What Crash said!
  4. hey welcom to iwaku and in awnser to the question in your threds tital i can tell you that iwaku is not one of those rp sites that follow elitist rules. its better than having some stuck up old goat persecuting you in a literate rp site thus why i came here as i found some of the othere sites were to formal feeling and generally elitist(Grammer Nazis).
    (note:im not a professional but who realy is fussed :-b)
  5. Hi there William! :D Welcome to the wild and free land of Iwaku!
  6. Hi, William. Love the last name there. One of the best places to start on Iwaku, is the jump-in section. There are all sorts of rps in that forum. Hope you start posting soon!