Is the world coming to an end?

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  1. With all the corruption going in on the world.....

    The massive gap between the rich and the poor....

    This centuries generation....

    Exploration of the poor etc...



    Are there any 'conspiracy theories' you believe in?
  2. Why is this in counseling? Shouldn't it be in the general chatting?
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  3. The world has always been a bad place. Only thing that's changed lately is how much of it you're exposed to. With the invention of the Internet and near instantaneous news at our finger tips it makes bad news a literal app away.

    @Archwar I think they're asking for advice on how to cope with it.
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  4. Maybe they're terrified of the End of Days coming?

    Personally, I think the world is going to keep turning. Every generation thinks it's the last and final generation. Look at one before ours-- they had the threat of Nuclear War. The one before that had one of the single worst conflicts in human history, and the generation before that had what was considered the single worst conflict.

    Then there's the Black Plague way-back-when, and all the people that were annihilated by Genghis Khan, and the folks annihilated by Mohammed, and the folks annihilated by Crusaders.

    Yeah, we'll be aite.
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  5. Yet they didn't specify it.
  6. It says advice wanted.
  7. We aren't really a special generation or anything. The world's been an awful place for the entirety of history, and as far as things go, we're a lot better than we've ever been and we're a lot less corrupt than we are now.

    I don't know about you, but I rather like not living under an absolute monarchy as a peasant who's constantly being terrorized by the king's men, knights, and bandits and before a time where laws protecting the citizens were a thing. I also enjoy knowing that there's not an unstoppable army or horsemen constantly making their way closer and closer to my country with the knowledge that they rape, pillage, destroy, enslave, and destroy absolutely every person in those cities.

    Honestly, we live in a pretty cozy time. The information age has largely kept awful leaders in check, and even when they aren't, we're far more aware of it now than ever before and can actually make pretty effective stands against it. If you really don't like your country, you can always immigrate to another country that has your values.

    Sure, there's a lot of problems, but that's humanity for you. Every new advancement makes new growing pains, but let's face it, we live in a time that's actually starting to become egalitarian and people can be openly gay and transgendered and be largely accepted for it, let alone not murdered for it. We're seeing racial desegregation in a lot of places, and our quality of living overall is leagues above any generation in our entire history.

    So, chin up, chum. The world's actually a pretty great place.
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  8. I don't see the tag so either it didn't load in or this should be in general chatting. Anyways, I'll leave this.
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  9. There's no conspiracy theories that I believe in.

    One needs to remember three crucial things.

    1. Humans naturally focus on the bad instead of the good.
    2. The Internet shares information rapidly, so even if exposure to bad events rises it doesn't mean the incidence is higher. It just means we're more aware of it.
    3. History is far more barbaric than anything we're dealing with today.

    Also, I'm not seeing a "Advice wanted" tag either.
    This does by all intents and purposes look like it needs to be in General Chat.
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  10. Yeah, we should be fine. It might get rough for a while, but we survived all the things @Seiji mentioned, and then some. We're a pretty hardy species. :ferret:

  11. Might want to change your stance on that. There have been plenty of things unveiled in the past decade that were previously tho,ught just "conspiracy theories" or nutjob theories that have proved completely correct.

    Ernest Hemingway, for example, swore the FBI were following him, spying on him, the works. He was eventually institutionalized for having these "delusions" and, through a series of events, killed himself over it. No one believed his nutjob theory of being singled out by the FBI!


    Yeah, all that was true. He was under 24 hour surveillance and everything. Every time he had a suspicion, he was pretty much on the mark.

    Another one that everyone has heard of is Watergate.

    Another neat one is the Tonkin event.

    Another really cool one is Pearl Harbor!

    And how about all of the backdoor testing on US soldiers, from the Tuskegee-Syphillis, to Agent Orange in Vietnam. Or even the testing of bioweapons on US soil, in this case yellow fever via mosquitos in the state of Georgia.
  12. My two-sence:

    It sounds more like everyone here is decribing America more than "the world". I mean third world countries are still practicing old ideals. If you really want to know what I mean, just google ten barbaric traditions still practiced today. If you think about it, the world hadn't changed much at all. Women's rights in other countries are still little to near non-exsistent (except for in Sweden where they practice real equality and men are called jerks by Western women for it) and some parts of the world like Urben Russia, South Korea, and certain parts of Germany are still living in the dark ages because of circimstance or seclusive rulers. In retrospect, developed countries should consider themselves lucky. Except for the gap between the rich and the poor. As the richest country in the world, Switzerland has it figured out, and if you want less tests but still out smart everyone else, move to Finland xD
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  13. It might end in a million years but then again...

    we all will be dead. So you don't have nothing to worry about.

    Unless it's raining spiders, I think the world will be fine.
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  15. There ain't enough flamethrowers in the world to deal with that sheer amount of nope.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Stare at the the end of the world and it will stare back with fangs and a huge friggin stinger o.o
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  17. They aren't exactly "conspiracy theories", but more like future predictions:

    1) The eventual rise of White Nationalism across the globe and the subsequent marginalization and expulsion of non-white ethnic and racial groups from the United States, all European sovereign nations, and other areas with white population majorities. Multiculturalism, egalitarianism, and political correctness will all come to a crashing end.

    2) Although this monumental event will terminate the Malthusian trap that holds that decrepit region of the world perpetually hostage, halting foreign aid to Africa will result in a horrid period of starvation that will sweep across the continent with blinding tempo, killing scores of innocent people and sparking a fair integer of food riots and petty skirmishes. The famine and violence will simulate an unexpectedly beneficial "plague" (much like what happened with the Black Death in Europe and the cognitive gifts European feudalism bestowed upon the Old World's various white ethnic groups ) that will see the average IQ of Black Africans rise dramatically since all of the low-brain Africans (and their offspring) will be the first to die off. If this comes to pass, expect a stronger Africa.

    I wouldn't count on western democracy lasting there, either. It's utterly incompatible with African cultural standards and African thinking.

    3) The corporate industrial colonization of Africa at the hands of the Han Chinese and a host of opportunistic Western interlopers.

    4) Capitalism being replaced by socialism across the world.

    5) The self-destruction of the Afro-American community in the United States (with higher IQ blacks being the sole bearers of the torch once the dust settles). The bottom 80 percent are basically going to race pimp, riot, loot, and gang bang themselves into national notoriety. Gentrification, automation, the slashing of federal welfare policies, and uncontrolled Latin immigration will only excite this process. Expect public outcry and a tone of apathy emanating from the entire nation due to "Negro Fatigue".

    Also, you may just see an intra-racial civil war break out between Afro-Americans that want to assimilate into mainstream American culture and those that refuse to move on from the 1930s.

    6) Southern Nigeria and Northern Nigeria splitting into two separate countries.

    7) Japan learning the hard why why open immigration is a terrible idea.

    8) A (bigger) race war between Afro-Americans and Hispanics.

    9) The redrawing of a number of international borders.

    1, 5, and 8 are why I'm working to leave the US.
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  18. With all the corruption going in on the world: Corruption has been a thing since the dawn of civilization, it ain't going anywhere.

    The massive gap between the rich and the poor: We tried Communism and that never ends well.

    This centuries generation: The weak will wither and die.

    Exploration of the poor etc: Again Communism and Socialism is not the solution, next.

    Illuminati? They're bastards.

    Doomsday? We can't stop it..

    Are there any 'conspiracy theories' you believe in? Some but mine are legit and others are ravings of the tinfoil hat brigade.

    Keep calm or go postal. Your choice, see you in the afterlife, Roman.
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