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  1. (I hope to rp with a girl.. Age of characters 19-22. Anything aloud anything more then a kiss fade to black)

    Mike had been on his 3rd year in college he was starting to think he would never find a beautiful smart girl. His main reason in going to school.. He was sitting in his dorm studying for finals. He got all the cl&sses and credits he neededto graduate this year. He was ready to be done.. His phone began to ring.. Could it be her he thought as he went to answer it.. He smiled very hard maybe over anticipating who may be calling..
  2. Alexandria looked down at the piece of paper her brother and shoved into her hand when she first started college a few months back recalling the pointless argument.

    "Listen Alexandria, Call this guy if you need help with anything and just mention me, he know who you are" Her older brother Mark concerned voice filled the empty dorm, that was soon to be her new home away from home

    "I am not a little kid any more Mark, and how would he know of me? Huh, you bragging about me again?" she smirked as she looked up at her brother. Her parents where to busy to even visit her on her first day of college, like every other day in her life. Mark had been her father figure in her life and at the end of the day that's all she needed.

    "Yer, that i had the ugliest sister in the world and that she still wet the bed at 21" All Alexandria could do was stand in shock as her brother laughed at her.

    Alexandria flipped her phone open, banishing any thought of her brother, it would only lead to more tears and heartache. Dialling the number into her phone, her thumb hovered over the call button, would he even remember her brother? What if he turned her down and laughed at her? What would she do?
    Unanswered questions floated around in her head. Taking a deep breath in she held her breath as she pressed the call button.

  3. He answers the call and puts the phone to his ear.. He hears a girls voice soft and innocent she sounded like an angle. Well maybe. "hello " he responds back "may I ask who im speaking to " he closes his text book and leaves his room .
  4. He pauses at the elevator leading down stairs as he awaits a response. He clicks the down button impatiently.
  5. "umm hello" she repeated herself, her heart thumping wildly in her chest, god why did she even think this was a good plan
    "Its Alexandria, Marks Young sister"
    she hoped the mention of her brother name would help.
  6. "He gave me your number a few months back, before...." her voice drifted off not wanting to go there, not yet it was to soon.
  7. In the instant she says her name the elevator opens ... He steps in. trying to remember mark.. He knew exactly who he was.he never forgot but the name Alexandria threw him off... "mark mark..... Mark.. Ahh ok yea I knowhim. He told methat he was giving you my number. But after not hearing I never thought id hear from you" a frown popped up on his face was he talkong ttoo much .. The doors opened . The dorm security guard wave his hand. "mike bring me a doughnut back. " I give him a thumbs up and smile.

    "so alexandria why'd you call?" His body got goosebumps . As he walked outside the sunlight hit his face it was hot out he put his hand over his forehead to block the sun from his eyes. He heads for the campus cafe.
  8. she looked down at her half eaten slice of Caramel tart, popping another piece into her mouth as she heard another faint voice over the phone, something about a doughnut. "well i was hoping you could help me with something" she looked around the small college cafe, it was half empty with a few people sitting in a few booths over, she had found a spot in a empty booth back of the cafe where she could speak with some piracy away from her room-mate "I want you to take my Virginity" she blurted out in a hush voice, her face turning a bright pink as she thought about all the outcomes.
  9. shocked he stoppes walking his jaw droppes .. "hmmmm" he continues walkong now at the cafe he orders a lemon cheese cake and a strwayberry shake. After the long silence he responds "I think I can help. But yu dont even kmow me " why am I going aginst what I wanted for so long . I guess its a selfrespect thing.. Years of planning and I couldnt use the plan. "ill help as best I can but it
    will not be a quick process" he takes a seat
    pulling his blue tooth out he turns it on and puts
    it in his ear.. "soooo why me" he takes a spoon and scoops some of the shake. Into his mouth.. Looking aroun the cafe. He sees a tv on a news channel and watches it. Somany words and emotions running through his body. If llooked at one would think he were sick but thats just from being in shock.
  10. "cause Mark said to call this number if i needed something, so i called" she hoped he wouldn't just leave her hanging, she needed this, she wasn't going to be a Virgin on her 22nd birthday, using her shoulder to keep her phone against her ear she twisted her Auburn hair into a dis-shelved pony tail, pulling it out of her face. With her phone still wedged between her shoulder and her face she picked up the empty milkshake glass and what was left of the caramel tart heading over to the front counter "Cause i don't know where else to turn, i am about to turn 22 and i am still...." she didn't mention that last word in her sentence as she placed the cup and plate down on the counter. "That would be 20$ thank you" the young hostess said from behind the counter.Digging into her back pocket of her faded blue jeans,she pulled out a 50 and handed to the women, her hands shaking, her nerves finally setting in. Shoving her change in her back pocket she grabbed her phone, holding it to her face again. "Is this even.." she paused for a second to recall his name "Mike, cause I wear to god i will hunt you down and make you regret it"
  11. He tok in what she said . he herd in the back ground a familiar voice. He turns to look at the counter he sees a girl on the phone handing money to the cashier..Could that be ..noo its not he thinks to himself.. "I guess .. and yes i am mike. and i dont think you'll have to hunt me down. " he pauses " You know your not the only one who is a... " he skips the last word as if to jokingly mock her "we can do this together i mean only if you want to. so whens your birthday " He throws his plate away and head to the counter to buy the doughnut. He stands behind a girl who is just getting her money back from the cashier.
  12. "Three weeks from.." she didn't get to finish her sentence before she bumped into something hard, causing her to stumble back and drop her phone ending her call. "Shit" she cursed underneath her breath as she bent down to pick up her phone "God dam it, it ended the call" she mumbled as she tucked her phone into her front pocket. looking up to the brick wall that she had ran into she noted that he was one smoking hot brick wall "ummm, yer sorry" she stumbled over her words in total embarrassment. Wow, she wished mike looked half this good, that reminded her she didn't even know what the mike guy looked like and she just asked him to take her Virginity, at that thought a deep shade of red coloured her face as she stood there in total shock. What if he was butt ugly, and had a overbite and liked to watch star wars??
  13. mike sticks his arms out the cath the girl if she were to fall "she hung up on me" he mumbles to himself surprised that she wouldnt look before walking he retracts his hands.. "uhh um sorry are you ok i didnt. mean to bump into yu.."as she picks up her phone he noticed that his call was ended.. All mike could think about was three weeks. was Alexandria going to call back. Also why did he have to bump in to her.. he wanted to pt al of the blame on imself. she stands back up moving her hair from her eyes he saw them beautiful . he opened his mouth as if to speak but nothing came out. his eyes dropped to her breast but quickly veered away he didnt wNt to come off as a perv. he stood there in awe he had a feeling inside that he couldnt explain.. "is she the one he thought to himself.
  14. Alexandria stood there gawking at the tall male that stood in front of her "Ummmm" she didn't know what to say, normally she could talk someone to death, so why couldn't she now?. A small ding sound came from the entrance of the cafe indicating a new customer "Lex, there you are, i been looking for you we have class in 15 and you know how Mr Jones is with late students" Her best friend and also room-mate voice knocked her out the small trance she was in. "I am coming Sabrina, and staying back 15 minutes isn't that bad, only to you" Sabrina was that kinda girl that belonged to a wealthy family and always over-reacted to the smallest things, One the first day of college Sabrina wasn't shy about letting her know that she didn't like her name and from that day on she was given the name Lex, none of her friends knew her real name but she really didn't care, it helped her move on from her brother death.

    Turning back to the male she had dubbed "the brick wall" she offered him a small smile "i am sorry for bumping into you, i wasn't watching where i was going,i am always a clutz, even ask Sabrina" "Yer she is, always running into things this one" Sabrina said laughing as she grabbed her arm tugging her towards the door, oh look at the time 10 minutes till class bye" Sabrina tugged her out the door before she got the chance to say bye, making a mental note to call mike after class and apologize.
  15. Gwtgettin food c. Gjj agggh jfxn°c n hd gad"hi he looks over to her friend... As he goes to ask her name shes yanjed out .by her friend .. He holds his hand up.

    He returns the cup and gets the doughnut for the security..he walks outside afew of his friends wave from across the field.. As he walks to the dorm it starts to ran.. The whole walk all he could think about was alexandria why did she hang up..
    Was she embarrased .. He walks in the rain just
    thinking. This was one of his favorite things in
    the world .. "Rain" he watcged wrote poems
    about it and even took walks in it. I guess you could call it an obsession but no ome knew it. He reached in his pocket just as he got to the door and took his phone out locking her number in.. ":) Lex"

    "ayyy mikey "
    "Ayy stop calling me that"
    They both laugh mike gives him the doughnut ...
    "yo kev when u come up bring my charger withyou. " kevin was mikes best friend since grade eight .. He picked up hours working security when he could to get a lil extra money.
    "alright man "
    Kevin clicks a button opening the elevator door . Mike gets to his room and showers he throws on some red basketball shorts and a red shirt. He lays on his bed and starts watching tv
  16. All Alexandria could was sit impatiently in her seat next to Sabrina as Mr Jones babbled on about something to do with clients and some other crap to do with business, she did enjoy her study s but sometime there moments she wanted to stab to death and it was one of those days she wanted to. "Clam down lexi girl" Sabrina reached over and poked her with her pen "You remind me of my sister, when she watches the JB movie" Alexandria let out a groan, oh great she was compared to a nine year old who was obsessed with Justin Biber. "I am not that bad" she defend herself only making Sabrina laugh.
    "Ladies do you have something to share with the class" Mr Jones asked as he looked at the both of them drawing the class attention as well "Well you see Mr Jones you see, those pants just simply don't go with your shirt" Sabrina sarcastically replied making the class laugh "Well mis Wellington we will see who is laughing when you stay behind for a hour, writing apologize letter" Alexandria couldn't help but laugh at her best friend and what she gotten herself into, pulling out her phone, flipping it open she began to type...

    hey mike,
    sorry for ending the call, i dropped the phone.
    So about my offer, are you willing...

    P.S I am totally clean

    Pressing send she closed her phone and placed it back into her pocket as she tried to continue to pay attention to the class.
  17. {i kind of was mike looks like the guy in my avatar photo}

    kevin burst throughthe door saying random things not making any sense..
    mike looks at him wierd. "what are talking about"
    "yea man word I know I know it be like dat"
    At that pint mike was done he went back to watching tv. Kev went in the .bathroom .. He locked the door.. "ay mike yu left your phone in here.. He checks his bed tomake sure... "shit" he runs to the door trying to open it .. "open up give me my phone.. mimics mike in trying to open the door... It rings .. "who is Lex" before he colund answer..

    "hey mike sorry about ending the call I dropped the phone so about my offer are you willing... Ps im clean "
    I try once again to get him to give it to me..
    "wait wait wait.... "He sees her name "this isnt marks sister "
    There is a long silence. I give up and go lay back down.. About thirty min later he walks out all formal dressed.. "gotta date.. " he tosses me the phone "i texted her for you.. Then deleted the message I might tall you later.. " he opens the freezer to get some ice and a container of orangejuice .. Spills over him "oh yea becarefull opening the freezer the oj wouldnt fit. "pissed he goes back in the bathroom.

    he begans to type
    "its alright and yes I am willing... Uhh the last text that may have come to you was sent by my roomate kevin.."

    After sending the text he puts the phone on the charger next to his bed and lays back.
  18. Alexandria's phone vibrated in her pocket as soon as she walked out of the class room,leaving behind Sabrina, reaching for her phone she flipped it open reading the fist text she had received from mike.Her phone nearly dead.

    "Meet me at the cafe, a hour tonight. Cant wait ;) "

    She couldn't help but smile as headed to her room already planing on the outfit she was going to wear. "Shit" she cursed as her phone went dead, dropping it in her bag she hurried back to her room egar to finally meet the mysterious Mike.

    ▬45 mins later▬

    Showered and wrapped in a towel she stood at the end of her bed her hands on hips as she argued with herself over the black strapless dress or white summer dress with candles, it was hard being a women. "Kill me" Sabrina barged into the room as she dumped her bag on the floor and flopped onto her made Making Alexandria laughed as she picked up the black strapless dress and a pair of flats and headed into the bathroom the change.

    "Sabrina, i need to borrow your phone mines flat and i cant find my charger" she asked as she walked out the bathroom, she had spent a few extra minutes ironing her hair she it sat dead straight over her shoulder, her lips painted a bright cherry red. "WOW, girl you clean up good" Sabrina smiled at her as she looked up from a fashion magazine "sure, its on the night stand charging" she added before turning her attention back to the magazine. Grabbing Sabrina phone she typed in Mikes number, she learnt it off by heart, as she sent him one last text before she left.

    "Hey Mike, looking forward to spending time with you tonight ;) P.s i am using Sabrina's phone, mine is flat"

    Making sure that text had sent she gave herself one more glance in the mirror, fluffing up her hair and blowing herself a kiss as she grabbed her purse and headed out for the night.

  19. mike had dosed off ... Dreaming about peing an air pilot he was having a good dream... Buzzz buzzz his phone began to ring after it vibrated .. He woke up .. Almost 7 he opens his room window to get some air... He spins around on the tip of his foot and tries to do a moon walk .. He slips and flls.. "ouch " he rools over to his bed.. Slowely he climbs on it..

    "random number" he doesnt really do good with randkom texts.. He reads it any ways.. "what does
    she mean spending time.... He searcges his
    phone he finds nothing... "could this sabrina be... No it cant be

    He replies.. " um where were we meeting ? And
    what time were we meeting.. Im kind of lost but imfree.. if you want to hang / meet."
    He sends the message.

    . He sees a note from kevin.."yo went to the cafe with megan leaving for movies around 7ish ...
    Mike dramatically opens his closet swinging the doors open.. He sees a nike shirt it spells out nike in red with black and green stripes .. He throws on some straight slim black jeans . He decides on a pair of air max shoes that compliment his shirt.. He grabs his keys wallet and phone.. .. He goes to tthe elevator ... He sends kevin a text letting him know hes coming.
    He keeps rechecking his attire for any flaws.