Is the grass greener here?

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Phi Chisym or Phi.

    I'm an ol' schooler for way back, when AD&D was epic. (Well, it still is).

    Anywho, I've dove into the online RPG world about five years ago with the old Pendragon Adventures forum, Long live Pendragon, mainly to test my drab skills at writing for the youth. Now, I've goofed off with ghosting children's books and coloring books, but never a youth novel or any novel of any kind. I felt that if I were to RP again with the younger population I would get a better, more honest response to my writing.

    Well, not only do I have a large number of writing friends that are now my "adopted children" (long story... cereal, a really long one that's being edited for print), but I've created an online site developed to assist my friends in editing and paying for those expensive manuscripts...and whatever that happens to pop in their heads.

    I've wandered away from RPing due to college, work, family, church; but, you know when you start to get that little itch in the palm of your hands... You know, the one that doesn't stop until there's money rubbing up against it? Oh no, wait... that's the skin condition called lackofmoneyitis. No, that other itch, the one cured by a hot cup of java, a laptop, and hours and hours of free time at Barnes and Nobles... YEA, that's it!

    I'm Craving RPing like I Crave Sara Lee's French Style Cheese Cake!

    Unfortunately, the three main RPG sites that are my native habitats are slightly lacking in action - due to the typical RP site killers: college and work. (And sometimes parents, but I'm a parent and my parents are not a factor here). So, I've had to cross that nice, evenly trimmed yard of mine and jump the white picket fence to go meet the new neighbors.

    I'm hoping to cure my psychotic craving for a good RP, one that I can test a few of my old charries in, or expand on one that needs a bit of extra work. I'm also a successful GM, having either GMed, or Co-GMed about 30 some-odd RPs and completing about 21 of them to a full end. Many of them I have the privileged of editing and outlining them in novel-formats for myself or the original story designer for a possible future. That's what I do!

    And if you need someone who is good at holding several CAG's charries (Come and Go, or NPC, or Kill Target Characters), I'm rather big on dealing them out - like a rabbit - especially when I have the time to hold them. Just put it this way, if there's a need for a shopkeep to step out of his store to gossip with one of the main characters, just hinting a bit on a clue or two, to help the story move further (only to twist everything up when that shopkeep turns around to the bad guys and spills all the beans about who they are and what their next stop is - then my muse will seen to find the right shopkeeper just for the scene. I have created a total of 200 charries (60 in one 5 year RP series alone). They were either main charries, a few antagonist, some that survived, some that were killed off as soon as they stepped up, some that have even return from the dead - to only die harder the second time. So, if you need help there, if I have the time, I'm the gal to call.

    BUT, for now, I'm just wanted to either participate in a well-oiled RP, or start up one myself. It just depends on what I :-)

    I'm into fantasy (not anything too epic to where I have to draw a map and study up on the ancient dialect and histories of the land before I can relate - in one of those already, and that's enough).

    I'm a sucker for romance, because every girl wants to find their prince charming. My prince is not a frog - but a lycan or a dampier...or a shade!

    I also like the supernatural - mutations, science going wrong in paradise and how the world takes the idea of adapting to live with abominations...until they become one themselves.

    Hope to RP with your best. I'm not the best, but I aim to be. (Or, at least well enough to stop this irritating itch!)

    Until then!
  2. I like you. You talk a lot. 8D

    Welcome to Iwaku! >:3 You should find a really good variety of throw-away frivolous roleplays, and more complex story building roleplays. All it takes is a little snooping around, getting to know stuff and/or starting your own if there isn't already one to your liking. 8D
  3. Welcome to Iwaku.

    You have an interesting introduction.

    I wonder what you can bring to the role pleay tale. >:]

    I look forward to seeing your work!
  4. HEHEHE, you know me already, Diana!!
    My fingers are a bit...talkative, and so am I...on my good days.

    So, yea! It just makes you wonder how much my charries can talk... when the need arises.

    And thank you both for the welcomes. I'm not a stranger to this game though, being a player, a stranger, a boss and chief all at the same time. So, in due time, when I get my barrings here, I'll probably have an RP on the move, or posting heavy in one already here. I'm not sure if I'm in the mood to GM anything. I just want to run barefooted in someone else's ideas for a while.
  5. Welcome Phi.

    If the grass is greener than something is wrong. It's more of a maroon from the blood of newbies beautiful violet.

    I am Iliana and its nice to meet you! Enjoy the community and all it has to offer~
  6. Like Diana, I like you because you talk a lot~

    I'm slowly beginning to decide that Diana and I might be the same person but I'm not sure yet. Haha.

    Welcome! I'd love to play with you. Hit me with plot bunnies. I don't have many of those, but I have a well developed character and he drives everything.
  7. Greetings Phi! Hello! Welcome to Iwaku!

    You're introduction is quite interesting.
    And judging by this, you'll be an excellent addition to our group.

  8. @Iliana
    Maroon grass?

    Looks so welcoming...feels like home....

    We all have used that type of natural fertilizer to keep our RP forms 'weed free', but I'm more into cultivating weeds into flowers worth keeping.

    Come on! The world wouldn't be right if we'd never met our twins.

    They say there's at least one person out there that's almost like you via sight or personality.

    I've met three people who fit that bill, which clears me out of trouble, 'cause I just point to them and say, "She's the evil twin!

    Thank you very much! I hope so... as long as I stay punch-drunk, I'm good!